The Circle: How the Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life

The Circle: How the Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life

by Laura Day

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You HAVE THE ABILITY, right now, to create anything you dream for yourself and others. Open this book and enter The Circle.

What if a single wish could change your life? It can — if you know how to use it to harness the energy that you never knew existed within and all around you. This is the promise of Laura Day's The Circle.

Each of the

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You HAVE THE ABILITY, right now, to create anything you dream for yourself and others. Open this book and enter The Circle.

What if a single wish could change your life? It can — if you know how to use it to harness the energy that you never knew existed within and all around you. This is the promise of Laura Day's The Circle.

Each of the book's three sections — Initiative, Apprenticeship, and Mastery — features exercises that lead you to discover the hidden potential in yourself, in others, and in the surrounding universe. By the end of The Circle, you will know how to use your own wishful thinking as a force for powerful change. This edition also includes a never-before-published workbook that will help you transform your life faster than you ever thought possible.

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If you could invent your own reality, what would it be? In this book, Laura Day guides readers into a realm of wish fulfillment and creative dreaming: The realm of The Circle. In this sacred space, Day explains, we can actually accept our desires, focus on their fulfillment, and change our lives. “Go ahead,” Day urges, “dream what you want. Allow yourself to wish. Allow yourself to feel your hunger. In The Circle, nobody endures hungry.”

Day’s ideas are simple, but they speak to everyone. We all have a secret vision of ecstasy, but we feel helpless to make those visions real. Day insists that her book -- with its exercises, explanations, and visualization techniques -- can help. “By the end of this book, you will be an intuitive, a healer, and the conscious creator of your own reality,” she promises. “You will know that you have achieved mastery by choosing the one thing you want to change and changing it.”

The Circle promises a new reality -- and if anyone can deliver that, it is Laura Day. The bestselling author of Practical Intuition, Practical Intuition for Success, and Practical Intuition in Love, Day has developed an enthusiastic following for her books, magazine articles, and appearances on television. In this book, she completes her course, offering readers home-grown visualization exercises that turn dreams into reality. What dreams would you choose to make real? Readers can find out in The Circle. (Jesse Gale)

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The First Element: Intentionality

The "practical" people of the world are quick to dismiss "wishful thinking," and yet the process of creating anything begins with a wish. Wishing focuses our internal resources-intellect, intuition, unconscious drives, and physical and emotional energy-on any creation we choose.
Wishing is the active, engaged sister of fantasy. Our imagination ignites desire and then hunger to initiate the process of change. Without the motivation of desire, without hunger, we would achieve nothing since we would want for nothing. Our hunger drives us in search of nourishment, just as a plant turns toward the sun for more light and deepens its roots for more water.
We experience hunger in many ways. Desire is hunger. Envy is hunger. Loneliness is hunger. Everyone is hungry. Artists are hungry. Students are hungry. Scientists are hungry. Entrepreneurs are hungry. Visionaries are hungry. Humanitarians are hungry. All of us are hungry. Hunger drives us to expand what and who we are.
Yet we often distrust our desires. If we fear we cannot satisfy them, it seems safer to repress our hunger. We have made hunger the enemy, but hunger is life. When we repress, judge, or deny hunger, we deny life.
Do not fear your hungers. They are neither good nor bad. Use hunger as fuel. Use hunger as energy. Guide your hunger. Focus your hunger. Use your hunger for growth. If you do not consciously direct your hunger, your hunger will use you and those around you.
Go ahead-dream of what you want. Allow yourself to wish. Allow yourself to feel your hunger. In The Circle, nobody endures hunger.

When you make a wish, you direct the energy of The Circle. You give yourself-and the universe-a positive focus, a path for energy to travel.
The use of will is the magic wand of human being. Yet very few of us use our wills effectively. Your will organizes and mobilizes all the other energies inside of you and around you into an irresistible force. Your ability to make a choice and stick to it-your will-is your most powerful inner resource.
Since this is your first conscious journey in The Circle, you must focus all of your being on one, single wish.

Take your time now in selecting your wish. Ask yourself many questions. Let your mind run free. Draw up a long list, then narrow it down.
What single change in your life would give you the most joy? What single change would bring you the most relief? What is your biggest concern? What issue do you spend most of your emotional energy on? What lack is the source of your greatest sorrow? What is the one thing that you most envy in others? If you knew you couldn't fail-as if a genie would grant it-what would you wish for?
Keep in mind that a wish need not be "reasonable" or "rational" or "deserved." Nor is a wish a "should" or "must" or a "would have." Your wish now should be the thing you ache for, your soul's deepest need.

You may have many desires, so it may not be easy to decide on just one. For now, though, you must choose just one wish to create as you master the nine elements of The Circle. The Circle is always there to travel again with another wish, but during your initiation, when you are just learning the ways of The Circle, you should focus on a single wish. Otherwise, you may dilute the energy being built up around your primary goal.
As you reach one goal, you will form new ones, and The Circle will help you with all of the mini-goals that arise during the day. Doing one thing well and effectively will positively impact all areas of your life. Also, there is no possibility that you will select the "wrong" goal. Your needs and desires will become clarified within The Circle. If you choose a wish at odds with what you truly want, that wish will evolve to serve the wholeness of your being and your life.
So, what do you wish for right now? Make your wish. One, single wish. Together we will begin to bring your wish to life.

In the past, you may have wished for many things that you did not receive. There is an alchemy of wishing. It's time you learned to wish within The Circle. To do so, you must express your wish in a way The Circle will respond to. The language of The Circle is the present tense.
When someone experiences an event as happening in the future, it does not yet exist for that person. And if something does not yet exist, it is not possible for that person to experience it and change it.
In The Circle, the acts of wishing and receiving are simultaneous; there is no distinction between past, present, and future. The future occurs now. So in The Circle, there is not "I want," but rather "I have." Phrase your wish as if it has already happened.
If you focus on "I want," you direct your inner resources to reinforce wanting rather than having. If you focus on "I have," "I am," "I feel," or "I embrace," your inner resources will find opportunities for this to be true.
So instead of saying, "I wish I would fall in love," within The Circle you say, "I am in love." Instead of saying, "I wish I weren't struggling financially," you wish, "I am earning all the money I want, doing something I love."
Once you wish within The Circle, we call your wish your New Reality because it is already happening, right now.

It is also important to phrase your wish positively, in terms of what you want, rather than negatively, in terms of what you might be trying to avoid. When you wish in the negative, you focus your attention and energy on the very thing you don't want, which directs your unconscious to reinforce it.
Instead of focusing on what is not happening at work, say, focus on creating recognition and success. In doing so, you direct your inner resources to notice opportunities to achieve your goals that you would otherwise have overlooked.
Instead of, "I wish I weren't sick," you say, "I am healthy and full of energy." Instead of saying, "I wish I weren't alone," you say, "I am involved in a loving, committed relationship." Remember always to phrase your wish as if it were already fulfilled.

If your wish is to be heard within The Circle, then, it should be specific, positive, passionate, and present. Wish for one thing at a time, know precisely what you want-and embrace that wish with all your heart and soul as if it has already come to pass. By doing so, you will unleash amazing energies.
State your wish out loud. Now embrace it. You are creating yourself and the world anew.

The First Element is Intentionality

The gift of intentionality is: Conscious Creation

In The Circle below or in your Circle Journal, write your wish in the positive and in present tense. This is what you have chosen to create. When you place your wish in The Circle and in your reality with conscious intentionality, all the gifts of your human being-as well as its connection to all that is-co-create this reality with you.

Your wish is now your New Reality.

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Meet the Author

Laura Day
is the bestselling author of Practical Intuition and Welcome to Your Crisis. A professional psychic advisor to a variety of high profile clients, she has been featured in many publications, including New York magazine and Marie Claire. Day has appeared on Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The View.

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