Christian Life: The Definitive Louvin Brothers Story

Christian Life: The Definitive Louvin Brothers Story

by The Louvin Brothers

Alabama brothers Ira and Charlie Louvin's close gospel harmonies and eventual embrace of secular country music made for some of the most brilliant bluegrass-touched Christian records of the early '60s, though their activity throughout the '40s and '50s was fruitful as well. See more details below


Alabama brothers Ira and Charlie Louvin's close gospel harmonies and eventual embrace of secular country music made for some of the most brilliant bluegrass-touched Christian records of the early '60s, though their activity throughout the '40s and '50s was fruitful as well. The Christian Life: The Definitive Louvin Brothers Story collects over 100 tracks from the Louvin Brothers' massive discography, sprawled out over four volumes. The traditional country of their early days followed the Carter Family's high-quality Appalachian balladry, while their later material flourished during the dawning of rock & roll, offering a religious message in songs like "The Christian Life" (later covered by the Byrds on their country crossover masterpiece Sweetheart of the Rodeo) and "Satan Is Real."

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Disc 1

  1. My Love Song of You  -  Louvin Brothers
  2. The Get Acquainted Waltz  -  Louvin Brothers
  3. The Weapon of Prayer  -  Louvin Brothers
  4. They've Got the Church Outnumbered  -  Louvin Brothers
  5. Do You Live What You Preach  -  Louvin Brothers
  6. You'll Be Rewarded Over There  -  Louvin Brothers
  7. I'll Live With God (To Die No More)  -  Louvin Brothers
  8. Robe of White  -  Louvin Brothers
  9. The Great Atomic Power  -  Louvin Brothers
  10. Insured Beyond the Grave  -  Louvin Brothers
  11. The Gospel Way  -  Louvin Brothers
  12. The Sons and Daughters of God  -  Louvin Brothers
  13. The Family Who Prays (Shall Never Part)  -  Louvin Brothers
  14. Last Chance To Pray  -  Louvin Brothers
  15. Nearer My God To Thee  -  Louvin Brothers
  16. I Can't Say No  -  Louvin Brothers
  17. When I Stop Dreaming  -  Louvin Brothers
  18. Pitfall  -  Louvin Brothers
  19. Memories and Tears  -  Louvin Brothers
  20. Don't Laugh  -  Louvin Brothers
  21. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby  -  Louvin Brothers
  22. Hoping That You're Hoping  -  Louvin Brothers
  23. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight  -  Louvin Brothers
  24. In the Pines  -  Louvin Brothers
  25. What is Home Without Love  -  Louvin Brothers
  26. Mary of the Wild Moor  -  Louvin Brothers
  27. Knoxville Girl  -  Louvin Brothers
  28. Kentucky  -  Louvin Brothers

Disc 2

  1. Katie Dear  -  Louvin Brothers
  2. My Brother's Will  -  Louvin Brothers
  3. Take the News To Mother  -  Louvin Brothers
  4. Let Her Go, God Bless Her  -  Louvin Brothers
  5. A Tiny Broken Heart  -  Louvin Brothers
  6. Alabama  -  Louvin Brothers
  7. Plenty of Everything But You  -  Louvin Brothers
  8. Cash On the Barrelhead  -  Louvin Brothers
  9. You're Running Wild  -  Louvin Brothers
  10. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone  -  Louvin Brothers
  11. Praying  -  Louvin Brothers
  12. Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus  -  Louvin Brothers
  13. This Little Light of Mine  -  Louvin Brothers
  14. I Steal Away and Pray  -  Louvin Brothers
  15. There's No Excuse  -  Louvin Brothers
  16. Are You Washed In the Blood  -  Louvin Brothers
  17. Lord, I'm Coming Home  -  Louvin Brothers
  18. Thankful  -  Louvin Brothers
  19. Take Me Back Into Your Heart  -  Louvin Brothers
  20. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow  -  Louvin Brothers
  21. We Could  -  Louvin Brothers
  22. Tennessee Waltz  -  Louvin Brothers
  23. Too Late  -  Louvin Brothers
  24. Are You Teasing Me  -  Louvin Brothers
  25. Nobody's Darling But Mine  -  Louvin Brothers
  26. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die  -  Louvin Brothers
  27. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight  -  Louvin Brothers
  28. Why Not Confess  -  Louvin Brothers

Disc 3

  1. Making Believe  -  Louvin Brothers
  2. Have I Stayed Away Too Long  -  Louvin Brothers
  3. Call Me  -  Louvin Brothers
  4. Dog Sled  -  Louvin Brothers
  5. When I Loved You  -  Louvin Brothers
  6. My Baby's Gone  -  Louvin Brothers
  7. Are You Wasting My Time  -  Louvin Brothers
  8. Curly Headed Baby  -  Louvin Brothers
  9. I Wish It Had Been a Dream  -  Louvin Brothers
  10. While You're Cheatin' On Me  -  Louvin Brothers
  11. If I Could Only Win Your Love  -  Louvin Brothers
  12. You're Learning  -  Louvin Brothers
  13. Today  -  Louvin Brothers
  14. My Heart Was Trampled On the Street  -  Louvin Brothers
  15. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On  -  Louvin Brothers
  16. On My Way To the Show  -  Louvin Brothers
  17. Read What's In My Heart  -  Louvin Brothers
  18. Red Hen Hop  -  Louvin Brothers
  19. She Will Get Lonesome  -  Louvin Brothers
  20. I Wonder If You Know  -  Louvin Brothers
  21. Blue  -  Louvin Brothers
  22. The Angels Rejoiced Last Night  -  Louvin Brothers
  23. Dying From Home, and Lost  -  Louvin Brothers
  24. Satan's Jeweled Crown  -  Louvin Brothers
  25. The River of Jordan  -  Louvin Brothers
  26. I'm Ready To Go Home  -  Louvin Brothers
  27. The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea  -  Louvin Brothers
  28. Satan is Real  -  Louvin Brothers

Disc 4

  1. The Christian Life  -  Louvin Brothers
  2. Are You Afraid To Die  -  Louvin Brothers
  3. He Can Be Found  -  Louvin Brothers
  4. There's a Higher Power  -  Louvin Brothers
  5. The Drunkard's Power  -  Louvin Brothers
  6. The Last Old Shovel  -  Louvin Brothers
  7. Midnight Special  -  Louvin Brothers
  8. Brown's Ferry Blues  -  Louvin Brothers
  9. Southern Moon  -  Louvin Brothers
  10. Sand Mountain Blues  -  Louvin Brothers
  11. Nashville Blues  -  Louvin Brothers
  12. Blues Stay Away From Me  -  Louvin Brothers
  13. When It's Time For the Whippoorwill To Sing  -  Louvin Brothers
  14. Put Me On the Trail To Carolina  -  Louvin Brothers
  15. Freight Train Boogie  -  Louvin Brothers
  16. Weary Lonesome Blues  -  Louvin Brothers
  17. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar  -  Louvin Brothers
  18. I Love You Best of All  -  Louvin Brothers
  19. How's the World Treating You?  -  Louvin Brothers
  20. I Died For the Red, White and Blue  -  Louvin Brothers
  21. Searching For a Soldier's Grave  -  Louvin Brothers
  22. At Mail Call Today  -  Louvin Brothers
  23. A Soldier's Last Letter  -  Louvin Brothers
  24. There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving  -  Louvin Brothers
  25. There's a Grave In the Wave of the Ocean  -  Louvin Brothers
  26. Mother, I Thank You For the Bible You Gave  -  Louvin Brothers
  27. A Seaman's Girl  -  Louvin Brothers
  28. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face  -  Louvin Brothers

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Louvin Brothers   Primary Artist
Chet Atkins   Guitar
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Hank Garland   Bass,Guitar
Grandpa Jones   Banjo
Harold Bradley   Bass,Guitar
Owen Bradley   Vibes
Jimmy Capps   Guitar
Lightnin' Chance   Bass
Ray Edenton   Guitar
Buddy Harman   Drums
Eddie Hill   Guitar
Tommy Jackson   Flute
Ira Louvin   Mandolin,Vocals
Charlie Louvin   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Yandell   Guitar
Roy Huskey   Bass
Marvin Hughes   Piano
James Rich   Guitar
Odell Martin   Guitar,Electric Guitar
George W. McCormick   Guitar
Smiley Wilson   Guitar
Junior Huskey   Bass
Slater Sisters   Vocals
William Ackerman   Drums
George McClintock   Guitar

Technical Credits

Hank Locklin   Composer
Ernest Tubb   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Russell Beecher   Producer
Manners   Composer
Winters   Composer
Van Ness   Composer
Wakely   Composer
Brumley   Composer
Louvin   Arranger,Composer
Delmore   Composer

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