The Clue Phone's Ringing - It's for You! Healing Humor for Women Divorcing

The Clue Phone's Ringing - It's for You! Healing Humor for Women Divorcing

by Christine K. Clifford
Picture the scene, ladies. You meet your future mother-in-law, a delightful lady, for the first time to celebrate your engagement to her son. She bids you farewell and whispers choice words, "He's your problem now!" Surely you'd hear the Clue Phone ringing - the phone inside your head that sounds the alarm?

Well, hindsight is a beautiful thing but it's never with


Picture the scene, ladies. You meet your future mother-in-law, a delightful lady, for the first time to celebrate your engagement to her son. She bids you farewell and whispers choice words, "He's your problem now!" Surely you'd hear the Clue Phone ringing - the phone inside your head that sounds the alarm?

Well, hindsight is a beautiful thing but it's never with you when you need it. If only Christine Clifford had picked up the Clue Phone on one of the numerous occasions when it was ringing off the hook, she wouldn't have entered into a marriage with an abusive alcoholic that inevitably ended in divorce. Instead, she was lost in the fantasy of who she perceived "Mr Wonderful" to be and had no idea what a torturous marriage lay ahead. While there is nothing funny about divorce, Christine found humor in her predicament. She takes full responsibility for marrying a man who had all the signs - clues - of being totally dysfunctional.

Firmly believing laughter is the best medicine, humor actively became part of Christine's therapy as she faced her second divorce. She learned about the healing power of laughter in 1994 as she underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy following a diagnosis of breast cancer. She appeared on CNN Live as "one of the world's leading authorities on the use of therapeutic humor". Christine believes the feelings of anger, fear, denial and grief of divorce parallels her experience with cancer. And yet, as she always has, she now laughs about it - a lot!

Today Christine speaks to audiences throughout the world about finding humor in the divorce journey, having secured significant corporate sponsorship along the way. Realizing there was a need for support and services for those going through divorce, she launched Divorcing Divas, LLC ( in September 2010, a company offering encouragement, hope and inspiration to those facing divorce.

The Clue Phone's Ringing - It's for You! is an inspirational book with poignant and witty cartoon illustrations that will elicit laugh-out-loud responses from readers. As Christine says, "Don't forget to laugh!" It also includes invaluable advice for others such as "The Top Ten tips for Divorcing Divas" or "The Top Ten Things Never to Say to Someone Facing Divorce" along with a valuable Resource Page.

KEY POINTS -Christine lives her life by the adage "Laughter: It's Good Therapy!" and shares her experiences with us in this book.
-People facing divorce are hungry for information ranging from financial planning to legal matters, but what don't they expect to find? Humor.
-Christine Clifford is a media-savvy bestselling author and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP Award designated by the National Speakers Association).

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Editorial Reviews

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

"Christine isn't just a Divorcing Diva, she's also the inventor of something that Alexander Graham Bell may have invented instead of the standard telephone if he had thought of it-The Clue Phone! The great thing about The Clue Phone is that it doesn't have any breakable parts, needs no batteries and never needs replacing. All you have to do is listen! The old stigma was that if someone was married and divorced more than once, they were probably a bad bet. The new idea is that they are probably someone who, like me, now happily married for the first time for more than a decade-the fifth time around for me-believes that life is too precious to spend in unbearable matrimony even if those circumstances are simply a wrong match. And yet, I believe in the sacred bonds of a legal/spiritual union rather than just picking up with someone. I believe in true love and the search to find it even if it means being 'that woman who's been divorced-'how many times'? I think that more women need The Clue Phone, and now, thankfully, Christine has invented it. Read on ?"
--Acharya Sri Khadi Madama Author of Finding Shangri La: Seven Yoga Principles for Creating Success & Happiness

Barb Greenberg
"Women who are divorcing or divorced will find humor, practical guidance, and reassurance that they are not alone in The Clue Phone's Ringing. And Christine's personal story demonstrates that we have the ability to move from even the most difficulty situations into a new and better future."--Barb Greenberg, author of After the Ball: A Woman's Tale of Reclaiming Happily Ever After
Diana Pierce
"I do a lot of research for my daily news interviews. When the Clue Phone crossed my desk, I stopped and read it cover to cover. This is a must-read for any woman who has ever been in a broken relationship. It'll make you laugh, and perhaps cry, but most importantly, it will give you hope. And best of all, it has a happy ending!"
--Diana Pierce, News Anchor, NBC, KARE 11

Dorothy Benham
"What a fabulous read! We do need to see humor through divorce, and The Clue Phone reminds us that it's OK! I found myself glued to every page. Now that I'm going through my third divorce, when the Clue Phone rang, I picked it up - listened - gathered information, and moved on. Thank you, Christine, for putting this on paper for others to read"
--Dorothy Benham, Miss America 1977, Opera Singer

Mary Harlow
" really love Christine's book. It's a fast, upbeat read that many women can identify with - unfortunately. I got a real feeling of feminine solidarity from it - which is a very healthy direction for women to go in. The 'Sisterhood' vibe of sharing awful relationships, laughing at how ridiculously bad they are, hopefully forewarning others, but then gathering strength and independence with other women is empowering. I like the encouraging, learning/warning, affirming message of The Clue Phone, and think it will be a comfort to all Divorcing Divas!"
--Dr. Mary Harlow, Licensed Psychologist
Nancy VanDyken
"I love this book! The Clue Phone's Ringing has much to offer not only divorcing women, but most importantly - to women in abusive relationships. Christine's clarity about her process, her struggle, her learning will be such a gift to women out there. More importantly, I know of no other book that has been able to bring some level of humor to women in abusive relationships. The ability of my clients to learn to laugh at hardships is so healing. Christine's book provides hope that there is a better future for them."
--Nancy VanDyken, Licensed Psychologist, L.I.C. Social Worker, Author of Forgive Him? Are You Kidding? Preparing Your Heart to Forgive
P.S. This should be required reading for counselors, psychologists, social workers, and anyone doing therapy. I believe this book would be helpful in women's shelters; certainly I will recommend it to my clients of abuse at some point in their therapy process, to women just starting the dating process again and also to colleagues of mine. Good work. I look forward to seeing it in print.
Vicki Rackner
"A story from the heart about healing a broken heart. Christine's honest telling of a shocking story is an inspiration."
--Dr. Vicki Rackner, Author of Caregiving Without Regrets, CNN Health Advisor

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What People are saying about this

Jennifer McBride
The first thing that pulled me into this easy-to-read book was its title. As a divorced woman myself, and after hearing about all the ''clues'' and ''red flags'' I should have seen during the marriage, I had a feeling this book would shed additional light on the importance of being aware. It definitely did.

For the first half of the book, Christine Clifford tells the honest and heartbreaking story of her second marriage. She chronicles all the times the ''clue phone'' rang and she didn't answer it. Hers is a story that should make every strong woman, especially a victim of abuse, understand that it can happen to anyone, given the right circumstances. Her story also sends the message that denial is a powerful force that must be overcome in order to heal.

The second half of the book is a collection of humorous and uplifting affirmations to help boost a divorcing woman's confidence. Ms. Clifford calls this section, ''You Might Be a Divorcing Diva If...'' and proceeds to come up with some doozies like: ''...You took the new washer and dryer with you when you moved. A Super Diva if you took the detergent and the Bounce.''

Another one is: ''...You can finally admit that your mother was right about him. A Super Diva if you can admit his mother was right about him!'' One of my favorites was ''...You prefer living alone to living a lie.''

Throughout The Clue Phone's Ringing..., there is a continually uplifting tone, which is contagious and supporting. A reader can't help but think of all the warning signs she should have seen in her marriage, but didn't. But that same reader can't help but make a plan to do her life differently now that she's divorced or divorcing.

This book companion is the perfect gift for a girlfriend, sister, or coworker who is struggling in a bad separation or bad divorce. (Jennifer McBride, author of Touching the Trees.)

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