Chicago Blues Box: The MCM Records Story

Chicago Blues Box: The MCM Records Story


MCM Records was founded by a French woman, Marcelle Chailleux Morgantini, after she heard the blues live in the clubs during a trip to Chicago. She returned to Chicago with a tape machine, a small mixing board, and a good selection of microphones in 1975, 1976, and 1977, capturing a very specific time in the history of Chicago blues, recording live sets by See more details below


MCM Records was founded by a French woman, Marcelle Chailleux Morgantini, after she heard the blues live in the clubs during a trip to Chicago. She returned to Chicago with a tape machine, a small mixing board, and a good selection of microphones in 1975, 1976, and 1977, capturing a very specific time in the history of Chicago blues, recording live sets by Magic Slim, Eddie Clearwater, Eddie Taylor, Bobby King, Jimmy Johnson, Willie Kent, James Lyons, Joe Carter, Jimmy Dawkins, and others, and then issuing them on her own MCM imprint. All of these sessions are collected here, capturing a late Golden Age for Chicago blues.

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Disc 1

  1. That's All Right  - Magic Slim
  2. Slim's Bump  - Magic Slim
  3. Going Down Slow  - Magic Slim
  4. Born In Missouri  - Magic Slim
  5. Let Me Love You  - Magic Slim
  6. The Things I Used to Do  - Magic Slim
  7. That Ain't Right  - Magic Slim
  8. Honest I Do  - Magic Slim
  9. Nineteen Years Old  - Magic Slim
  10. Born On A Bad Sign  - Magic Slim
  11. Please Love Me  - Magic Slim

Disc 2

  1. Drowning On Dry Land  - Hip Lankchan
  2. Every Night and Every Day  - Hip Lankchan
  3. Black Nights  - Hip Lankchan
  4. Hush  - Hip Lankchan
  5. Red Light  - Hip Lankchan
  6. Dream  - Hip Lankchan
  7. Mojo Boogie  - Hip Lankchan
  8. Living in Paradise  - Hip Lankchan
  9. Twelve Years Old Boy  - Hip Lankchan
  10. Every Night and Every DAy  - Hip Lankchan
  11. Long Meter Stomp  - Hip Lankchan
  12. Reconsider Baby  - Hip Lankchan

Disc 3

  1. Let's Jam  - Eddy Clearwater
  2. I Came Up the Hard Way  - Eddy Clearwater
  3. Three Ways to Skin a Cat  - Eddy Clearwater
  4. Black Night  - Eddy Clearwater
  5. Chicago Dailey Blues  - Eddy Clearwater
  6. Hoochie Coochie Man  - Eddy Clearwater
  7. Jackson Town Blues  - Eddie Taylor
  8. Train Fare Home  - Eddie Taylor
  9. Route 66 (A One A Two)  - Eddie Taylor
  10. Rock Me Baby  - Eddy Clearwater
  11. Blues for Luc  - Eddie Taylor
  12. The Things I Used To Do  - Eddy Clearwater

Disc 4

  1. Reconsider Baby  - Bobby King
  2. My Babe  - Bobby King
  3. Everyday I Have the Blues  - Bobby King
  4. The Chaser  - Bobby King
  5. Sweet Home Chicago  - Bobby King
  6. Bad Luck  - Bobby King
  7. Old Folks Boogie  - Bobby King
  8. Stormy Monday Blues  - Bobby King
  9. Hoochie Coochie Man  - Bobby King
  10. Everything Gonna Be Alright  - Bobby King

Disc 5

  1. So Many Roads  - Jimmy Johnson
  2. Crosscut Saw  - Jimmy Johnson
  3. Ma Bea's Rock  - Jimmy Johnson
  4. Feel So Bad  - Jimmy Johnson
  5. I Believe My Time Ain't Long  - Luther Johnson
  6. All Your Love  - Luther Johnson
  7. You Gotta Have Soul  - Luther Johnson
  8. Little Red Rooster  - Willie James Lyons
  9. Nineteen Years Old  - Willie James Lyons
  10. What Will Tomorrow Bring?  - Willie James Lyons
  11. Got A Mind to Travel  - Luther Johnson
  12. Can You Use a Man Like Me?  - Luther Johnson
  13. I Got To Be Crazy  - Luther Johnson
  14. Got Papers On You Baby  - Luther Johnson

Disc 6

  1. Welfare Line  - Jimmy Dawkins
  2. You Don't Love Me  - Jimmy Dawkins
  3. Come Back Baby  - Jimmy Dawkins
  4. I Got Wise  - Jimmy Dawkins
  5. Millionaire Blues  - Hip Lankchan
  6. Hip's Jam  - Hip Lankchan
  7. All Right the Way You Do  - Hip Lankchan
  8. Sweet Home Chicago  - Hip Lankchan
  9. Cross Road Blues  - Jimmy Dawkins
  10. Blue Shadow Falling  - Jimmy Dawkins
  11. Little By Little  - Hip Lankchan
  12. Lucille  - Hip Lankchan
  13. I Want Some  - Hip Lankchan
  14. Hide Away  - Hip Lankchan

Disc 7

  1. Going to California  - Big Voice Odom
  2. I Don't Know  - Big Voice Odom
  3. Thrill is Gone  - Big Voice Odom
  4. Stormy Monday Blues  - Big Voice Odom
  5. All For Business  - Big Voice Odom
  6. Rock Me Baby  - Big Voice Odom
  7. Wonder Why  - Big Voice Odom
  8. Sitting Here Wondering  - Big Voice Odom
  9. I Can't Go On the Way  - Big Voice Odom
  10. I Want to Know  - Big Voice Odom
  11. I've Been Mistreated  - Big Voice Odom

Disc 8

  1. Go Get Me Baby  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  2. I Wonder Why  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  3. Change My Way of Living  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  4. You Got to Help Yourself  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  5. Give Up and Let Me Go  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  6. What Would We Do Later On?  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  7. You Don't Have to Go  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  8. It Hurts Me Too  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  9. Got My Mojo Working  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  10. Little Red Rooster  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  11. So Glad  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  12. Stranger in Your Land  - Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon
  13. Worried About My Baby  - Joe Carter
  14. It Hurts Me Too  - Joe Carter

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eddy Clearwater   Guitar,Vocals
Magic Slim   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Taylor   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Carter   Guitar,Vocals
John Littlejohn   Guitar,Vocals
Hayes Ware   Bass
Jimmy Dawkins   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Kent   Bass,Vocals
Andrew Odom   Vocals
Ike Anderson   Bass
Carey Bell   Harmonica
Fred Below   Drums
Wayne Bennett   Guitar
Sylvester Boines   Bass
Aron Burton   Bass
Larry Burton   Guitar
Tyrone Centuray   Drums
Ernest Gatewood   Bass
Lacy Gibson   Guitar
Leonard Gill   Guitar
Douglas Holt   Drums
Nick Holt   Bass
Jimmy Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Harry Mitchum   Bass
Alabama Pettis   Guitar,Vocals
Candy Utah   Drums
Bill Warren   Drums
Big Guitar Red   Guitar
Dave Meyers   Bass
Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon   Vocals
David Matthews   Guitar
Bobby King   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Leach   Guitar
Louis Meyers   Guitar
Big Mojo Elem   Bass,Vocals
Willie James Lyons   Guitar
Freddy Below   Drums
Jimmy Miller   Guitar
Freddie Below   Drums,Vocals
Luther Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Hip Lankchan   Guitar,Vocals
Muddy Waters   Vocals
Dino Neal   Drums

Technical Credits

Willie Cobbs   Composer
Willie Dixon   Composer
Lowell Fulson   Composer
Willie Mabon   Composer
Tommy McClennan   Composer
Jimmy McCracklin   Composer
Jimmy Reed   Composer
Eddie Taylor   Composer
Junior Wells   Composer
Ray Charles   Composer
Bobby Troup   Composer
John Littlejohn   Composer
Jimmy Dawkins   Composer
Willie Kent   Composer
T-Bone Walker   Composer
Andrew Odom   Composer
Fred Below   Arranger
Peter Chatman   Composer
Lacy Gibson   Composer
Elmore James   Composer
Jimmy Johnson   Composer
Robert Johnson   Composer
B.B. King   Composer
Albert King   Composer
Mel London   Composer
McKinley Morganfield   Composer
Lillian Offitt   Composer
Hudson Whittaker   Composer
Samuel Maghett   Composer
Anders Stefansen   Producer
Walter Jacobs   Composer
James A. Lane   Composer
Jessie Mae Robinson   Composer
Leo Woods   Composer
Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon   Composer
Marshall Paul   Composer
Jacques Morgantini   Producer,Cover Photo
Bobby King   Composer
Joe Grey   Composer
Jørgen Vad   Engineer
A. Harrington Gibbs   Composer
James Oden   Composer
Big Mojo Elem   Composer
Willie James Lyons   Composer
Eddy Harrington   Composer
Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones   Composer
Morris Holt   Composer
Vad Lyd   Engineer
Freddy King   Composer
Luther Johnson   Composer
Hip Lankchan   Composer
W.L. Lyons   Composer
Stuart Son Maxwell   Liner Notes

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