The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Volume 4, 1557-1695

The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Volume 4, 1557-1695

by John Barnard

This volume contains thirty-eight chapters on print culture in a time of religious divisions and civil war.See more details below


This volume contains thirty-eight chapters on print culture in a time of religious divisions and civil war.

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Cambridge History of the Book in Britain Series
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Introduction John Barnard; Part I. Religion and Politics: 1. Religious publishing in England 1557–1640 Patrick Collinson, Arnold Hunt and Alexandra Walsham; 2. Religious publishing in England c.1640–1695 Ian Green and Kate Peters; Part II. Oral Traditions and Scribal Culture: 3. Oral and scribal texts in early modern England Harold Love; 4. John Donne and the circulation of manuscripts Peter Beal; 5. Music books Mary Chan; Part III. Literature of the Learned: 6. The Latin trade Julian Roberts; 7. Patronage and the printing of learned works for the author Graham Parry; 8. University printing at Oxford and Cambridge David McKitterick; 9. Editing the past: classical and historical scholarship Nicolas Barker; 10. Maps and atlases Laurence Worms; 11. The literature of travel Michael Brennan; 12. Science and the book Adrian Johns; 13. Samuel Hartlib and the commonwealth of learning Mark Greengrass; 14. Ownership, private and public libraries Elisabeth Leedham-Green and David McKitterick; 15. Monastic collections and their disposal James P. Carley; Part IV. Literary Canons: 16. Literature, the playhouse and the public John Pitcher; 17. Milton Joad Raymond; 18. The Restoration poetic and dramatic canon Paul Hammond; 19. Non-conformist voices Nigel Smith; 20. Women writing and women written Maureen Bell; Part V. Vernacular Traditions: 21. The Bible trade B. J. McMullin; 22. English law books and legal publishing J. H. Baker; 23. ABCs, almanacs, ballads, chapbooks, popular piety and textbooks R. C. Simmons; 24. Books for daily life: household, husbandry, behaviour Lynette Hunter; 25. The creation of the periodical press 1620–1695 Carolyn Nelson and Matthew Seccombe; Part VI. The Business of Print: 26. Printing and publishing 1557–1700: constraints on the London book trades D. F. McKenzie; 27. The economic context 1557–1695 James Raven; 28. French paper in English books John Bidwell; 29. The old English letter foundries Nicolas Barker; 30. Bookbinding Mirjam M. Foot; 31. Mise-en-page, illustration, expressive form: introduction Maureen Bell; Paratextual features of printed books Randall Anderson; The typography of Hobbes's Leviathan Peter Campbell; The Polyglot Bible Nicolas Barker; The look of news: Popish Plot narratives 1678–1680 Harold Love; Sir Roger L'Estrange: the journalism of orality T. A. Birrell; Part VII. Beyond London: Production, Distribution, Reception: 32. The English provinces John Barnard and Maureen Bell; 33. Scotland Jonquil Bevan; 34. The book in Ireland from the Tudor re-conquest to the Battle of the Boyne Robert Welch; 35. Wales Philip Henry Jones; 36. British books abroad: the Continent Paul Hoftijzer; 37. British books abroad: the American colonies Hugh Amory; Part VIII. Disruption and Restructuring: The Late Seventeenth-Century Book Trade: 38. The stationers and the printing acts at the end of the seventeenth century Michael Treadwell; Statistical appendices: 1. Statistical tables; 2. Stationers' company apprentices C. Y. Ferdinand.

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