Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7: 1967

The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7: 1967

Listening to The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 6: 1966 was a virtual party -- but there's nothing virtual about The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7: 1967 at all; it's a nonstop, high-octane party, with barely a bad track to be heard among its 120 songs spread across five CDs. Just like in 1966, almost every single that Motown released in 1967 made the


Listening to The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 6: 1966 was a virtual party -- but there's nothing virtual about The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7: 1967 at all; it's a nonstop, high-octane party, with barely a bad track to be heard among its 120 songs spread across five CDs. Just like in 1966, almost every single that Motown released in 1967 made the charts, an amazing feat that's a testament to the sharpness of the label's machine and the astonishing quality of the music. And there is truly a dearth of misfires here -- both a reflection of Motown's abandonment of pursuing other markets and how even the newer acts were cutting songs worthy of the superstars (indeed, they were sometimes covers of the superstars, sometimes singing over the Funk Brothers backing tracks as the label was searching for the best match to bring the biggest hit). This, as it often is, is a result of serendipitous timing, as the label's enduring stars almost all had banner years, with the longtime producer/writer powerhouse of Holland-Dozier-Holland having another great year, Norman Whitfield beginning to rise, and Ashford & Simpson joining the team, penning songs for Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, highlighted by "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Marvin & Tammi's hit is one of many major, major hits here: the duo also had "Your Precious Love," Smokey Robinson & the Miracles (now officially billed that way) had "I Second That Emotion" and "The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage," the Supremes (now called Diana Ross & the Supremes) had "Love Is Here and Now You're Gone" and "Reflections," the Four Tops had "Bernadette" and "Jimmy Mack," Stevie Wonder had "I Was Made to Love Her," and Gladys Knight & the Pips entered the first ranks of stars with "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," a Marvin Gaye song that he didn't get released that year. As always, the story of the year is only partially told in the big hits -- true, it's a significant portion of the story, but how the smaller hits and unheard gems fill out the spaces around the anthems is always fascinating and revelatory on these boxes, and in this case, it's tremendously entertaining. Signs of the time begin to creep in -- that spacy echo that begins "Reflections" is a mild acknowledgement of psychedelia also heard on "7 Rooms of Gloom," but this is overshadowed by the increasing sophistication of the productions and arrangements, giving this a richness that is revealed with close listening -- something that needs to be done, as the initial listens of these singles, from the As to the Bs, is often just intoxicating in their excitement. And this doesn't just apply to the hits -- it also applies to the singles from Chris Clark (whose "From Head to Toe" is giddy fun), the Marvelettes ("My Baby Must Be a Magician"), Barbara McNair, and the wealth of great, underappreciated sides from the Isley Brothers and the Spinners. All of this is so good that it seems like everything was running smoothly at Motown, but behind the scenes there was tension, reflected in how Diana and Smokey now have their name above the title, but more significantly in how Holland-Dozier-Holland left the label at the end of the year. Listening to The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7, all this strife is never apparent: there is nothing but joy in these grooves, joy that is eternal, exuberant, and permanent.

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Disc 1

  1. Love's Gone Bad
  2. Mojo Hannah
  3. Love Is Here and Now You're Gone
  4. There's No Stopping Us Now
  5. Pucker Up Buttercup
  6. Anyway You Wannta
  7. Chantilly Lace
  8. Your Love Is Amazing
  9. Till Johnny Comes
  10. The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage
  11. Come Spy with Me
  12. Jimmy Mack
  13. Third Finger, Left Hand
  14. Travlin' Man
  15. Hey Love
  16. Bernadette
  17. I Got a Feeling
  18. Bernadette
  19. Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got
  20. World So Wide, Nowhere to Hide (From Your Heart)
  21. I Want to Go Back There Again
  22. I Love You
  23. It's So Hard Being a Loser
  24. Your Love Grows More Precious Every Day

Disc 2

  1. Just Look What You've Done
  2. Starting the Hurt All Over Again
  3. Here I Am Baby
  4. My World Is Empty Without You
  5. Take Me in Your Arms and Love Me
  6. Do You Love Me Just a Little, Honey
  7. The Happening
  8. All I Know About You
  9. Got to Have You Back
  10. Just Ain't Enough Love
  11. There's a Ghost in My House
  12. Don't Fool Around
  13. Festival Time
  14. Joy Road
  15. I Wonder Why (Nobody Loves Me)
  16. I've Been Blessed
  17. When You're Young and in Love
  18. The Day You Take One (You Have to Take the Other)
  19. All I Need
  20. Sorry Is a Sorry Word
  21. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  22. Give a Little Love
  23. 7-Rooms of Gloom
  24. I'll Turn to Stone

Disc 3

  1. Chained
  2. Don't Let It Happen to Us
  3. Chained
  4. For All We Know
  5. I Cross My Heart
  6. I Was Made to Love Her
  7. Hold Me
  8. More Love
  9. Swept for You Baby
  10. It's Been a Long Long Time (A Long Time)
  11. I Understand My Man
  12. Everybody Needs Love
  13. Your Unchanging Love
  14. I'll Take Care of You
  15. You're My Everything
  16. I've Been Good to You
  17. Ain't That the Truth
  18. Don't You Miss Me a Little Bit Baby
  19. That's the Way Love Is
  20. One Too Many Heartaches

Disc 4

  1. Reflections
  2. Going Down for the Third Time
  3. Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone
  4. One Way Out
  5. Steal Away Tonight
  6. For Once in My Life
  7. You're Made Me So Very Happy
  8. I've Got to Find It
  9. You're Made Me So Very Happy
  10. Your Precious Love
  11. Hold Me Oh My Darling
  12. You Keep Running Away
  13. If You Don't Want My Love
  14. From Head to Toe
  15. The Beginning of the End
  16. Window Shopping
  17. California Soul
  18. I Got a Feeling
  19. You Got Me Hurtin' All Over
  20. I'm Wondering
  21. Every Time I See You I Go Wild
  22. I'm Wondering
  23. (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need
  24. Don't Send Me Away

Disc 5

  1. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
  2. It's Time to Go Now
  3. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
  4. I Want My Baby Back
  5. Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love
  6. What a Good Man He Is
  7. There Are Things
  8. I Second That Emotion
  9. You Must Be Love
  10. In and out of Love
  11. I Guess I'll Always Love You
  12. Honey Chile
  13. Show Me the Way
  14. Come See About Me
  15. Sweet Soul
  16. You Haven't Seen My Love
  17. Happy Day
  18. Two Can Have a Party
  19. If I Could Build My Whole World Around You
  20. If This World Were Mine
  21. My Baby Must Be a Magician
  22. I Need Someone
  23. I Wish It Would Rain
  24. I Truly, Truly Believe
  25. I Truly, Truly Believe
  26. You
  27. At Last (I Found a Love)
  28. Change What You Can

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marvin Gaye   Vocals
Barbara McNair   Vocals
Edwin Starr   Vocals
Supremes   Vocals,Background Vocals
Temptations   Vocals
Billy Eckstine   Vocals
Eddie Kendricks   Vocals
Tammi Terrell   Vocals

Technical Credits

Ivory Joe Hunter   Composer,Producer
Chris Clark   Composer,Photo Courtesy
Marvin Gaye   Composer,Producer
Gladys Knight   Composer
Smokey Robinson   Composer,Producer
Van McCoy   Composer
Barrett Strong   Composer
R. Dean Taylor   Composer,Producer
Frank deVol   Composer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Gil Askey   Composer
Bob Baldori   Producer
Jimmy Barnes   Composer
Jeffrey Bowen   Producer
Johnny Bristol   Composer,Producer
Vernon Bullock   Composer
J. Fred Coots   Composer
Henry Cosby   Composer,Producer
Hal Davis   Composer,Producer
Lamont Dozier   Composer,Producer
Melvin Franklin   Vocal Overdubs
Harvey Fuqua   Composer,Producer
Anna Gordy Gaye   Composer
Berry Gordy   Composer,Producer
George Gordy   Composer
Cornelius Grant   Composer
Patrice Holloway   Composer
Eddie Holland   Composer
Brian Holland   Composer,Producer
Brenda Holloway   Composer
Gary Johns   Photo Courtesy
Eddie Kendricks   Composer
Ronald Dean Miller   Composer
Warren "Pete" Moore   Composer,Producer
Richard Morris   Composer,Producer
Paul Nixon   Photo Courtesy
Clarence Paul   Composer,Producer
J.P. Richardson   Composer
Valerie Simpson   Composer
William Weatherspoon   Composer,Producer
Harry Weinger   Writer
Norman Whitfield   Composer,Producer
Eddie Willis   Composer
Stevie Wonder   Composer
Ron Miller   Composer
Herb Jordan   Liner Notes
Jo Almieda   Photo Coordination
Bill Dahl   Track Annotations
Leon Ware   Composer
Allen Story   Composer
Hughey Davis   Composer
Danny Hernandez   Composer
Sylvia Moy   Composer
Sylvester Potts   Composer
Marvin Tarplin   Composer
Clyde Wilson   Composer
Frank Wilson   Composer
Margaret Johnson   Composer
Barney Ales   Liner Notes,Photo Courtesy
Rhonda Malmlund   Legal Counsel
Orlando Murden   Composer
Elgie Stover   Composer
Stephen Bowden   Composer
Luvel Broadnax   Composer
Morris Broadnax   Composer
Danny Coggins   Composer
Bryan Wells   Composer
Cleveland   Producer
Pat Lawrence   Executive Producer
Thomas Kemp   Composer
Five Quails   Composer
Jeff Smith   Art Direction
Roger Penzabene   Composer
Lula Mae Hardaway   Composer
Ryan Null   Photo Coordination
Frank Beaty Wilson   Producer
Michele Horie   Art Direction
Quattrocchi   Art Direction
James Frank Dean   Producer
Robert D'Orleans   Producer
Ritchie Hardin   Photo Courtesy
Keith Hughes   Track Annotations,Photo Courtesy
Lars "L.G." Nilsson   Photo Courtesy
Barbara Paul   Composer

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