Collection Box

Collection Box

by Kings of Leon

The 2013 Kings of Leon anthology The Collection Box features all five of the band's studio albums, including 2003's Youth & Young Manhood, 2005's A-Ha Shake Heartbreak, 2007's Because of the Times, 2008's Only by the Night, and 2010's Come Around Sundown. Also included is the concert DVD Live at the 02 London, England.See more details below


The 2013 Kings of Leon anthology The Collection Box features all five of the band's studio albums, including 2003's Youth & Young Manhood, 2005's A-Ha Shake Heartbreak, 2007's Because of the Times, 2008's Only by the Night, and 2010's Come Around Sundown. Also included is the concert DVD Live at the 02 London, England.

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Kurz vor der Veröffentlichung des sechsten Kings-of-Leon-Studioalbums Mechanical Bull erschien die Collection Box, die alle vorigen Platten der US-Rockband beinhaltet. Die fünf Longplayer der Band ' angefangen bei dem noch recht schroffen Youth & Young Manhood von 2003, hin zu dem Nummer-Eins-Erfolg Come Around Sundown von 2010 ' sind in Mini-LP-Hüllen verpackt und erlauben es, als preisgünstige Werkschau die Entwicklung der Gruppe nachzuvollziehen, inklusive natürlich sämtlicher Hitsingles wie "Sex on Fire," "Use Somebody" und "Radioactive." Zusätzlich zu den 5 CDs ist die in London aufgenommene Konzert-DVD Live at the O2 enthalten.

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Disc 1

  1. Red Morning Light  -  Kings of Leon
  2. Happy Alone  -  Kings of Leon
  3. Wasted Time  -  Kings of Leon
  4. Joe's Head  -  Kings of Leon
  5. Trani  -  Kings of Leon
  6. California Waiting  -  Kings of Leon
  7. Spiral Staircase  -  Kings of Leon
  8. Molly's Chambers  -  Kings of Leon
  9. Genius  -  Kings of Leon
  10. Dusty  -  Kings of Leon
  11. Holy Roller Novocaine  -  Kings of Leon
  12. Talihina Sky  -  Kings of Leon

Disc 2

  1. Slow Night, So Long  -  Kings of Leon
  2. King of the Rodeo  -  Kings of Leon
  3. Taper Jean Girl  -  Kings of Leon
  4. Pistol of Fire  -  Kings of Leon
  5. Milk  -  Kings of Leon
  6. The Bucket  -  Kings of Leon
  7. Soft  -  Kings of Leon
  8. Razz  -  Kings of Leon
  9. Day Old Blues  -  Kings of Leon
  10. Four Kicks  -  Kings of Leon
  11. Velvet Snow  -  Kings of Leon
  12. Rememo  -  Kings of Leon
  13. Where Nobody Knows  -  Kings of Leon

Disc 3

  1. Knocked Up  -  Kings of Leon
  2. Charmer  -  Kings of Leon
  3. On Call  -  Kings of Leon
  4. McFearless  -  Kings of Leon
  5. Black Thumbnail  -  Kings of Leon
  6. My Party  -  Kings of Leon
  7. True Love Way  -  Kings of Leon
  8. Ragoo  -  Kings of Leon
  9. Fans  -  Kings of Leon
  10. The Runner  -  Kings of Leon
  11. Trunk  -  Kings of Leon
  12. Camaro  -  Kings of Leon
  13. Arizona  -  Kings of Leon

Disc 4

  1. Closer  -  Kings of Leon
  2. Crawl  -  Kings of Leon
  3. Sex on Fire  -  Kings of Leon
  4. Use Somebody  -  Kings of Leon
  5. Manhattan  -  Kings of Leon
  6. Revelry  -  Kings of Leon
  7. 17  -  Kings of Leon
  8. Notion  -  Kings of Leon
  9. I Want You  -  Kings of Leon
  10. Be Somebody  -  Kings of Leon
  11. Cold Desert  -  Kings of Leon
  12. Frontier City  -  Kings of Leon

Disc 5

  1. The End  -  Kings of Leon
  2. Radioactive  -  Kings of Leon
  3. Pyro  -  Kings of Leon
  4. Mary  -  Kings of Leon
  5. The Face  -  Kings of Leon
  6. The Immortals  -  Kings of Leon
  7. Back Down South  -  Kings of Leon
  8. Beach Side  -  Kings of Leon
  9. No Money  -  Kings of Leon
  10. Pony Up  -  Kings of Leon
  11. Birthday  -  Kings of Leon
  12. Mi Amigo  -  Kings of Leon
  13. Pickup Truck  -  Kings of Leon
  14. Celebration  -  Kings of Leon
  15. Radioactive  -  Kings of Leon
  16. Closer  -  Kings of Leon

Disc 6

  1. Notion  -  Kings of Leon
  2. Be Somebody  -  Kings of Leon
  3. Taper Jean Girl  -  Kings of Leon
  4. My Party  -  Kings of Leon
  5. Molly's Chambers  -  Kings of Leon
  6. Red Morning Light  -  Kings of Leon
  7. Fans  -  Kings of Leon
  8. California Waiting  -  Kings of Leon
  9. Milk  -  Kings of Leon
  10. Closer  -  Kings of Leon
  11. Crawl  -  Kings of Leon
  12. Four Kicks  -  Kings of Leon
  13. Charmer  -  Kings of Leon
  14. Sex On Fire  -  Kings of Leon
  15. The Bucket  -  Kings of Leon
  16. On Call  -  Kings of Leon
  17. Cold Desert  -  Kings of Leon
  18. Use Somebody  -  Kings of Leon
  19. Slow Night, So Long  -  Kings of Leon
  20. Knocked Up  -  Kings of Leon
  21. Manhattan  -  Kings of Leon
  22. Black Thumbnail  -  Kings of Leon

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kings of Leon   Primary Artist,Choir, Chorus,Hand Clapping
Ethan Johns   Piano,Keyboards
Angelo Petraglia   Keyboards,Wurlitzer,Hammond B3
Jacquire King   Percussion,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Caleb Followill   Acoustic Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Clavinet,Group Member
Nathan Followill   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals,Group Member
Jared Followill   Synthesizer,Bass,Percussion,Piano,Background Vocals,Xylophone,Omnichord,Group Member
Matthew Followill   Synthesizer,Guitar,Piano,Background Vocals,Wurlitzer,Group Member
Liam O'Neil   Synthesizer,Piano,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Synthesizer Strings,Hammond B3
Chris Coleman   Trumpet,Background Vocals
Robert Mallory   Fiddle
Jem Morton   Grip
Johnny Donne   Grip
Richard Couson   Piano

Technical Credits

Greg Calbi   Mastering
Richard Dodd   Mastering
Ted Jensen   Mastering
Ethan Johns   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Mike Kemp   Cover Photo
Bob Ludwig   Mastering
Angelo Petraglia   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Steve Robson   Camera Operator
Tim Summerhayes   Engineer
King Williams   Engineer
Brett Kilroe   Art Direction
Jacquire King   Producer,Engineer
Nick Wickham   Director
Brett Turnbull   Camera Operator
Brian Dunn   Guitar Techician
Paul Griggs   Management
Hayley Collett   Script Supervisor
Nick Wheeler   Camera Operator
Caleb Followill   Composer
Nathan Followill   Composer
Jared Followill   Composer
Matthew Followill   Composer
Kevin Christy   Cover Illustration
Jo McCaughey   Band Photo
Robin C. Hendrickson   Art Direction
Joanne Adams   Vision Supervisor
Eugene O'Connor   Camera Operator
Lowell Reynolds   Engineer
Yose Lawson   Camera Operator
Emer Patten   Producer
Ollie Nesham   Engineer
Dave Emery   Camera Operator
John Simmons   Camera Operator
Vivian Ackland-Snow   Management
Rod Martin   Video Engineer
Brad Bivens   Engineer
Kelvin Richard   Camera Operator
James Minchin   Band Photo
Mike Sheppard   Lighting Technician
Geoffrey Hanson   Art Direction
Brent Rawlings   Engineer
Christopher Followill   Guitar Techician
Yves Van Acker   Video Technician
Dogan Halil   Camera Operator
Harriet Sheard   Camera Operator
Alan Wells   Camera Operator
Paul Normandale   Lighting Director
Ali Miller   Camera Operator
Jay Schleusener   Bass Technician
Fraser Macfarlane   Lighting Technician
F.M.   Illustrations
David Jolly   Lighting Technician
Darren Ledford   Drum Technician
Dan Ormerod   Camera Operator
Dan Loader   Stage Engineer
Andrew Andreou   Audio Technician
Philip Haynes   Operation
Phil Woodhead   Video Director
Nick Edwards   Camera Operator
Michael Cordier   Video Technician
Michael Duva   Cover Photo
Lego   Cover Photo,Band Photo
Jono Dunlop   Audio Technician
Joel Sartore   Back Cover Photo
Ivan Kushlick   Tour Manager
Wayne Sargeant   Monitor Engineer
Saul Skoutarides   Monitor Technician
Rob Thomas   Guitar Techician

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