The Cocaine Wars; Murder, Money, Corruption, and the World's

The Cocaine Wars; Murder, Money, Corruption, and the World's

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by Paul Eddy, Sara Walden, Sabogal Hugo

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
That the Reagan administration is losing its fight against drugs is the inescapable conclusion that emerges from this explosive report. The authors, who live in Miami and cover drug trafficking for the London Sunday Times, reel off a litany of law enforcement corruption in Dade County. They penetrate the workings of ``the Cartel,'' based in Medellin, Colombia, said to control up to 80% of the cocaine entering the U.S. They also reveal the growing involvement of the Bahamas in the drug trade and payoffs allegedly made to the Bahamian prime minister. Among the protagonists in this seedy, convoluted drama are bald Luis (``Kojak'') Garcia, Miami drug trafficker turned government informant, and Raul Diaz, once a homicide detective, now accused of setting up a CIA-drug smuggler alliance to fund the Nicaraguan contras. The authors avoid sensationalism and marshall their massive documentation impressively. Photos not seen by PW. (May)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Eddy et al., a team of investigative journalists, take a look at the international drug problem, focusing mainly on Miamiwhere most of the currency is tainted by cocaine traffickingand Medellin, the Colombian city that is home of the Cartel, the organization that has maximized the cocaine supply and profits. The facts are chilling and well-documented. The authors tell how the government of the Bahamas was virtually bought by drug money. They show how the lure of huge sums has made lawbreakers out of the law, especially in Miami, where police have become dealers and sometimes murderers. A riveting view of a timely topic. Highly recommended. Saline, journalist and broadcaster, looks at the cocaine problem from another angle, focusing on Larry Lavin, an intelligent, well-bred young man who became a cocaine dealer during his student days at the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout dental school and later during professional practice, Lavin ran a cocaine ring of enormous proportions: the FBI investigation resulted in 83 indictments and an equal number of convictions. Saline has written a thrilling crime book, which shows not only the money involved, but also the miserythe addictions, despair, and ruinof Lavin and his associates. (Illustrations not seen.)Sally G. Waters, Stetson Law Lib., St. Petersburg, Fla.

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The Cocaine Wars; Murder, Money, Corruption, and the World's 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a book you need to read! It's not an opinon,it's a fact. I personally have read this book at least 6 times. Weather or not you approve of cocaine and its place in our culture is immaterial. The fact is, it is here now. The enticement, the greed, the corruption is part of society. This book is one you should read.