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Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note

The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note

by Andrew Cyrille

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Release Date:
Black Saint


Disc 1

  1. Metamusicians' Stomp
  2. My Ship
  3. 5-4-3-2
  4. Spiegelgasse 14: Reflections+Restaurants/The Park/Flight

Disc 2

  1. Nuba 1
  2. Cornbread Picnic (Maize)
  3. The One Before Zero
  4. JJ&A
  5. In These Last Days
  6. Sorry
  7. Nuba 2

Disc 3

  1. Take the A-Train
  2. Something In Return
  3. Lorry
  4. J.L.
  5. Nuba
  6. Fragments I

Disc 4

  1. A Girl Named Rainbow
  2. High Priest
  3. Fortified Nucleolus
  4. Baby Man
  5. Special People

Disc 5

  1. Through the Ages Jehovah
  2. The Navigator
  3. Module
  4. The Music In Us
  5. So That Life Can Endure...P.S. With Love
  6. Circumfusion/The Magnificent Bimbo

Disc 6

  1. Answer Me
  2. Novo
  3. A Simple Melody
  4. E-Squat
  5. 5:05
  6. Lydia
  7. X Man
  8. Akan

Disc 7

  1. A Tribute to Bu
  2. Oblong
  3. Enter from the East
  4. Inch Worm
  5. Nicodemus
  6. Aftermath
  7. Hit It
  8. Olmecas
  9. Good to Go
  10. Fate
  11. A Tribute to Bu

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Andrew Cyrille   Primary Artist,Percussion,Castanets,Cymbals,Drums,Maracas,Tambourine,Triangle,Claves,Vibraslap,cowbell,Bird Whistle,Slide Whistle,Agogo Bell,Brushes,Sansa
Jimmy Lyons   Alto Saxophone
James Newton   Flute
David S. Ware   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Anthony Cox   Bass
Ted Daniel   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Wood Flute
Nick de Geronimo   Bass
Nick DiGeronimo   Bass
Jeanne Lee   Vocals
Sonelius Smith   Piano
Lisle Atkinson   Bass
Ted Daniels   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Alix "Tit" Pascal   Acoustic Guitar

Technical Credits

Kurt Weill   Composer
John Carter   Composer
Andrew Cyrille   Composer
Andrew Hill   Composer
Leroy Jenkins   Composer
Jimmy Lyons   Composer
James Newton   Composer
Anthony Cox   Composer
John Gordon   Composer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Giancarlo Barigozzi   Engineer
Flavio Bonandrini   Producer
Giovanni Bonandrini   Producer
Gennaro Carone   Engineer
Pino Ciancioso   Engineer
Ted Daniel   Composer
Jeanne Lee   Composer,Poetry
Giacomo Pellicciotti   Producer
Luigi Pessani   Engineer
Jon Rosenberg   Engineer
Billy Strayhorn   Composer
John Stubblefield   Composer
Kazunori Sugiyama   Engineer
Paolo Falascone   Engineer
Alix Pascal   Composer
Lisle Atkinson   Composer
Aldo Borrelli   Engineer
Carlo Martenet   Engineer
O. Coleman   Composer

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