The Captive Heart (FREE PREVIEW)

The Captive Heart (FREE PREVIEW)

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by Michelle Griep

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The Captive Heart Releases October 1, 2016!
Free Extended Preview. 
Proper English governess Eleanor Morgan flees to the colonies to escape the wrath of a brute of an employer. When the Charles Town family she’s to work for never arrives to collect her from the dock, she is forced to settle for the only reputable choice remaining to


The Captive Heart Releases October 1, 2016!
Free Extended Preview. 
Proper English governess Eleanor Morgan flees to the colonies to escape the wrath of a brute of an employer. When the Charles Town family she’s to work for never arrives to collect her from the dock, she is forced to settle for the only reputable choice remaining to her—marriage to a man she’s never met. Trapper and tracker Samuel Heath is a hardened survivor used to getting his own way by brain or by brawn, and he’s determined to find a mother for his young daughter. But finding a wife proves to be impossible. No upstanding woman wants to marry a murderer.

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Michelle Griep’s been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. She seeks to glorify God in all that she writes—except for that graffiti phase she went through as a teenager. She resides in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where she teaches history and writing classes for a local high school co-op. An Anglophile at heart, she runs away to England every chance she gets, under the guise of research. Really, though, she’s eating excessive amounts of scones while rambling around a castle. Michelle is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and MCWG (Minnesota Christian Writers Guild). Keep up with her adventures at her blog "Writer off the Leash" or visit

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The Captive Heart (FREE PREVIEW) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
jacksonmomLV 9 hours ago
If you enjoy historical fiction, this is a great read for you. Set in 1770-1771, it is a colonial version of "Beauty and the Beast" amidst Cherokee Indians and hardy settlers. Desperate Eleanor Morgan flees London and a lecherous employer to find a fresh start in Carolina. But instead of the position she hoped for, she ends up an indentured servant, caring for the child of widowed trapper, Samuel Heath. But wait - he decides his daughter needs a mother, not a governess - and she is forced into a platonic marriage, since she cannot buy her way out of the contract. Life in the wilderness is hard, and Eleanor is totally unprepared for it. More than once I had to put this book down and shake myself; the dangers of life in early colonial times were more than I could have faced! But Eleanor begins to love little tow-headed Grace...and her untamed, backwoods father. Neither "spouse" wants to admit their growing attachment to the other. Both are scarred by painful memories that leave them doubting they deserve to be happy, much less expecting that they ever will be. And stubborn? What a contest of wills! One of my favorite lines in the book (and there are MANY) was spoken by Samuel's wise grandmother: "One of you must bend, my son, or you will both break." As in "Beauty and the Beast," there are many hurdles to true love, and both their lives will be in serious jeopardy before we finish. But as the book began with Eleanor's heartfelt and oft-repeated prayer ("My precious Lord; My only hope; My Saviour, how I need you now"), we see how He answers graciously time and again. I won't spoil the ending to this wonderful book - come see for yourself how a new name and a new heart find love together in a harsh land. I received a complimentary copy of this book by Barbour publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am grateful to add this engaging author, Michelle Griep, to my library of favorites. Her research and style guarantee that I will look for more of her historical novels soon.
HelenM0 12 hours ago
The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep is a Christian Historical Romance, but it is so much more. It is a look into the lives of early settlers taking place in 1770 in the back country of Carolina. After rejecting the advances of her employer, Eleanor is forced to leave London. Duchess Brougham is all to familiar with her husband and knows Eleanor will not work in England again, so she tells Eleanor to pack her things and board a ship to the Colonies. The duchess sends along with Eleanor money and a letter to work for her cousin, taking care of his children. While on the ship, the money and letter go missing and Eleanor’s future is unsure. The duchess’s cousin does not come for Eleanor. After a week and half, a man enters the ship to pay the passage of three women. Eleanor and her two roommates are taken to Newcastle. After the death of his wife, Samuel has turned his life around. He has stopped drinking and has found the Lord. Samuel is part Native American but wants his daughter to grow up knowing the English world. After his home in Newcastle burned down, he moved out into the wild country near his family. Eleanor is forced to marry Samuel Heath and move out to his cabin and care for his young daughter, Grace. Eleanor agrees to the marriage as long as it is not a physical marriage. While Samuel is gone hunting and trapping, Eleanor is to care for Grace in the country where wild animal run. Grace is a little girl full of energy and mischief. Grace has a way of getting her and Eleanor into situations that are not safe. This is a very good story, it just pulls you in right from the beginning. The characters are so well introduced that they feel like friends from the start. The description of the ship’s conditions made me feel sorry for the passengers and the poor living conditions they were forced to live in. I wanted so badly for the story to tell us how good Eleanor was at cooking and caring for the small family, but that is not the case. Eleanor does not know how to cook the type of meals that are expected of her. Her one attempt at starting a garden was not successful as Samuel told her so much grew wild. When she does attempt to make the small cabin a home, she is faced with frustration from Samuel. I received a copy of the book from Barbour Publishing for an honest review.
Anonymous 2 days ago
This book filled me with all kinds of emotions . As I read thru the chapters -some times I just had to shut the book for a moments and breathe, absorb the words , digest the chapter, it's words and emotions that it filled me with. Full of surprises, frightful happenings, entwined with laughs, raw emotions, teases of love starting to grow,pains and tears.So, you see this book is wonderful and christian so you don't have to deal with profanity and such, don't hesitate to read this. I will be looking for more from the author, she's a real great storyteller. By the way I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing for review and to give my honest thoughts on it. So happy I got it.
SunnieReviews 2 days ago
This was an AMAZING book. I loved it! It grabbed me from page 1 and never let go. This historical book was set in the "wild west" and Eleanor Morgan unexpectedly finds herself there, married to a man she didn't know and caring for his daughter. Her experiences are breathtaking and sad, as well. This is a book you can't put down and you don't want to have end. I would love to read more from this author and would love to see a series! If you want a captivating book, this is the book for you. It's full of adventure, trials and some romance! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest review.
ReginaFujitani 2 days ago
This book captivated my heart from the very first page to the ending. The period is set in the early 1770's of London and South Carolina. Eleanor Morgan is governess for a duke when she flees his home due to his unwanted advances. His wife, the duchess, tells her to go to the colonies. She has a cousin working and living there. All of belongings are stolen during her passage over. As she arrives to the colonies, no one is waiting for her in Charles Towne. She agrees to a marriage in name only. Samuel Hearth is a widowed father, one who has deep wounds. He is looked at as a half-breed because he is half Cherokee. His daughter is one years old. Both Samuel and Eleanor have many obstacles and scars to overcome in order to see the love they have. They both will need to seek forgiveness within and seek God for healing. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley for my honest and unbiased opinion.
Kelly-T 3 days ago
I just loved this book! I was completely captured by this book from page one. I loved both characters, Eleanor and Samuel and I loved how they developed and how their relationship evolved as the story unfolded into something very beautiful. There were also other characters that had unique roles and added to the story. I loved the action in the book and the vulnerability each character possessed. I highly recommend this book, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and touch your heart
TrixiO 3 days ago
Two worlds collide when Eleanor Morgan and Samuel Heath meet and are bound together by one small sprite of a girl. Wanting only a mother to care for his young daughter Grace, Samuel buys the freedom of Eleanor & weds for that one sole purpose. Vowing never to give his love to her, he keeps his heart locked and his past hidden. But how long can he withstand her gentle care & even more gentle ways? Captivating, heart-stirring, and wrought with emotion, this quickly swept me up in another time and place. Two people who come from vastly different worlds must forge one life for the sake of little Grace. The author tells a poignant & sometimes raw story of how harsh life can be, but tempers it with the grace that only comes from trusting the Lord. The characters are richly layered, complex and deeply emotional. The scenery much too real as the author vividly describes the sights, smells and even touch and I could picture myself right there in the midst of it all. The energy between Eleanor and Samuel was a tangent sizzle you could feel with each encounter they had, and it even raised the hair on my arm a few times! A highly satisfying read with well researched historical details, depth of character and scenery so real you feel as if you are part of the story. It had me captivated, heart & soul. *I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review which I have provided here. Thank you Michelle for a story that kept my heart captive. I look forward to more from you! *
BH 4 days ago
The Captive Heart, written by Michelle Griep, is the first book I've read by this author but definitely not the last! This book kept me up until I could not hold my head up and drew me out of my slumber to finish it early in the morning! Was it worth it, Definitely! My favorite character: Samuel. He comes storming into Rev. Parkers house and claims his bride/caretaker of his daughter. He's rugged, rough around the edges, back-woods man, but God-fearing. He’s a man with a past…not one that people would be proud of having. He’s a conflicted man, but he knew his heart. He cared deeply...he loved purely. He protected those that he loved....but could he really expose that love through his rough exterior? My other favorite character: Eleanor! Yep, she was a fierce woman even though she didn't think she was. She defended herself against a Duke, traveled all the way to America and then married the fierce man who needed her to take care of his child...yet she thought so lowly of herself, couldn’t see her worth. I loved how Griep kept me turning those pages with each scene building scene. She developed the characters before my eyes. I loved the struggle of contempt vs compassion between Samuel and Eleanor. I love the time period of the 1700’s …the conflict between the Indians, the American’s and British. A favorite book for sure! I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review.
WildflowerMom 7 days ago
Fast-paced action, history, and romance come together in this well-written tale! Set mainly in 1770 South Carolina, when the pre-war tension was building, forcing colonial settlers to "be loyal to the crown" or be punished. Great characters full of personality and diverse culture brought to life by the well written dialogue, interactions and descriptions. Never a dull moment, as the story moves quickly along with nail-biting scenes, romantic tension and danger at every turn. Loved how the author uses the different characters' perspectives to get you into their heads and understand their struggles, revealing their backstories at just the right time to bring that "ah ha" sense. An interesting setting too, as most Revolutionary War era stories that I've read take place further north. Highly recommend to fans of historical Christian fiction with romance. Solid 5 stars! (Book provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest, original review.)
BrittanyMc 7 days ago
Wow, oh wow! The Captive Heart has jumped up to one of the top spots in my favorites list. It has definitely earned its place as one of the best historical novels that I have read this year. For readers who have enjoyed the novels of Lori Benton, Laura Frantz, and Beth White, The Captive Heart has that same epic feel that these authors capture in their stories. The characters were so well written! I truly felt for both Eleanor and Samuel. The struggles that they both endured made for very deep characters, with a lot of layers that made them who they were. I loved the way they interacted with each other. There was a marriage of convenience that they both entered into, yet it was so much more. There was great tension between these two, a rugged setting, and plenty of danger from both nature and human threats. Add to that the interesting balance that Samuel worked to keep between the world of the white settlers and the Cherokee people. This was a fascinating story that I loved from start to finish. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
SusanSnodgrassBookworm 9 days ago
Every time I read a novel by Michelle Griep, I think it’s the best. Then I read another. She continually outdoes herself. Now I think The Captive Heart is her best yet! It truly is! Eleanor Morgan, a proper English governess, flees to the Colonies to escape a lecherous employer. The Charles Town family she was supposed to work for does not arrive to get her when her ship docks. She is then forced to settle for the only reputable choice open to her: marriage to a man she’s never met. Trapper and tracker Samuel Heath is a hardened survivor used to getting his own way by brain or brawn and he’s determined to find a mother for his young child. But finding a wife proves to be impossible. No upstanding woman would want to marry a murderer. Thus begins the journey of both Eleanor and Samuel in 1770 SC . I myself am a lifelong resident of SC and was intrigued by this part of the story. Samuel Heath is a rough man who has been hurt and carries a lot of hidden pain besides. But he knows the Lord. Life is hard in the Colonies and Samuel is trying to make a life for his young daughter and so he marries Eleanor and brings her home. Eleanor knows nothing of tending a home or living in the wilds of a new nation. She determines to make a go of this life, but Eleanor carries some deep hurts of her own. Michelle Griep is a wonderful author. I love her books and she does what she does very well. She has managed to create characters that just jump right into the reader’s mind and heart from the very first paragraph. She also has created a very good plot that engages the mind of the reader at once. Her descriptions are wonderful, plopping this reader right down in the midst of the action. I have a very vivid imagination and it was filled to the brim with this tale. From the mansion of an English duke, the despicable hold of a ship, the harbor where lives are bartered for, the forest home of Samuel to the Cherokee village with longhouses and council meetings, Griep has created a story that won’t soon leave her readers. I know I’m a bit reluctant to begin a new book after finishing this one. This story is set on the American frontier and it is totally captivating! I love history, especially the beginnings of our nation and my great great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian, so this one just was so wonderful to read. I loved, loved, loved the characters of Samuel and Eleanor, or Red Bird, as Samuel called her. They were so incredibly real to me. When Samuel Heath entered a room, the reader entered right along with him. Samuel’s new faith in God is also explored here in detail. He knows he needs God in every aspect of his life and is determined to remain true to God. Eleanor also knows Christ as her Savior and needs to call upon Him many times in this new life of hers. She trust Him to lead and guide her as she embarks upon a new life in this new land. Michelle Griep has done a wonderful job. It’s her best yet. Now, she’ll probably surprise me with her next book, but in the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy the fullness of this outstanding novel and let these characters live on in my head and heart a while longer. Don’t miss this one! *I was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. (less)