Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

by Barry Norman

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Archie Beckway, Minister for Industrial Development, is being blackmailed by Minnie Mouse. Waiting outside his BBC interview, Minnie and her friends Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto—or people wearing their masks—have posed the philandering Minister in some unusually compromising photos and arranged to have them delivered to the tabloids unless. . . . But before the blackmailers can even make their demand, Beckway has engaged ex- boxer Bobby Lennox (The Birddog Tape, 1995, not reviewed) as his go-between, and in no time at all—in less than no time—Bobby finds the dead body of Beckway's minder. Fortunately for Bobby, the rest of the bodies he finds are considerably livelier, and he's able to carry on variously intimate dalliances with Beckway's wife, his longtime former mistress, and his latest conquest. Norman is a dab hand at juggling his cast: Just when you're about to forget Beckway's ancient construction rival, the vacuous BBC interviewer, the actors and actresses the fatal interview brought him up against, up they pop as the latest suspect or corpse.

Tough when it needs to be, suavely understated whenever irony is called for. Very British, and very good.

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