Classic Earliest Recordings

The Classic Earliest Recordings

by Charles Brown

This is a magnificent budget release from JSP, a label that is one of the best jazz/blues reissue labels around. The Classic Earliest Recordings represents Charles Brown at his peak as a performer, and these five full discs show off every facet of the artist's considerable gifts. Concentrating on Brown's recordings of the 1940s, many of the earliest tracks here…  See more details below


This is a magnificent budget release from JSP, a label that is one of the best jazz/blues reissue labels around. The Classic Earliest Recordings represents Charles Brown at his peak as a performer, and these five full discs show off every facet of the artist's considerable gifts. Concentrating on Brown's recordings of the 1940s, many of the earliest tracks here see him backing Johnny Moore, and are widely regarded as some of the finest recordings of Brown's career. By disc five, which showcases classics such as "I Stumbled Over You," listeners hear Brown emerge as a singular artist in his own right, hugely self-confident, and fashioning a distinctive style that was to form the basis for the rest of his career. As usual from JSP, the remastering is magnificent, and the icing on what is a wonderful overview of Charles Brown's formative years.

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Disc 1

  1. Fugue in C Major
  2. Melancholy Madeline
  3. Tell Me You'll Wait for Me
  4. Nightfall
  5. Maureen
  6. Lost in the Night
  7. You Taught Me to Love
  8. End O' War Blues
  9. Johnny's Boogie
  10. C.O.D.
  11. B-Sharp You'll See
  12. There Is No Greater Love
  13. Hard Tack
  14. Pasadena
  15. I Want You, I Need You
  16. My Silent Love
  17. Googie's Boogie
  18. Tonight I'm Alone
  19. Blazer's Boogie
  20. Baby Don't You Cry
  21. Driftin' Blues
  22. Groovy
  23. You Are My First Love
  24. Racetrack Blues

Disc 2

  1. 'Til the Real Thing Comes Along
  2. Rocks in My Bed
  3. Travelin' Blues
  4. I'll Get Along Somehow
  5. What Do You Know About Love?
  6. Nutmeg
  7. It's the Talk of the Town
  8. Warsaw Concerto, Pts. 1 & 2
  9. How Deep Is the Ocean?
  10. You Left Me Forsaken
  11. So Long
  12. You Won't Let Me Go
  13. It Had to Be You
  14. You Showed Me the Way
  15. More Than You Know
  16. Sail on Blues
  17. Blue Because of You
  18. Make Believe Land
  19. If You Should Ever Leave
  20. When Your Lover Has Gone
  21. Way Over There by the Cherry Tree
  22. Sunny Road
  23. Be Fair With Me
  24. Falling in Love With You

Disc 3

  1. Huggin' Bug
  2. Gloria
  3. I Wouldn't Mind
  4. Now That You're Gone
  5. St. Louis Blues
  6. Bobby Sox Blues
  7. Juke Box Lil
  8. Why Is Love Like That?
  9. It's Over
  10. Changeable Woman Blues
  11. I Surrender Dear
  12. Better Watch What You Do
  13. I Love to Make Love to You
  14. New Orleans Blues
  15. I Cried for You
  16. Moonrise
  17. I'm Looking for Love
  18. Merry Christmas, Baby
  19. Peek-A-Boo
  20. Don't Get Salty Sugar
  21. Lonesome Blues
  22. Soothe Me
  23. I'll Miss You So
  24. Money's Getting Cheaper

Disc 4

  1. I'm So Happy I Could Cry
  2. If You Don't Why Don't Cha
  3. Scratch Sheet
  4. Jilted Blues
  5. Tomorrow
  6. So There
  7. Groovy Movie Blues
  8. You Better Change Your Way of Lovin'
  9. Free Lancin' Again
  10. Any Old Place With Me
  11. I Hate Myself
  12. If I Had You
  13. Friendless Blues
  14. Walkin' in Circles
  15. Cold in Here
  16. Love Me Tonight
  17. Snuff Dippin' Mama
  18. B & O Blues
  19. Teresa
  20. Where Can I Find My Baby?
  21. Honey, Keep Your Mind on Me
  22. Foolish
  23. My Last Affair
  24. Homesick Blues

Disc 5

  1. Wonder When My Baby's Comin' Home
  2. Dedicated to You
  3. What a Life
  4. How High the Moon
  5. Ooh! Ooh! Sugar
  6. Get Yourself Another Fool
  7. Baby Do You Know the Game
  8. In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down
  9. It's Nothing
  10. Trouble Blues
  11. I Don't Care Who Knows
  12. When You're Alone
  13. Please Be Kind
  14. A Long Time
  15. So Mistreated
  16. Tormented
  17. Alley Batting
  18. I Stumbled Over You
  19. Take Me
  20. Let's Have a Ball
  21. Did You Ever Love a Woman
  22. My Baby's Gone
  23. Again
  24. Gee

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charles Brown   Primary Artist,Piano,Celeste,Vocals
Johnny Otis   Drums
Frankie Laine   Vocals
Oscar Moore   Guitar
George Collier   Guitar
Joseph Lewis   Guitar
Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Norris   Guitar
Johnny Moore Band   Guitar
Eddie Williams   Bass
John McNeil   Vocals

Technical Credits

Charles Brown   Composer
Leroy Carr   Composer
Floyd Dixon   Composer
Lowell Fulson   Composer
Roosevelt Sykes   Composer
Richard Addinsell   Composer
Robin Williamson   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Laura Branigan   Composer
Sam Cooke   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Bruce Springsteen   Composer
Paul Stanley   Composer
Ella Fitzgerald   Composer
Jan Garbarek   Composer
Herbie Hancock   Composer
Jimmie Lunceford   Composer
Jelly Roll Morton   Composer
Perry Bradford   Composer
Buddy Johnson   Composer
Oscar Moore   Composer
Babe Russin   Composer
Chick Webb   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Abe Lyman   Composer
Vincent Youmans   Composer
Danny Kirwan   Composer
Juliana Hatfield   Composer
Judy Fields   Composer
Sade Adu   Composer
Benny Andersson   Composer
Gus Arnheim   Composer
Harry Barris   Composer
Benny Carter   Composer
Rube Bloom   Composer
Harvey Brooks   Composer
Kirwan Brown   Composer
Kenny Burrell   Composer
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Saul Chaplin   Composer
Randy Chavez   Composer
Hal David   Composer
Maxwell Davis   Composer
Paul S. Denman   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Agnetha Fältskog   Composer
Arthur Freed   Composer
Bud Green   Composer
Andrew Hale   Composer
Nancy Hamilton   Composer
Frank Haywood   Composer
Edward Heyman   Composer
Jack Hoffman   Composer
Will Hudson   Composer
Isham Jones   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
B.B. King   Composer
Huddie Ledbetter   Composer
Stan Lewis   Composer
Jerry Livingston   Composer
Teddy McRae   Composer
J. Neiburg   Composer
Lionel Newman   Composer
Jack Palmer   Composer
Vini Poncia   Composer
Don Raye   Composer
Leon René   Composer
Winston Rodney   Composer
Robert Scherman   Composer
Neil Slaven   Liner Notes
Marty Symes   Composer
Rudy Toombs   Composer
Björn Ulvaeus   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
Noel Williams   Composer
Quinn Wilson   Composer
Jimmy Witherspoon   Composer
Hy Zaret   Composer
Johnny Moore   Composer
Jesse Cryor   Composer
William York   Composer
Charles Carpenter   Composer
Dorinda Morgan   Composer
Unknown Blues Band   Composer
Ted Fio Rito   Composer
Harry Brooks   Composer
Dana Suesse   Composer
Harry Sukman   Composer
Ted Shapiro   Composer
Dootsie Williams   Composer
Alain DuBois   Composer
Edward Eliscu   Composer
Jules Taub   Composer
Gerald Marks   Composer
Reginald Connelly   Composer
Stig Anderson   Composer
Lou Baxter   Composer
Gordon Clifford   Composer
Bill Dees   Composer
Walter Hirsch   Composer
Morgan Lewis   Composer
Ruth Lowe   Composer
Otis Rene   Composer
Jessie Mae Robinson   Composer
Einar A. Swan   Composer
Mack David   Composer
Porter Roberts   Composer
Leopold Spitalny   Composer
Jimmy Campbell   Composer
Damon Black   Composer
Florence Cadrez   Composer
Dorcas Cochran   Composer
Gladys Dubois   Composer
Louis Dunlap   Composer
Ben Ellison   Composer
Buddy Fields   Composer
Ernest Tucker   Composer
Monroe Tucker   Composer
Monte Wilhite   Composer
D. Moore   Composer
Anni-Frid Lyngstad   Composer
Carla Lother   Composer
Joe Greene   Composer
Bertha Scott   Composer
Allan Roberts   Composer
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers   Composer
Johnny Moore   Composer
Eddie Williams   Composer
Pope   Composer
Billy Rose   Composer
Haven Johnson   Composer
Remus Harris   Composer
Paul Vandervoort   Composer
Daniele Pace   Composer
Lorenzo Pilat   Composer
Mario Panzeri   Composer
Ruth Poll   Composer
Barry Mason   Composer
W. B. Johnson   Composer
Jacob Schroeder   Composer
Booker White   Composer
T. Johnson   Composer
Bud Allen   Composer

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