The Clutter Fix: The No-Fail, Stress-Free Guide to Organizing Your Home

The Clutter Fix: The No-Fail, Stress-Free Guide to Organizing Your Home

by Shannon Acheson
The Clutter Fix: The No-Fail, Stress-Free Guide to Organizing Your Home

The Clutter Fix: The No-Fail, Stress-Free Guide to Organizing Your Home

by Shannon Acheson


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"This practical, step-by-step resource will empower you to tackle the task of getting organized so both your home and your mind can finally become calm and chaos-free."—KAREN EHMAN, author of Reach Out, Gather In and the New York Times bestseller Keep It Shut

Create the Organized Home and Life You've Always Longed For

Living in a disorganized, cluttered home can leave you feeling chaotic, anxious, and even depressed. You want a change, but you don't know where to begin.

Home coach Shannon Acheson is here to help. She has written the only book you'll ever need to get your entire home sorted and organized for good—in a way that makes sense for you and your family's unique, God-given personalities.

In The Clutter Fix, Shannon helps you

· win the battle with all of your stuff by following her step-by-step instructions and checklists

· discover your Clutter Personality and your Organizing Personality

· create rhythms and routines to keep your home decluttered

Clutter isn't just about the stuff. It's about how you feel in your home—and in your mind. This book will give you the peaceful dwelling you've always hoped for.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764240003
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/13/2022
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 669,132
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Shannon Acheson is a mostly self-taught decorator and the author of Home Made Lovely. She is the editor and designer behind Her happy place is in the suburbs of Toronto, where she is a Homebody with a capital H, a Jesus girl, a happy wife to Dean, and a mom of three grown (or nearly grown) kiddos. Learn more at

Table of Contents

Introduction & How to Use The Clutter Fix 13

Worksheet: A Quick Clutter Assessment 24

Part 1 Get Some Quick Wins Under Your Belt

1 The 10-Day Decluttering Shortcut 29

2 120 Things to Throw Away-Guilt-Free 45

Part 2 Build A Decluttering Mindset

3 Four Reasons to Simplify Your Home 59

4 The Clutter Personalities 63

Worksheet: Why Do You Collect Clutter? 75

5 The Organizing Personalities 77

Worksheet: What's Your Organizing Personality? Quiz 85

6 How to Handle Sentimental Things 87

Worksheet Dealing with Your Sentimental Items 92

7 How to Get Your Family on Board-or Not 93

Worksheet: Friends and Family and the Clutter in Your Home 101

8 Five Decluttering Mindset Hacks 103

Part 3 Declutter and Organize Every Room in Your Home

9 How to Purge and Organize Your Entire House in Seven Simple Steps 113

10 How to Decide What to Get Rid of and What to Keep 119

11 Three Methods of Decluttering - and the Right One for You in This Season 123

Worksheet: 10 Minutes a Day Declutter Method 126

Worksheet: 30-Day Whole Home Declutter Method 127

Worksheet: Weekend Marathon Prep 128

Worksheet: Weekend Decluttering Day 1 130

Worksheet: Weekend Decluttering Day 2 131

12 Step-by-Step, Room-by-Room Decluttering Guide 133

Worksheet: Decluttered Rooms Checklist 168

Worksheet: Decluttered Rooms Coloring Page 169

Part 4 Master Maintenance Mode

13 Please Don't Start Here! 173

14 Routines and the Awesome Power of Habits 175

Worksheet: Setting Up Your Routines Prep Work 196

Worksheet: Three New Routines I Will Implement This Week 198

Worksheet: Morning Routine 200

Worksheet: Lunchtime Routine 201

Worksheet: Evening Routine 202

Worksheet: Weekly Routines 203

Worksheet: Laundry Routine 204

Worksheet: Spring Decluttering Checklist 205

Worksheet: Summer Decluttering Checklist 207

Worksheet: Fall Decluttering Checklist 209

Worksheet: Winter Decluttering Checklist 211

Conclusion & a Few Final Thoughts 213

Notes 217

Index 221

Author Bio 223

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