Captive, Pt. 1 [Audiobook]

The Captive, Pt. 1 [Audiobook]

by Neville Jason

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Disc 1

  1. In Bed in Paris
  2. I Rang for Françoise. I Opened the Figaro
  3. As Soon as She Entered My Room, She Sprang upon My Bed
  4. I Questioned Her Point-Blank
  5. Francoise Came in to Light the Fire
  6. But Already the Day Was Ending
  7. The Dreyfus Affair - Still
  8. The Baron de Charlus and Morel
  9. The Baron and Jupien's Niece
  10. The Scent of Syringa

Disc 2

  1. Reflaections With Elstir, Bergotte, Vinteuill
  2. After Andrée Left, Albertine Came to My Room
  3. Albertine Reclining
  4. Two Images of Albertine
  5. Each Day Was for Me a Different Country
  6. Albertine's Intention to Pay a Visit to Mme Verdurin
  7. Albertine Went to Take off Her Things...
  8. I Was Now at Liberty to Go Out With Albertine as Often as I Chose

Disc 3

  1. On the Morrow, I Woke Early...
  2. As Soon as Albertine Had Gone Out...
  3. I Had Received a Letter from Mama That Morning
  4. Half an Hour Later, the Telephone Bell Began to Ring...
  5. Albertine Was on Her Way Home
  6. A Memory of a Far off Moment
  7. I Learned That a Death Had Occured...That of Bergotte
  8. Moreel in Tears

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