Complete Columbia Albums Collection

Complete Columbia Albums Collection

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by Mahavishnu Orchestra


The Complete Columbia Albums Collection features the output of the original Mahavishnu Orchestra (John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Jan Hammer, Rick Laird, and Jerry Goodman). When it was released in 2012, this compact box set sold for roughly the same price as two full-price CDs. It contains the studio albums The Inner Mounting Flame (1971) and Birds of Fire (1973). The live release Between Nothingness & Eternity (1973) is joined by Unreleased Tracks from Between Nothingness & Eternity, which features three cuts from the same August 1973 Central Park performance documented on the original, along with another three cuts recorded the previous night at the same location. The fifth and final disc is the 1999-released The Lost Trident Sessions. As with similar Legacy sets for Stanley Clarke, Weather Report, and George Duke, the discs are in durable LP replica sleeves that feature all-original artwork reproductions. Full credits are listed in the 15-page booklet, which also includes brief notes from McLaughlin and Richard Seidel.

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Disc 1

  1. Meeting of the Spirits  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  2. Dawn  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  3. The Noonward Race  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  4. A Lotus on Irish Streams  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  5. Vital Transformation  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  6. The Dance of Maya  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  7. You Know, You Know  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  8. Awakening  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  9. The Noonward Race  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra

Disc 2

  1. Birds of Fire  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  2. Miles Beyond  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  3. Celestial Terrestial Commuters  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  4. Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  5. Thousand Island Park  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  6. Hope  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  7. One Word  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  8. Sanctuary  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  9. Open Country Joy  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  10. Resolution  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra

Disc 3

  1. Dream  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  2. Trilogy: The Sunlit Path/La Mere de la Mer/Tomorrow's Story Not the Sam  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  3. Sister Andrea  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  4. I Wonder  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  5. Stepping Tones  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  6. John's Song #2  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra

Disc 4

  1. Trilogy: The Sunlit Path/La Mere de La Path/Tomorrow's Story Not the Sa  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  2. Sister Andrea  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  3. Dream  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra

Disc 5

  1. Hope  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  2. Awakening  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  3. You Know, You Know  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  4. One Word  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  5. Stepping Tones  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  6. Vital Transformation  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra
  7. The Dance of Maya  -  Mahavishnu Orchestra

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mahavishnu Orchestra   Primary Artist
Jerry Goodman   Viola,Electric Violin
Jan Hammer   Piano,fender rhodes,Mini Moog
Rick Laird   Electric Bass
John McLaughlin   Acoustic Guitar,6-string Electric Bass,Guitar (12 String Electric)
Billy Cobham   Drums

Technical Credits

Jerry Goodman   Composer
Bob Belden   Producer
Jan Hammer   Composer
Rick Laird   Composer
Mahavishnu Orchestra   Producer
John McLaughlin   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Ken Scott   Producer,Engineer
Sri Chinmoy   Liner Notes
Jimmy Douglass   Engineer
Tim Geelan   Engineer
Murray Krugman   Producer
Don Puluse   Engineer
Richard Seidel   Producer,Liner Notes
Ray Thompson   Engineer
Mark Wilder   Mastering
Tunc Erim   Producer
Edward O'Dowd   Art Direction
Mike Panico   Archival Assistant
Helmut K. Wimmer   Artwork
Tom Tierney   Archival Assistant
Donna Kloepfer   Master Coordination
Maria Triana   Mastering
Jim Green   Engineer
Che Williams   Archival Assistant
Milton Puma   Retouching
Nathan Weiss   Management

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