Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note, Vol. 2

The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note, Vol. 2

by David Murray

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Release Date:
Black Saint


Disc 1

  1. Coney Island
  2. Corazón
  3. The Hill
  4. Hope/Scope

Disc 2

  1. Morning Song
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Light Blue Frolic
  4. Jitterbug Waltz
  5. Off Season
  6. Duet

Disc 3

  1. Heart to Heart
  2. Quads
  3. Red Car
  4. I Want to Talk About You
  5. Morning Song

Disc 4

  1. Santa Barbara and Crenshaw Follies
  2. The Hill
  3. Fling
  4. Take the Coltrane
  5. Herbie Miller
  6. Chelsea Bridge

Disc 5

  1. Short and Sweet
  2. Mountain Song
  3. Return of the Lost Tribe
  4. Waltz to Heaven
  5. A Sanctuary Within, Pt. 1
  6. A Sanctuary Within, Pt. 2
  7. Most of All
  8. Song for New South Africa
  9. Ballad for the Blackman

Disc 6

  1. Slave Song
  2. Celebration Dance
  3. Body and Soul
  4. Doni's Song
  5. Remembering the Chief of St. Mary's
  6. Odin
  7. Cuttin's Corners

Disc 7

  1. Sorrow Song
  2. It Hurts So Much to See
  3. Naima
  4. Cela Me Va
  5. The Crave
  6. Zanzibar Blue
  7. Conversation With Our Mothers
  8. Naima

Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Murray   Primary Artist,Bass Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone,Group Member
Rashied Ali   Drums,Group Member
Dave Burrell   Piano,Vocals
Ray Drummond   Bass,Group Member
John Hicks   Piano,Group Member
Sunny Murray   Drums,Group Member
Ralph Peterson   Drums,Group Member
Kahil El'Zabar   Vocals,Sanza,Ashiko Drum,Native American Drums,Group Member
Fred Hopkins   Bass
Steve McCall   Drums
Ed Blackwell   Drums
Monika Larsson   Vocals
Reggie Workman   Bass
Taana Running   Vocals
Sonelius Smith   Piano,Group Member
Tony Overwater   Bass,Group Member
Wilber Morris   Bass,Group Member

Technical Credits

Rashied Ali   Composer
Dave Burrell   Arranger,Composer
Ray Drummond   Composer
Billy Eckstine   Composer
John Hicks   Composer
Lawrence "Butch" Morris   Composer
Jelly Roll Morton   Composer
Sunny Murray   Composer
Fats Waller   Composer
Kahil El'Zabar   Composer
David Murray   Composer,Producer
Giancarlo Barigozzi   Engineer
Flavio Bonandrini   Producer
Giovanni Bonandrini   Producer,Executive Producer
John Coltrane   Composer
Johnny Green   Composer
Edward Heyman   Composer
Monika Larsson   Composer
Jon Rosenberg   Engineer
Taana Running   Cover Art
Sonelius Smith   Composer
Kazunori Sugiyama   Engineer
Paolo Falascone   Engineer
Howard Mandel   Original Liner Notes
Lee Jeske   Original Liner Notes
Ming Smith   Cover Photo
Anthony Barboza   Cover Photo
Maria Bonandrini   Cover Art
Robert Sour   Composer
Frank Eyton   Composer
Max Martino   Cover Painting
Tony Overwater   Composer
David Baker   Engineer
Gianpiero Gallina   Back Cover Photo
"Gigi" Barbieri   Cover Art
Oolong Smith   Paintings,Cover Photo

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