The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex, Lies and Online Chat

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex, Lies and Online Chat

by Sherry Kinkoph

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Conversations on bulletin boards, commercial services such as America Online, and the Internet require a little timeand a lot of patience (especially if you're female)to understand. Kinkoph explains all in this guide, starting from the basic range of services, to manners and protocols (human, not computer) and even addiction. Kinkoph starts by defining different levels of digital chatting and the kinds of services available from CompuServe, Prodigy, GEnie, and others. Then she reviews manners, emoticons, and acronyms, which all convey your personality online. Sex, kids, business, and troubleshooting make up the heart of the book, and Kinkoph's experiences are quite enlightening. The final section explains the meaning of online addiction and provides some personal advice on chatting online. Certainly, most readers will find the list of "ten ways to end an online conversation" more entertaining than the author's list of useful Unix commands. Yet a little common sense goes a long way, and if you're blessed with an abundance of it, you won't need this book. If you're not, take a look.

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