The Categories and the Principle of Coherence: Whitehead's Theory of Categories in Historical Perspective / Edition 1

The Categories and the Principle of Coherence: Whitehead's Theory of Categories in Historical Perspective / Edition 1

by A.Z. Bar-on

ISBN-10: 9024734789

ISBN-13: 9789024734788

Pub. Date: 08/31/1987

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Nijhoff International Philosophy Series, #26
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.02(d)

Table of Contents

Extensive Summary of the Exposition.- I. Aristotle and the Beginning of the Doctrine of Categories.- 1. Predication, Inherence and Kinds of Being.- 2. The Definition of ‘Category’ in its Aristotelian Sense.- 3. Aristotelian Table of Categories.- 4. Quality.- 5. Quantity.- 6. Relation.- 7. Substance.- II. The Kantian Development: Systematization.- 1. Criticism of Aristotle’s Approach.- 2. The Relation between Subject and Object.- 3. ‘The Supreme Principle of Human Knowledge’.- 4. The Table of Categories vs the Table of Judgements.- 5. The Derivability of the Categories.- 6. The Two Logics.- III. The Hegelian Stage: Speculation and Coherence.- 1. The Absence of Systematization.- 2. The Criticism Qualified, or What Did Hegel Received from Kant.- 3. Sensation, Understanding and Reason.- 4. The Hegelian Scheme of Categories.- 5. Limitations and a Broadened Context.- IV. The Non-Speculative Way: Nicolai Hartmann.- 1. The Basic Ontic Scheme.- 2. The Moments of Being: Dasein and Sosein.- 3. The Main Problem: How to Explain the Unity of the Universe.- 4. The Categorial Analysis, Its Nature and Stages.- 5. Hartmann’s Version of Coherence.- V. Whitehead’s Categorial Scheme: the Framework.- 1. ‘A Coherent, Logical and Necessary System’.- 2. Whitehead’s Version of the Principle of Coherence.- 3. Contradictory Trends.- 4. Whitehead’s Categorial Scheme.- VI. Whitehead’s Categorial Scheme: the Implementation.- 1. ‘The Ultimate’ and the ‘Modes of Existence’.- 2. The Category of the Actual Entity.- 3. The Principles of Process.- 4. The Principle of Relativity.- 5. The Ontological Principle.- 6. The Subjectivist Principle.- 7. Whitehead’s Formulation of the ‘Categorial Laws’.- Notes.- References.

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