Complete Adventures of the Style Council

Complete Adventures of the Style Council

by The Style Council

Given the blockbuster success of the Jam's exhaustive box set Direction Reaction Creation, perhaps it was inevitable that Polydor would give the Style Council a similar treatment, but the 1998 release of the five-disc box set The Complete Adventures of the Style Council was still a bit ofSee more details below


Given the blockbuster success of the Jam's exhaustive box set Direction Reaction Creation, perhaps it was inevitable that Polydor would give the Style Council a similar treatment, but the 1998 release of the five-disc box set The Complete Adventures of the Style Council was still a bit of surprise -- there never was much interest in their catalog following their 1990 disbandment. Fortunately, Polydor took a chance and assembled The Complete Adventures, a lavish box set containing all of the group's singles and albums, minus the live Home & Abroad but including the notorious unreleased 1989 record A Decade of Modernism, which the label allegedly rejected because it found Weller turning toward house music. As it turns out, A Decade of Modernism wasn't that far afield from what the Style Council was exploring from their inception, as the chronological running order of the set makes clear. The sequencing is a blessed occurrence, since it's easy to trace their development over the years. Instead of an aberration, the Style Council seems like a natural extension of the Jam's final record, The Gift, and every one of their subsequent records makes more sense than before. That doesn't mean the music is always compelling. No matter how interesting some of Weller's ideas were, they didn't always work, and he wrote way too many pompous, directionless songs to have The Complete Adventures rank with Direction Reaction Creation. (There are also too many Mick Talbot instrumentals, but that's another story.) For most listeners, including some serious Weller fans, the Style Council is best appreciated as a singles band, but for the dedicated, The Complete Adventures reveals that the Style Council, no matter how maddening they could be, were a group that continually reinvented themselves, occasionally making some remarkable music along the way.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Polygram Uk


Disc 1

  1. Speak Like a Child  -  Style Council
  2. Party Chambers  -  Style Council
  3. Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1 & 2  -  Style Council
  4. Headstart for Happiness  -  Style Council
  5. Mick's Up  -  Style Council
  6. Long Hot Summer  -  Style Council
  7. The Paris Match  -  Style Council
  8. Lédepart  -  Style Council
  9. A Solid Bond in Your Heart  -  Style Council
  10. It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands  -  Style Council
  11. My Ever Changing Moods  -  Style Council
  12. Mick's Company  -  Style Council
  13. Spring, Summer, Autumn  -  Style Council
  14. Mick's Blessings  -  Style Council
  15. The Whole Point of No Return  -  Style Council
  16. Me Ship Came In!  -  Style Council
  17. Blue Cafe  -  Style Council
  18. The Paris Match  -  Style Council
  19. My Ever Changing Moods  -  Style Council
  20. Dropping Bombs on the White House  -  Style Council
  21. A Gospel  -  Style Council

Disc 2

  1. Strength of Your Nature  -  Style Council
  2. You're the Best Thing  -  Style Council
  3. Here's One That Got Away  -  Style Council
  4. Headstart for Happiness  -  Style Council
  5. Council Meetin'  -  Style Council
  6. The Big Boss Groove  -  Style Council
  7. Shout to the Top!  -  Style Council
  8. Ghosts of Dachau  -  Style Council
  9. The Piccadilly Trail  -  Style Council
  10. Soul Deep  -  Style Council
  11. Walls Come Tumbling Down!  -  Style Council
  12. The Whole Point II  -  Style Council
  13. Bloodsports  -  Style Council
  14. Spin' Drifting  -  Style Council
  15. Homebreakers  -  Style Council
  16. All Gone Away  -  Style Council
  17. Come to Milton Keynes  -  Style Council
  18. Internationalists  -  Style Council
  19. A Stone's Throw Away  -  Style Council
  20. The Stand Up Comic's Instructions  -  Style Council
  21. Boy Who Cried Wolf  -  Style Council

Disc 3

  1. A Man of Great Promise  -  Style Council
  2. Down in the Seine  -  Style Council
  3. The Lodgers  -  Style Council
  4. Luck  -  Style Council
  5. With Everything to Lose  -  Style Council
  6. Our Favorite Shop  -  Style Council
  7. (When You) Call Me  -  Style Council
  8. Have You Ever Had It Blue?  -  Style Council
  9. Mr. Cool's Dream  -  Style Council
  10. It Didn't Matter  -  Style Council
  11. All Year Round  -  Style Council
  12. Right to Go  -  Style Council
  13. Heavens Above  -  Style Council
  14. Fairy Tales  -  Style Council
  15. Angel  -  Style Council
  16. Walking the Night  -  Style Council
  17. Waiting  -  Style Council
  18. The Cost of Loving  -  Style Council
  19. A Woman's Song  -  Style Council
  20. Francoise  -  Style Council

Disc 4

  1. Wanted  -  Style Council
  2. The Cost of Loving
  3. Life at a Top Peoples Health Farm  -  Style Council
  4. Sweet Loving Ways  -  Style Council
  5. It's a Very Deep Sea  -  Style Council
  6. The Story of Someone's Shoe  -  Style Council
  7. Changing of the Guard  -  Style Council
  8. The Little Boy in a Castle/A Dove Flew Down from the Elephant  -  Style Council
  9. The Gardener of Eden (A Three Piece Suite)  -  Style Council
  10. Why I Went Missing  -  Style Council
  11. How She Threw It All Away  -  Style Council
  12. Iwasadoledadstoyboy  -  Style Council
  13. Confessions 1, 2, & 3  -  Style Council
  14. Confessions of a Pop-Group  -  Style Council
  15. In Love for the First Time  -  Style Council
  16. I Do Like to Be B-Side the A-Side/The Mixed Companions  -  Style Council

Disc 5

  1. Promised Land  -  Style Council
  2. Can You Still Love Me?  -  Style Council
  3. Long Hot Summer '89  -  Style Council
  4. Everybody's on the Run/Modernism: A New Decade  -  Style Council
  5. A New Decade  -  Style Council
  6. Can You Still Love Me?  -  Style Council
  7. The World Must Come Together  -  Style Council
  8. Hope (Feelings Gonna Getcha)  -  Style Council
  9. That Spiritual Feeling  -  Style Council
  10. Everybody's on the Run  -  Style Council
  11. Love of the World  -  Style Council
  12. Sure Is Sure  -  Style Council

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Style Council   Primary Artist
Jimmy Ruffin   Vocals
Chris Hunter   Tenor Saxophone
Tracey Thorn   Vocals
Guy Barker   Trumpet
Chris Bostock   Double Bass
Billy Chapman   Tenor Saxophone
Dave Defries   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Martin Drover   Trumpet
Jo Dworniak   Bass
Junior Giscombe   Vocals
Clark Kent   Bass
Alison Limerick   Vocals
Roddy Lorimer   Trumpet
Jocelyn Pook   Viola
Audrey Riley   Cello
Steve Sidelnyk   Percussion
Ashley Slater   Trombone
Barbara Snow   Trumpet
Anne Stephenson   Violin
Luke Tunney   Trumpet
Helen Turner   Vocals
Bobby Valentino   Violin
Ben Watt   Guitar
Annie Whitehead   Trombone
Peter Wilson   Double Bass,Synthesizer Bass
Zeke Manyika   Drums
Dizzy Hite   Vocals
Dee C. Lee   Vocals
Kevin Miller   Bass
Hilary Seabrook   Tenor Saxophone
Gary Wallis   Percussion
Camelle Hinds   Bass,Vocals
Mike Mower   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Patrick Grundy-White   French Horn
Tracie Young   Vocals
Vaughn Toulouse   Vocals
Lenny Henry   Vocals
Jayne Williamson   Vocals
Steve Dawson   Trumpet
Dynamic Three   Rap
Pete Thams   Trombone
Chris Laurence   Trombone

Technical Credits

Joe Smooth   Writer
Gil Evans   Arranger
D.C. Lee   Composer
John Mealing   Orchestration,String Arrangements
Mick Talbot   Composer,Writer
Patrick Moten   Writer
Marco Nelson   Composer
Paul Weller   Composer,Producer,Writer
John Reed   Liner Notes
Peter Wilson   Arranger,Producer,String Arrangements,drum programming
Dee C. Lee   Writer
Camelle Hinds   Composer,Writer
Paolo Hewitt   Liner Notes,Essay
Richard Griffin   Writer
Paul Waller   Composer
Simon Halfon   Art Direction
Dennis Munday   Producer,Liner Notes
Sandra Sully   Writer
Olivier Horet   translation
Pat Gilbert   Liner Notes,Essay

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