The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History

The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History

by Alan Axelrod

ISBN-10: 0028612752

ISBN-13: 9780028612751

Pub. Date: 09/27/1996

Publisher: Alpha Books

You're no idiot, of course. You know who the first president was and who penned the Declaration of Independence. Yet even though the country is young in the eyes of the rest of the world, the United States became a superpower in fewer than 200 years. But you don't have to brush the dust off your textbooks to learn more! The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History,…  See more details below


You're no idiot, of course. You know who the first president was and who penned the Declaration of Independence. Yet even though the country is young in the eyes of the rest of the world, the United States became a superpower in fewer than 200 years. But you don't have to brush the dust off your textbooks to learn more! The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History, Third Edition, will bring you up to date on the most important events and people that forged this country -- and those that continue to do so today.

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Alpha Books
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Complete Idiot's Guide Series
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Older Edition
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7.38(w) x 9.09(h) x 0.99(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1The New World1
1The First People (50000 B.C.E.-1500s C.E.)3
People of the Land Bridge4
45,000 Years of American History (Abridged Version)4
South of the Border5
Beyond the Aztec Horizon7
Leif the Lucky7
2West to East (1451-1507)9
The Round World Myth9
The Weaver's Boy10
First Blood13
Carving Up13
Three More Voyages14
Why We're Not Called Columbia15
3New Blood for Old Spain (1400-1600s)17
The Sword of the Conquistador18
The First American Revolutions22
From Black Legend to Black Robes23
4England's Errand in the Wilderness (1497-1608)25
England Joins the Age of Discovery26
A Colony Vanishes, Another Appears28
5A Rock and a Hard Place (1608-1733)33
Promised Land34
Massachusetts Bay36
Rhode Island: Haven for the Heterodox37
Maryland: Catholics Welcome38
Pennsylvania: Quaker Colony38
Georgia: Utopia, Prison, and Profit Center39
Slave Country40
6Colonial Contenders (1608-1680s)43
Champlain Sails In44
The Sun King Beams45
A Small Investment47
Sweden in the Delaware Valley49
New Netherland Becomes New York50
7Fires in the Wilderness (1636-1748)53
New England Bleeds54
The French and Indian Wars56
8Global War in the Backwoods (1749-1763)61
The French and Indian War62
Seven Years' Bad Luck66
Rebellion of a Chief67
Part 2The World Turned Upside Down69
9Invitation to a Tea Party (1763-1775)71
King George Draws a Line72
Taxation Without Representation73
Bloody Boston75
Tearing Apart and Coming Together76
The Shot Heard 'Round the World78
Washington Signs On79
A Misnamed Battle Near Bunker Hill80
The Olive Branch Spurned, a Declaration Written80
10Fanning the Flames of Liberty (1776-1783)83
A Bad Bet84
The British Lion Roars85
Re-Crossing the Delaware86
Saratoga Sunrise87
Trouble in the City of Brotherly Love88
Vive la France!88
A Hard Forge88
White War, Red Blood89
More Action in the South90
The Triumph at Yorktown90
Part 3Building the House93
11From Many, One (1787-1797)95
Bound by a Rope of Sand96
Northwest Ordinance97
We the People97
Constitutional Convention98
Father of His Country101
Glorious Afterthought: The Bill of Rights103
Hamilton Gets the Credit104
12Growing Pains (1798-1812)107
Foreign Affairs108
The Age of Jefferson110
Tecumseh Raises the Hatchet114
131812: A War for What? (1812-1814)115
The War Hawks Roost116
Three-Pronged Flop116
The West in Peril117
British Stranglehold117
"We Have Met the Enemy, and They Are Ours"118
O, Say Can You See118
Deliverance on Lake Champlain119
An American Hero Is Born120
14Fanfare for the Common Man (1814-1836)121
Good Feelings122
Bad Feelings125
The Age of Jackson126
15Trails of Tears (1817-1842)129
Liberty and Union, Now and Forever130
The Seminoles Say No131
The Defiance of Black Hawk132
Indian Removal132
Part 4The House Divided137
16A Nation in Chains (1724-1857)139
Against the American Grain140
The Tortured Course of Compromise142
The Dred Scott Disaster145
17Westward the Course (1834-1846)147
The Plow and the Reaper148
Martyrdom in Texas149
Rolling West150
"What Hath God Wrought?"152
18Destiny Manifested (1846-1860)155
Halls of Montezuma156
Of God and Gold158
19A Strange Flag over Sumter (1859-1862)163
John Brown's Body164
Bleak Transition165
April 12, 1861, 4:30 A.M.166
From Bull Run to antietam167
Emancipation Proclaimed--More or Less171
20Bloody Road to Appomattox and Beyond (1863-1876)173
Four Score and Seven174
Vicksburg and Chattanooga176
To Richmond177
The March to the Sea179
Mr. McLean's House179
With Malice Toward Some180
Enter "His Fraudulency"183
Part 5Rebuilding the House185
21Sea to Shining Sea (1862-1878)187
Home Sweet Home188
Ruts and Rails190
22The Warpath (1862-1891)197
Blue, Gray--and Red198
Massacre in Minnesota199
War for the Bozeman Trail200
Hancock's War and Sheridan's Campaign201
Struggle for the Black Hills201
"I Will Fight No More Forever"203
After Geronimo204
Wounded Knee Ending205
23Exploitation and Enterprise (1869-1908)207
An Empire of Cows208
Law and Disorder209
Cornering the Market210
An Age of Invention213
24Octopus and Jungle (1877-1906)219
The Golden Door220
The Knights of Labor222
Boss Tyranny224
Chicago Meat225
Part 6World Power229
25Over There (1898-1918)231
Selling the News232
He Kept Us Out of War234
26Booze, Boom, Bust (1918-1929)241
Wilson's Dream242
A Generation Lost and Found245
America Goes Dry249
Countdown to Black Tuesday249
27A New Deal and a New War (1930-1941)251
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?252
Tyranny Abroad253
The Epoch of FDR253
Street Wars256
28Saving the World (1941-1945)261
"I Shall Return"262
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree263
The Dark Genius of Erwin Rommel264
Coral Sea and Midway264
Island Hopping264
On Mediterranean Shores265
Retaking Europe267
Fat Man and Little Boy270
Part 7Superpower273
29War Served Cold-and Hot (1944-1954)275
Winning the Peace276
Curtain of Iron277
"Police Action" in Korea281
30From the Back of the Bus to the Great Society (1947-1968)285
Executive Order 9981286
The Dream Deferred286
Or Does It Explode?289
Sputnik and the New Frontier291
31Nam (1946-1975)297
American "Advisors"299
Flaming Monks and the Fall of a "Friend"299
Rolling Thunder300
"Escalation" and "Vietnamization"300
Hearts and Minds301
The Light at the End of the Tunnel302
Nixon's War303
Peace with Honor305
Part 8Identity Crisis307
32Of Love, the Moon, and Dirty Tricks (1968-1974)309
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out310
The Eagle Has Landed311
Pentagon Papers312
SALT, China, and the Middle East312
33Women Rise, the Nation Drifts, Reagan Rallies (1963-1980)317
A Woman's Place318
The Japanese Miracle321
Scary Cities, Crumbling Bridges322
China Syndrome322
The Fanatics323
The Great Communicator324
Part 9A New World Order?325
34A New Economy, a Plague, a Fallen Wall, and a Desert in Flames (1980-1991)327
The Trickle-Down Solution328
"Gay Plague" and a Blind Eye331
"Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!"332
A War Without Bullets332
Ollie, Iran, and the Contras334
Desert Shield and Desert Storm335
35E Pluribus Unum (1991-1999)337
The Economy, Stupid338
The New Right338
The Age of Rage340
And It's Still the Economy343
We Fight for Peace344
36Democracy at the Turn of the Millennium (1991-2002)349
American Trials350
Of Wall Street Riches and the Great American Smokeout353
Pillars of the Community356
Terror and Democracy363

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