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All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Rhino remastered and expanded Paul Simon's Warner catalog in 2004, boxing up the nine albums released between 1972 and 2000 as The Complete Studio Recordings. This archival work provides the foundation for Legacy's 2013 set The Complete Album Collection, which supplements these expanded reissues -- a total of 30 bonus tracks were added to the nine albums, including demos, alternate takes, outtakes, non-LP material, and live cuts but no original hit version of "Slip Sliding Away," an oversight that remains on this 2013 box -- with the two live albums released on Warner 1974's Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin', 1991's Concert in the Park, the 1965 curiosity The ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Rhino remastered and expanded Paul Simon's Warner catalog in 2004, boxing up the nine albums released between 1972 and 2000 as The Complete Studio Recordings. This archival work provides the foundation for Legacy's 2013 set The Complete Album Collection, which supplements these expanded reissues -- a total of 30 bonus tracks were added to the nine albums, including demos, alternate takes, outtakes, non-LP material, and live cuts but no original hit version of "Slip Sliding Away," an oversight that remains on this 2013 box -- with the two live albums released on Warner 1974's Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin', 1991's Concert in the Park, the 1965 curiosity The Paul Simon Songbook that he recorded in the wake of the disappointing reception to Simon & Garfunkel's 1964 debut Wednesday Morning 3 AM and, most importantly, the two excellent albums Simon released after 2004: 2006's Surprise and 2011's So Beautiful or So What. This means The Complete Album Collection is Paul Simon's Complete Recorded Works -- minus Simon & Garfunkel, of course, along with "Slip Sliding Away" -- and, as a whole, it is a mightily impressive body of work, showcasing an artist who remains restless and curious four decades into his career. Here, the low points and transitional albums don't seem like egregious missteps -- the roundly lambasted Songs from the Capeman has elements that have aged well -- but rather part of the overall journey. There may not be much in the way of liner notes -- there are album details and an overall intro from Ashley Kahn, a music journalist and professor who was also Simon's tour manager during the Graceland years -- but the package is handsome, presenting each CD as a mini-LP, the sound is terrific, the price is affordable, and the scope is complete, so The Complete Album Collection is in every way an upgrade over the previous The Complete Studio Recordings.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 10/15/2013
  • Label: Sony Legacy
  • UPC: 886919129229
  • Catalog Number: 191292
  • Sales rank: 118,343


Disc 1
  1. 1 I Am a Rock (2:45)
  2. 2 Leaves That Are Green (2:33)
  3. 3 A Church is Burning (3:26)
  4. 4 April Come She Will (1:50)
  5. 5 The Sound of Silence (3:09)
  6. 6 A Most Peculiar Man (2:26)
  7. 7 He Was My Brother (2:49)
  8. 8 Kathy's Song (3:31)
  9. 9 The Side of a Hill (2:20)
  10. 10 A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submiss (2:21)
  11. 11 Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall (2:20)
  12. 12 Patterns (3:12)
  13. 13 I Am a Rock (2:47)
  14. 14 A Church is Burning (3:10)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Mother and Child Reunion (3:09)
  2. 2 Duncan (4:43)
  3. 3 Everything Put Together Falls Apart (2:01)
  4. 4 Run That Body Down (3:54)
  5. 5 Armistice Day (3:57)
  6. 6 Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard (2:44)
  7. 7 Peace Like a River (3:23)
  8. 8 Papa Hobo (2:35)
  9. 9 Hobo's Blues (1:20)
  10. 10 Paranoia Blues (2:58)
  11. 11 Congratulations (3:51)
  12. 12 Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard [Dem (2:29)
  13. 13 Duncan (2:48)
  14. 14 Paranoia Blues (3:14)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Kodachrome (3:35)
  2. 2 Tenderness (2:55)
  3. 3 Take Me To the Mardi Gras (3:30)
  4. 4 Something So Right (4:36)
  5. 5 One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor (3:48)
  6. 6 American Tune (3:47)
  7. 7 Was a Sunny Day (3:44)
  8. 8 Learn How To Fall (2:47)
  9. 9 St. Judy's Comet (3:21)
  10. 10 Loves Me Like a Rock (3:40)
  11. 11 Let Me Live In Your City (4:21)
  12. 12 Take Me To the Mardi Gras (2:31)
  13. 13 American Tune (4:03)
  14. 14 Loves Me Like a Rock (3:24)
Disc 4
  1. 1 Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard - Urubamba (2:47)
  2. 2 Homeward Bound - Urubamba (2:44)
  3. 3 American Tune - Urubamba (4:01)
  4. 4 El Condor Pasa (If I Could) - Urubamba (4:05)
  5. 5 Duncan - Urubamba (5:07)
  6. 6 The Boxer - Urubamba (6:07)
  7. 7 Mother and Child Reunion - Urubamba (4:02)
  8. 8 The Sound of Silence - Urubamba (4:24)
  9. 9 Jesus is the Answer - Urubamba (3:26)
  10. 10 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Urubamba (7:28)
  11. 11 Loves Me Like a Rock - Urubamba (3:01)
  12. 12 America - Urubamba (4:37)
  13. 13 Kodachrome (2:55)
  14. 14 Something So Right (4:34)
Disc 5
  1. 1 Still Crazy After All These Years (3:26)
  2. 2 My Little Town (3:51)
  3. 3 I'd Do It For Your Love (3:35)
  4. 4 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (3:37)
  5. 5 Night Game (2:58)
  6. 6 Gone At Last - Jessy Dixon Singers (3:40)
  7. 7 Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy (3:14)
  8. 8 Have a Good Time (3:26)
  9. 9 You're Kind (3:20)
  10. 10 Silent Eyes (4:12)
  11. 11 Slip Slidin' Away (5:30)
  12. 12 Gone At Last - Jessy Dixon Singers (4:38)
Disc 6
  1. 1 Late In the Evening (4:02)
  2. 2 That's Why God Made the Movies (3:37)
  3. 3 One-Trick Pony (3:53)
  4. 4 How the Heart Approaches What It Yearns (2:49)
  5. 5 Oh, Marion (4:00)
  6. 6 Ace In the Hole (5:42)
  7. 7 Nobody (3:32)
  8. 8 Jonah (3:30)
  9. 9 God Bless the Absentee (3:17)
  10. 10 Long, Long Day (3:57)
  11. 11 Soft Parachutes (1:53)
  12. 12 All Because of You (4:06)
  13. 13 Spiral Highway (2:56)
  14. 14 Stranded in a Limousine (3:10)
Disc 7
  1. 1 Allergies (4:39)
  2. 2 Hearts and Bones (5:39)
  3. 3 When Numbers Get Serious (3:26)
  4. 4 Think Too Much, Pt. B (2:45)
  5. 5 Song About the Moon (4:11)
  6. 6 Think Too Much, Pt. A (3:05)
  7. 7 Train In the Distance (5:12)
  8. 8 Rene and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War (3:45)
  9. 9 Cars Are Cars (3:15)
  10. 10 The Late Great Johnny Ace (4:53)
  11. 11 Shelter of Your Arms (3:11)
  12. 12 Train In the Distance (3:13)
  13. 13 Rene and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War [Original Acou (3:47)
  14. 14 The Late Great Johnny Ace (3:22)
Disc 8
  1. 1 The Boy In the Bubble (3:59)
  2. 2 Graceland (4:51)
  3. 3 I Know What I Know - Gaza Sisters (3:13)
  4. 4 Gumboots - The Boyoyo Boys (2:44)
  5. 5 Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes (5:51)
  6. 6 You Can Call Me Al (4:40)
  7. 7 Under African Skies (3:37)
  8. 8 Homeless (3:48)
  9. 9 Crazy Love, Vol. 2 (4:19)
  10. 10 That Was Your Mother - The Twisters (2:52)
  11. 11 All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints - Los Lobos (3:18)
  12. 12 Homeless (2:30)
  13. 13 Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes (4:41)
  14. 14 All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints [Ve (3:17)
  15. 15 You Can Call Me Al (2:04)
  16. 16 Crazy Love (2:32)
  17. 17 The Story of "Graceland" As Told By Paul Simon (9:38)
Disc 9
  1. 1 The Obvious Child - Uakti (4:10)
  2. 2 Can't Run But - Uakti (3:36)
  3. 3 The Coast - Uakti (5:04)
  4. 4 Proof - Uakti (4:39)
  5. 5 Further To Fly - Uakti (5:36)
  6. 6 She Moves On - Uakti (5:03)
  7. 7 Born At the Right Time - Uakti (3:48)
  8. 8 The Cool, Cool River - Uakti (4:33)
  9. 9 Spirit Voices - Uakti (3:56)
  10. 10 The Rhythm of the Saints - Uakti (4:20)
  11. 11 Born At the Right Time - Uakti (3:50)
  12. 12 Thelma - Uakti (4:14)
  13. 13 The Coast - Uakti (5:13)
  14. 14 Spirit Voices - Uakti (3:49)
Disc 10
  1. 1 The Obvious Child (4:38)
  2. 2 The Boy In the Bubble (5:59)
  3. 3 She Moves On (6:26)
  4. 4 Kodachrome (4:13)
  5. 5 Born At the Right Time (5:11)
  6. 6 Train In the Distance (4:45)
  7. 7 Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard (3:14)
  8. 8 I Know What I Know (4:45)
  9. 9 The Cool, Cool River (5:41)
  10. 10 Bridge Over Troubled Water (5:16)
  11. 11 Proof (5:40)
Disc 11
  1. 1 The Coast (7:06)
  2. 2 Graceland (5:31)
  3. 3 You Can Call Me Al (5:10)
  4. 4 Still Crazy After All These Years (3:42)
  5. 5 Loves Me Like a Rock (2:54)
  6. 6 Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes (9:31)
  7. 7 Hearts and Bones (6:18)
  8. 8 Late In the Evening (4:45)
  9. 9 America (3:23)
  10. 10 The Boxer (4:18)
  11. 11 Cecilia (3:24)
  12. 12 The Sound of Silence (5:46)
Disc 12
  1. 1 Adios Hermanos (4:42)
  2. 2 Born In Puerto Rico (5:03)
  3. 3 Satin Summer Nights - Marc Anthony (5:45)
  4. 4 Bernadette (3:33)
  5. 5 The Vampires (5:14)
  6. 6 Quality (4:18)
  7. 7 Can I Forgive Him (6:02)
  8. 8 Sunday Afternoon - Ednita Nazario (3:25)
  9. 9 Killer Wants To Go To College (1:51)
  10. 10 Time is an Ocean - Marc Anthony (5:23)
  11. 11 Virgil (2:49)
  12. 12 Killer Wants to Go to College, Pt. 2 (2:09)
  13. 13 Trailways Bus (5:22)
  14. 14 Shoplifting Clothes (3:38)
  15. 15 Born In Puerto Rico (5:02)
  16. 16 Can I Forgive Him (1:56)
Disc 13
  1. 1 That's Where I Belong (3:12)
  2. 2 Darling Lorraine (6:38)
  3. 3 Old (2:19)
  4. 4 You're the One (4:27)
  5. 5 The Teacher (3:36)
  6. 6 Look At That (3:54)
  7. 7 Señorita With a Necklace of Tears (3:41)
  8. 8 Love (3:50)
  9. 9 Pigs, Sheep and Wolves (3:58)
  10. 10 Hurricane Eyes (4:11)
  11. 11 Quiet (4:25)
  12. 12 That's Where I Belong (3:42)
  13. 13 Old (2:40)
  14. 14 Hurricane Eyes (6:00)
Disc 14
  1. 1 How Can You Live In the Northeast? (3:42)
  2. 2 Everything About It is a Love Song (3:57)
  3. 3 Outrageous (3:24)
  4. 4 Sure Don't Feel Like Love (3:57)
  5. 5 Wartime Prayers (4:49)
  6. 6 Beautiful (3:07)
  7. 7 I Don't Believe (4:09)
  8. 8 Another Galaxy (5:22)
  9. 9 Once Upon a Time There Was an Ocean (3:55)
  10. 10 That's Me (4:43)
  11. 11 Father and Daughter (4:11)
Disc 15
  1. 1 Getting Ready For Christmas Day (4:06)
  2. 2 The Afterlife (3:40)
  3. 3 Dazzling Blue (4:32)
  4. 4 Rewrite (3:49)
  5. 5 Love and Hard Times (4:09)
  6. 6 Love is Eternal Sacred Light (4:02)
  7. 7 Amulet (1:36)
  8. 8 Questions for the Angels (3:49)
  9. 9 Love & Blessings (4:18)
  10. 10 So Beautiful or So What (4:08)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Paul Simon Primary Artist, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals, 12-string Guitar, Moog Synthesizer, Bells, Synclavier, Electric Sitar, Hi String, 6-string Electric Bass, Guitar (Nylon String)
Jerry Douglas Dobro
Doyle Lawson Background Vocals
Stefan Grossman Bottleneck Guitar
John Tropea Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Rubén Blades Vocals
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Vocals, Background Vocals
Milton Nascimento Vocals
Naná Vasconcelos Percussion, Conga, Triangle, Voices, Berimbau, gourd
Patti Austin Vocals, Background Vocals
Adrian Belew Guitar, Synthesizer Guitar
J.J. Cale Guitar
Steve Cropper Guitar
The Everly Brothers Vocals
Art Garfunkel Vocals
Linda Ronstadt Vocals
Phoebe Snow Vocals, Background Vocals
Mark Stewart Banjo, Dobro, Cello, Electric Guitar, Electric Sitar, Toms
Joe Beck Electric Guitar
Michael Brecker Saxophone, EWI
Hiram Bullock Electric Guitar
Ron Carter Bass
Richard Davis Acoustic Bass
Jon Faddis Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Gil Goldstein Harmonium, Keyboards
Stéphane Grappelli Violin
Don Grolnick Synthesizer
Herbie Hancock Piano
Bill Holman Tenor Saxophone
Bob James Keyboards, Electric Piano
Fred Lipsius Horn
David Mann Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Hugh Masekela Flugelhorn
Rob Mounsey Synthesizer, Vocoder
David Sanborn Saxophone
Marvin Stamm Trumpet
Dr. Michael White Clarinet
Jerry Hahn Electric Guitar
Grady Tate Drums
Pete Carr Guitar, Electric Guitar
Giovanni Hidalgo Conga
Barney Rachabane Saxophone, Penny Whistle
Alex Foster Alto Saxophone
Sivuca Accordion, Vocals, Soloist
The Harptones Background Vocals
Arlen Roth Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Soloist
Bernard Edwards Bass
Kevin Harrison Background Vocals
Ralph MacDonald Percussion
Nile Rodgers Electric Guitar
Steve Gorn Bansuri, Bamboo Flute
Los Incas Flute, Percussion, Charango
Ednita Nazario Vocals
Uakti Percussion
Milton Cardona Bongos, Conga, Maracas, Background Vocals, Claves, Guira
Danny Rivera Coro
Kim Wilson Harmonica
Bob Cranshaw Bass, Electric Bass
Airto Moreira Percussion
Marc Anthony Vocals
Chicago Community Choir Background Vocals
Clifton Anderson Trombone
Alex Al Bass
Bobby Allende Bongos, Cymbals, Bell-tree
Marin Alsop Violin
Robby Ameen Drums, Bass Drums
Mingo Araujo Percussion, Conga, Cymbals, Bass Drums, Triangle, Shaker, talking drum, Sordu, African Bells, Agogo Bell, Casinette
Martin Atangana Electric Guitar
Hal Blaine Drums
Cyro Baptista Percussion
Dave Bargeron Euphonium
John Beal Bass
Barry Beckett Piano, Keyboards, Electric Piano, Vibes
Errol Crusher Bennett Shaker
Steve Berlin Saxophone
Karen Bernod Background Vocals
Jude Bethel Tenor Saxophone
Michael Boddicker Synthesizer
Jacques Bolognesi Trombone
Chris Botti Trumpet
Randy Brecker Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet
Edie Brickell Vocal Harmony
Bobby Bright Background Vocals
Briz Vocals, Background Vocals, Guest Appearance
Pablo Calogero Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone
Elolongue Mbango Catherine Background Vocals
Tony Cedras Accordion, Keyboards
Don Chacal Percussion, Bongos, Conga, Bata, gourd
C.J. Chenier Accordion
Cissy Houston Vocals
Tom Coppola Synclavier
Richard Crooks Drums
Barry Danielian Flugelhorn
Eddie Daniels Saxophone
Ray de la Paz Background Vocals
Al di Meola Guitar, Soloist
Cornell Dupree Guitar
Djana'd Background Vocals
Charles Doherty Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Dan Duggan Hammered Dulcimer
Gordon Edwards Bass
Jay Elfenbein Vielle, Vihuela
Eno electronics, Ambience
Steve Ferrone Drums
David Finck Bass
Bill Frisell Electric Guitar
Shannon Ford Drums
Bob Franceschini Soprano Saxophone
Jerry Friedman Electric Guitar
Mitch Frohman Tenor Saxophone
Steve Gadd Percussion, Drums
Alexander Gafa Guitar
Eric Gale Electric Guitar, Guitar (Nylon String)
Earl Gardner Trumpet
Diane Garisto Background Vocals
Tony Garnier Bass
Florence Gnimagnon Background Vocals
Morris Goldberg Soprano Saxophone, Penny Whistle, Soloist
Myrna Lynn Gomila Background Vocals
Gordinho Sordu
Winston Grennan Drums
Paul Griffin Piano
Lani Groves Background Vocals
Jamey Haddad Percussion
Alain Hatot Saxophone
Roger Hawkins Percussion, Drums
Peter Herbert Upright Bass
Oscar Hernandez Synthesizer, Piano, Celeste, Glockenspiel, Vibes
Neville Hinds Organ
Bill Holloman Trumpet
David Hood Bass
Errol Ince Trumpet
Anthony Jackson Bass, Contrabass Guitar
Jill Jaffe Viola
Derrick James Background Vocals
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Jesse Levy Cello
Richard Locker Celli
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Mike Mainieri Marimbas, Vibes
Alain Mallet Pump Organ
Andre Manga Bass
George Marge Bass Clarinet
Rick Marotta Drums
Lois Martin Viola
Mazzola Chicote
Hugh McCracken Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Jimmy McDonald Accordion
Sid McGinnis Electric Guitar
Ozzie Melendez Trombone
Marcus Miller Bass
Bernie Minoso Bass
Edgardo Miranda cuatro
Jeff Mironov Electric Guitar
Clyde Mitchell Trumpet
Victor Montanez Drums
Isaac Mtshali Drums
Youssou N'Dour Percussion
Vincent Nguini Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Guitar, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Claves
Onward Brass Band Horn
Horace Ott Piano
Pino Palladino Bass
Jeff Porcaro Drums
Dean Parks Electric Guitar, Hi String
Paul Peabody Violin
Leon Pendarvis Piano
Greg Phillinganes Synthesizer, fender rhodes
Ray Phiri Guitar
Jerry Puckett Guitar
Marc Quiñones Conga, Timbales, cuatro
Angel Ramirez Jr. Background Vocals
Decio Ramos Group Member
Michael Riesman Synthesizer, Conductor
Mark Rivera Alto Saxophone
Vernie Robbins Bass
Sherman Robertson Guitar
Cesar Rosas Guitar, Vocals
Stewart Rose French Horn
Alan Rubin Trumpet
Alton Rubin Accordion
Felix Sabal-Lecco Drums
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Paulinho Santos Group Member
John Schroer Horn
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John Selolwane Guitar
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Stanley Silverman Conductor
Valerie Simpson Background Vocals
Von Eva Sims Vocals
Pamela Sklar Flute
Phillipe Slominski Trumpet
Andy Snitzer Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Sonny Terry Harmonica, Soloist
Pedro Sorongo Scraper
David Spinozza Guitar
Edgar Stewart Background Vocals
Justin Tchounou Synthesizer
Richard Tee Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Tambourine, Vocals, Background Vocals, fender rhodes
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Terre Roche Vocals
Nelson Gonzalez Tres, Plenaro
Diane Lesser English Horn
Paul Livant Guitar
Makhaya Mahlangu Percussion
Charlie McCoy Bass Harmonica
Renelie Stafford Vocals
James Straud Drums
Carson Witsett Organ
Asante Peruvian Box Drum
John Walsh Trumpet
Rigo Star Guitar
Ken Asher Organ, Electric Piano
Ronald E. Brecker Trumpet
Sara Cutler Flute, Harp
Babacar Faye Percussion
Johnny Hoyt Saxophone
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Forere Motloheloa Accordion
Teaspoon Ndlela Saxophone
Leonard Pickett Tenor Saxophone
Daniel Xilakazi Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Maggie Roche Vocals
Frankie Negron Falsetto
Luis Lopez Trombone
Nancy Zeltsman Marimbas
Wallace Richardson Guitar
Louie Pérez Drums
Pablo Nunez Bongos, cowbell
Elizabeth Mann Flute
Mick Rossi Piano
Clifford Carter Celeste, Keyboard Glockenspiel
Marco Antônio Guimarães Group Member
Ray Vega Trumpet, Soloist
Charles Pillow Clarinet
Laura Bontrager Cello
Robin Dimaggio Drums
Chris Eminizer Tenor Saxophone
Hans Giraldo Background Vocals
Bakithi Kumalo Bass
Chikapa "Ray" Phiri Guitar
Gabe Witcher Fiddle
Oriente Lopez Organ, Flute, fender rhodes
Peter Gordon French Horn
Luis Marrero Background Vocals
Etienne Stadwijk Celeste
Marcia Butler Oboe
Angelo Aponte Background Vocals
Saturnino Laboy Acoustic Guitar
Diomedes Matos Acoustic Guitar
Sean Pulley Background Vocals
Teana Rodriguez Vocals, Background Vocals
Harper Simon Guitar, Harmonica
DeWayne Snype Background Vocals
Dionte Sutton Background Vocals
Trent Sutton Background Vocals
Johnny Andrews Timbales
Renee Connell-Adams Background Vocals
David Davila Background Vocals
Hechter Ubarry Background Vocals
Ed Vasquez Background Vocals
Sara Ramirez Vocals
Joe Osborn Bass
Wallace Wilson Rhythm Guitar
Leo Abrahams Fretless Bass Guitar
Karaikudi R. Mani Ensemble, Vocal Percussion
Quicksilver Background Vocals
Sidinho Moreira Percussion
Yo Yo De La Nelson Chakeire
Paulo Santos Chicote
Yacouba Sissoko Kora
Desiree Elsevier Viola
Huks Brown Guitar
David W. Bargeron Trombone
Tommy Bilson Ogoe Guitar
Kofi Electrik Guitar
Janet Hafner Viola
Don Elliot Vibes
Joao Severo da Silva Accordion
David Rubin Washboard
Sal Agron Interviewee
Mike Makhalemele Saxophone
Rafael Rabello Classical Guitar
Vincent Lionti Viola
Demola Adepoju Pedal Steel Guitar
Kim Allan Cissel Trombone
Lewis Michael Soloff Trumpet
Ronald E. Cuber Baritone Saxophone, Bass Saxophone
Adrian Simon Vocals
Juliet Hafner Viola
Grupo Cultural Olodum Percussion, Drums, Guest Appearance
Krista Feeney Violin
Rev. J.M. Gates & Congregation Vocals, Talking
Mike Ramos Accordion
Sidinho Bongos, Conga, Bass Drums, Tambourine, Bottle, Sordu, Water Bowl
Irvin Markowitz Trumpet
Denzil Lang Percussion
Charlotte Mbango Background Vocals
Mike Brecker Saxophone, Soloist
Rob Sabino Synthesizer, Piano
Anthony Carillo Bongos
Georges Seba Electric Guitar
Eddie Montalvo Conga
Chris Bear electronics
Jim Oblon Bass, Percussion, Drums, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Ruben Rodriguez Bass
Toots Thielmans Harmonica
Francisco Aquabella Conga
Wells Christie Synclavier
David Rodriguez Trumpet, Soloist
Alton Rubin Jr. Drums
Russel George Bass
Myrna Gomila Vocals, Background Vocals
Lou Delgado Saxophone
Alonzo Johnson Bass
Mary Abt Clarinet
Lulu Simon Vocal Harmony
Joshua Swift Dobro
Gaza Sisters Vocals
Michele Cobbs Background Vocals
David Hildago Guitar, Accordion, Vocals
Arthur Andres Group Member
Armando Macedo Guitar
Wilson Das Neves cowbell
Suresh-Ghatam Clay Pot
Madhusadana Tabla
Jackie Jackson Bass
Technical Credits
Sandra Crouch Composer
The Dixie Hummingbirds Vocal Group
Philip Glass Composer, Orchestration
Milton Nascimento Composer, Lyricist
Art Garfunkel Producer
Paul Simon Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements, drum programming, Guitar Arrangements, Original Liner Notes, Whistle
Gil Goldstein Arranger
Stéphane Grappelli Composer
Bob James String Arrangements, Woodwind Arrangement
Quincy Jones String Arrangements
The Harptones Vocal Arrangements
Nile Rodgers drum programming
Georges Delerue Orchestration
Uakti Drum Effects
Andraé Crouch Composer
Martin Atangana Guitar Arrangements
Glenn Berger Engineer
Jim Boyer Engineer
Greg Calbi Mastering
Jason Corsaro Engineer
Dave Grusin Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
James Dougherty Engineer
Eno Composer, Lyricist
Bernard Estardy Engineer
Milton Glaser Cover Design
Lynn Goldsmith Art Direction
Roy Halee Producer, Engineer, Remixing, Vocal Engineer, Musical Supervision, Additional Production
Oscar Hernandez Horn Arrangements
Lee Herschberg Engineer
Rudy Hill Engineer
George Horn Mastering
Bill Inglot Reissue Producer
Ted Jensen Mastering
Jorginho Drum Effects
Mark Linett Engineer
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Jerry Masters Engineer
Mazzola rhythm arrangement
Jorge Milchberg Composer
Del Newman String Arrangements
Vincent Nguini Composer, Horn Arrangements, Guitar Arrangements
Gene Paul Engineer
Mike Peters Engineer
Ray Phiri Guitar Arrangements
Roger Quested Engineer
Phil Ramone Producer, Engineer, Remixing
Paul Samwell-Smith Producer
George Seba Guitar Arrangements
Joseph Shabalala Composer, Lyricist
Stanley Silverman Orchestration, Horn Arrangements
Pedro Sorongo Drum Effects
Burt Szerlip Engineer
Russ Titelman Producer
Allen Toussaint Horn Arrangements
Lenny Waronker Producer
Tommy Willis Instrument Technician
Antonio Luis Alves de Souza Director
Mike Burns Instrument Technician
Andy Smith Programming, Engineer
Jay Vicari Engineer
John Berg Cover Design
Geoff Gans Art Direction
Lulu Masilela Composer
Jonhjon Mkhalali Composer
Forere Motloheloa Composer
Edie Baskin Cover Photo
Geoff Spear Cover Photo, Back Cover Photo
Jeri McManus Art Direction
Marco Antônio Guimarães Arranger
Gary Heery Back Cover Photo
Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff Art Direction
Edward O'Dowd Art Direction
Bruno Barbey Back Cover Photo
Jimmy Corona Logistics
Kevin Coughlin Cover Photo
Bob Crowley Cover Art
Yann Gamblin Band Photo
Paula Greif Art Direction
Chikapa "Ray" Phiri Arranger
Reginald Warburton Producer
Derek Walcott Composer, Lyricist
Oriente Lopez Horn Arrangements
Luna Drum Effects
Beloba Drum Effects
Daniel Alomía Robles Composer
Bob Friedman Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
Ashley Kahn Liner Notes
Stacey Foster Engineer
Dave Matthews Horn Arrangements
Eleonora Alberto Band Photo
Paul Smith Technical Maintenance
Bryan Russell Engineer
Marçalzinho Drum Effects
Canegal Drum Effects
Clayton Wood Technical Maintenance
Claudius Mittendorfer Engineer
Dan Bucchi Engineer
Laurence Brazil Engineer
Chip Kidd Art Direction
Chris Testa Engineer, Instrument Technician
Bryan Smith Engineer
Steve Berkowitz Producer, Reissue Producer
Brent Spear Technical Maintenance
Stanley West Producer
Kofi Electrik Guitar Arrangements
C. Vaughn Hazell Personal Assistant
David Nichtem Synclavier Programming
Gabe Pressman Interviewer
Marlon Weyeneth Instrument Technician
Zach McNees Engineer
Scrap Marshall Engineer
Ryan Simms Engineer
Loreto Caceres Cover Photo, Back Cover Photo
Miguel Rio Branco Cover Photo
Charlie Paakkari Engineer
Steve Pelluet Engineer
Jim Briggs Engineer
Jeff Ayeroff Art Direction
Gerald Stephenson Engineer
The Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section Producer
Derek Moffat Engineer
Mike Reilly Engineer
General M. D. Shirinda Composer
Paul Kane Composer
Sven Geier Cover Image
Rich Travali Engineer
Anthony Maggiore Cover Design
Yolando Cuomo Art Direction
Wilson Das Neves Drum Effects
Daniel Gross Engineer
Judith Piepe Original Liner Notes
Vic Miles Interviewer
Salvador Agron Concept
Nick Elgar Back Cover Photo
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