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Complete D Singles Collection, Vol. 5

The Complete D Singles Collection, Vol. 5


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Release Date:
Bear Family


Disc 1

  1. My Empty Arms
  2. Where the Honky Tonk Fiddles Play
  3. Parrott Song
  4. Bad Luck
  5. Resting Place
  6. Black Widow
  7. Load Dem Wagons
  8. Go South Little Man
  9. I'll Win Again
  10. One Heartache from the Blues
  11. World's Apart
  12. Signifyin' Monkey
  13. It's Hard to Tell
  14. Love's Other Face
  15. Rose Blossom Waltz
  16. Lost Love Polka
  17. Oh Meon
  18. Big Woods
  19. Those Pretty Words
  20. Forever You'll Be Mine
  21. The Guy You Used to Be
  22. My World Slows Down
  23. Chained to a Love
  24. Tears That I Wasted
  25. Maybe Next Christmas
  26. New Baby for Christmas
  27. Dark as the Night
  28. Out of Your Heart
  29. The Same Old Mistakes
  30. You've Got a Woman

Disc 2

  1. How Lonesome Can I Get
  2. Start All Over
  3. Lonesome Trains
  4. West Texas
  5. The Sun Turned Blue
  6. Make Me a Member
  7. Tied to the Bottle
  8. She's the One for Me
  9. Crazy Dream
  10. Your Troubles Are Mine
  11. Across the Table
  12. Tonight I'll Celebrate
  13. My Past Is a Chain
  14. Unexpected Heartaches
  15. Almost Gone
  16. I Finally Broke the Spell
  17. The Way of Life
  18. Just for the Thrill
  19. Tears Fall Again
  20. Those Places
  21. You're Making Me Believe
  22. Your Jealous Heart
  23. I've Lost Everything
  24. Worn Out Words
  25. His and Hers
  26. You Gotta Hurry
  27. Do You Realize
  28. The Farmers Wife
  29. Honky Tonk Love
  30. The Shadow
  31. I Can't Change Over Night

Disc 3

  1. We'll Bury You
  2. Moon Over the Wall (In East Berlin)
  3. How I Wish I Was Him
  4. Aisle of I Do
  5. My Blue Room
  6. Say When (You Want Me to Leave)
  7. Might as Well Stick With You
  8. Wasted Love
  9. I'm So Ashamed
  10. The Sulphur Queen
  11. Blue Tomorrow
  12. Angel With a Ponytail
  13. Standing at the Crossroads
  14. Walking Right Out of My Mind
  15. I've Got a Feeling
  16. I've Been Wrong Before
  17. Don't Back Out Now
  18. Daddy's Baby
  19. Ship for Lonely Men
  20. Home's Not Where My House Is
  21. Love Enough
  22. Anna Anna
  23. Let's Pretend
  24. Broken Love Affair
  25. Have I Wasted My Life
  26. I Know
  27. Incidentally
  28. She's Lying Again
  29. My Party's Over

Disc 4

  1. Searching for Someone to Love
  2. Fool You Fool
  3. Tic-Tac-Toe
  4. I'm Tired of Waiting
  5. Who's This Lonely Fool
  6. Rock My Warriors Rock
  7. Your Time for Tears
  8. With Open Arms
  9. The Lord's Masterpiece
  10. He Heard Me My Cry
  11. My Face Is Red
  12. No Condition for Love
  13. Don't Look Back
  14. It's Your Turn to Cry
  15. Your Past Life
  16. Worst Heartache
  17. Big Clown a Crying
  18. Blue Side of Heaven
  19. Never Too Late
  20. Who's This Lonely Fool
  21. Footsteps of a Fool
  22. And Then I Knew
  23. I Just Lost My Favorite Girl
  24. You Introduced Me to the Blues
  25. Heartaches Deep in Sorrow
  26. The Brush Off
  27. Forgiving You Again
  28. Face in the Crowd
  29. Your Conscience Will Hurt
  30. Beware of Her You Fool
  31. Hush Little Baby

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Clyde Brewer   Illustrations
Pappy Daily   Producer
Colin Escott   Illustrations
Billy Freeman   Illustrations
Turner   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Dave Sax   Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Comparison
Jurgen Koop   Illustrations
Phillip J. Tricker   Illustrations
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Kevin Coffey   Liner Notes,Illustrations,Artist Consultant,Label Design
Curtis Haskins   Illustrations
Walt Riddle   Illustrations

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