Byrd Edition, Vol. 4: Cantiones Sacrae 1575

The Byrd Edition, Vol. 4: Cantiones Sacrae 1575

by Cardinall's Musick

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  1. Emendemus in melius, motet for 5 voices (SATTB)
  2. Libera me, Domine, et pone me juxta te, motet for 5 voices (SAATB)
  3. Peccantem me quotidie, motet for 5 voices (SATTB)
  4. Aspice Domine quia facta est, motet for 6 voices (SSAATB)
  5. Attollite portas (also anthems: "Let us arise" & "Lift up your heads"), motet for 6 voices (SSAATB)
  6. O lux beata Trinitas, motet for 6 voices (SSAATB)
  7. Laudate Pueri Dominum, motet for 6 voices (SAATBB)
  8. Memento homo (also anthem: "O Lord, give ear"), motet for 6 voices (SSATTB)
  9. Siderum Rector (also anthem "Lord God Almighty"), motet for 5 voices (SSATB)
  10. Da mihi auxilium, motet for 6 voices (SAATTB)
  11. Domine secundum actum meum, motet for 6 voices (SAATTB)
  12. Diliges Dominum, motet for 8 voices (SSAATTBB)
  13. Miserere mihi, Domine, motet for 6 voices (SAATTB)
  14. Tribue Domine (Part II: Te depricor; Part III: Gloria Patri), motet for 6 voices (SSATTB)
  15. Libera me, Domine, de morte aeterna, motet for 5 voices (SAATB)

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