Complete Original Album Collection

The Complete Original Album Collection

by The Turtles

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Manifesto Records

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Disc 1

  1. Wanderin' Kind
  2. It Was a Very Good Year
  3. Your Maw Said You Cried
  4. Eve of Destruction
  5. Glitter and Gold
  6. Let Me Be
  7. Let the Cold Winds Blow
  8. It Ain't Me Babe
  9. A Walk in the Sun
  10. Last Laugh
  11. Love Minus Zero
  12. Like a Rolling Stone
  13. Wanderin' Kind
  14. It Was a Very Good Year
  15. Your Maw Said You Cried
  16. Eve of Destruction
  17. Glitter and Gold
  18. Let Me Be
  19. Let the Cold Winds Blow
  20. It Ain't Me Babe
  21. A Walk in the Sun
  22. Last Laugh
  23. Love Minus Zero
  24. Like a Rolling Stone

Disc 2

  1. Flyin' High
  2. I Know That You'll Be There
  3. House of Pain
  4. Just a Room
  5. I Need Someone
  6. Let Me Be
  7. Down in Suburbia
  8. Give Love a Trial
  9. You Baby
  10. Pall Bearing, Pall Bearing World
  11. All My Problems
  12. Almost There
  13. Flyin' High
  14. I Know That You'll Be There
  15. House of Pain
  16. Just a Room
  17. I Need Someone
  18. Let Me Be
  19. Down in Suburbia
  20. Give Love a Trial
  21. You Baby
  22. Pall Bearing, Ball Bearing World
  23. All My Problems
  24. Almost There

Disc 3

  1. Makin' My Mind Up
  2. Guide for the Married Man
  3. Think I'll Run Away
  4. The Walking Song
  5. Me About You
  6. Happy Together
  7. She'd Rather Be With Me
  8. Too Young to Be One
  9. Person Without a Care
  10. Like the Seasons
  11. Rugs of Woods & Flowers
  12. Makin' My Mind Up
  13. Guide for the Married Man
  14. Think I'll Run Away
  15. The Walking Song
  16. Me About You
  17. Happy Together
  18. She'd Rather Be With Me
  19. Too Young to Be One
  20. Person Without a Care
  21. Like the Seasons
  22. Rugs of Woods & Flowers

Disc 4

  1. The Opening: The Battle of the Bands
  2. The Last Thing I Remember
  3. Elenore
  4. Too Much Heartsick Feeling
  5. Oh Daddy!
  6. Buzz Saw
  7. Surfer Dan
  8. I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)
  9. You Showed Me
  10. Food
  11. Chicken Little Was Right
  12. The Closing: Earth Anthem (All)
  13. She's My Girl
  14. Chicken Little Was Right
  15. Sound Asleep
  16. Umbassa the Dragon
  17. The Story of Rock and Roll
  18. Can't You Hear the Cows
  19. The Last Thing I Remember (The First Thing I Knew)
  20. The Owl
  21. To See the Sun
  22. Earth Anthem
  23. Battle of the Bands Radio Spot

Disc 5

  1. Come Over
  2. House on the Hill
  3. She Always Leaves Me Laughing
  4. How You Love Me
  5. Torn Between Temptations
  6. Love in the City
  7. Bachelor Mother
  8. John & Julie
  9. Hot Little Hands
  10. Somewhere Friday Night
  11. Dance This Dance with Me
  12. You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain
  13. Goodbye Surprise
  14. Like It or Not
  15. There You Sit Lonely
  16. Can I Go On
  17. You Want to Be a Woman
  18. If We Only Had the Time
  19. Dance This Dance With Me
  20. Come Over
  21. How You Love Me
  22. Strange Girl
  23. Marmendy Mill
  24. Turtle Soup Radio Spot

Disc 6

  1. I Can't Stop
  2. She'll Come Back
  3. Get Away
  4. Wrong From the Start
  5. I Get Out of Breath
  6. We'll Meet Again
  7. On a Summer's Day
  8. Come Back
  9. Say Girl
  10. Tie Me Down
  11. Wanderin' Kind
  12. You Baby
  13. So Goes Love
  14. Makin' My Mind Up
  15. Is It Any Wonder?
  16. Let Me Be
  17. Grim Reaper of Love
  18. It Ain't Me Babe
  19. Can I Get to Know You Better
  20. Outside Chance
  21. You Know What I Mean
  22. Cat in the Window
  23. We'll Meet Again
  24. The Turtles! Golden Hits Radio Spot

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Turtles   Primary Artist
John Barbata   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Bones Howe   Sounds
Howard Kaylan   Keyboards,Vocals
Nichol   Organ,Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Ray Pohlman   Strings,Horn
Jim Pons   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Mark Volman   Guitar,Tambourine,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Chuck Portz   Bass,Bass Guitar
Jim Tucker   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Don Murray   Drums

Technical Credits

Turtles   Arranger,Producer
Ray Davies   Producer
Bruce Botnick   Engineer
Chuck Britz   Engineer
Gary Burden   Art Direction
Chip Douglas   Arranger,Producer
Jim Hilton   Engineer
Bones Howe   Producer,Studio Direction
Bill Inglot   Producer
Howard Kaylan   Composer
Nichol   Composer
Jim Pons   Composer
John Seiter   Composer
Armin Steiner   Engineer
Mark Volman   Composer,Special Effects
Joseph Wissert   Producer
Ted Feigin   Producer
Lee Lasseff   Producer
Dan Perloff   Producer

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