The Chinese

The Chinese

by C. J. Shane

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Chinese immigrants came to America for various reasons. In some instances, the overpopulation in parts of China resulted in farmers being unable to achieve even a subsistence level of agrarian life. In other cases, the pursuit of greater freedom led some Chinese to flee the tyrannical sway of local government officials. Some Chinese immigrants arrived as political refugees fleeing the harsh discipline of the Imperial Government in their homeland. Whatever their reason for emigrating, most Chinese immigrants to America met sharp prejudice and social rejection when they first arrived. Then, over time, these Chinese immigrants and their progeny worked successfully to carve out a prosperous life. In our own era, Chinese-Americans are well accepted and eminently successful in all aspects of the culture. Indeed, as China itself emerges as a dominant economic force in the world, Americans are once again confronted with the fact that perhaps no other culture in the world has as long standing a history of excellence as do the Chinese. In this title, editor C.J. Shane has compiled primary-source information about the various stages of Chinese immigration to North America. As editor of this fine book, Shane has drawn from period accounts, memoirs, articles, and testimonies to craft a workable study of the Chinese immigration experience. Readers will come away with a solid introduction to Chinese immigration and the barriers and successes experienced by these industrious people. This title is part of the "Coming to America" series. 2005, Thomson Gale, Ages 14 up.
—Greg M. Romaneck

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