The Bulgarian Economy: Lessons from Reform During Early Transition

The Bulgarian Economy: Lessons from Reform During Early Transition

by Derek C. Jones

ISBN-10: 1859723365

ISBN-13: 9781859723364

Pub. Date: 05/28/1997

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Table of Contents

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Pt. 1Introduction1
1Early transition in Bulgaria: review and evaluation3
2Economic transformation and regional inequality in Bulgaria: in search of a meaningful unit of analysis21
Pt. 2Macroeconomics51
3Inflation in a transition economy: the case of Bulgaria53
4Price index gap in Bulgaria63
5Incomes policies in Bulgaria81
6Macroeconomic effects of restrictive wage policy in Bulgaria: empirical evidence for 1991-9599
Pt. 3Money and capital market127
7A role for an independent central bank in transition? The case of Bulgaria129
8Collateral, access to credit, and investment in Bulgaria161
Pt. 4Trade177
9The international economy179
Pt. 5Privatization, restructuring of state firms and small firms203
10Process of privatization in Bulgaria205
11Nature and role of small firms in Bulgaria231
12Enterprise adjustment during early transition249
Pt. 6Agricultural reform273
13Evolution of agrarian institutions in Bulgaria: markets, cooperatives, and private farming, 1991-94275
Pt. 7Labor markets299
14Bulgarian labor market during early period of transition301
15Fringe benefits in transition: evidence from Bulgaria329
Appendix: statistical tables341

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