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All Music Guide - Bruce Eder
There's obviously going to be a certain amount of redundancy built into the purchase or acquisition by gift of an item like this -- anyone for whom it would possibly be appropriate as a possession is virtually certain to already own something close to 90 percent of what's here in some form or other. That said, this 11-disc nine-CD/two-DVD set is handsome enough, and such is the fandom of ABBA that the marketplace can easily absorb yet another compilation of their work. This release, reportedly limited to 25,000 copies worldwide, is appearing post-Mama Mia, after all, where the group has a showcase on Broadway which reportedly, as of late 2005, has advance ticket sales ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Bruce Eder
There's obviously going to be a certain amount of redundancy built into the purchase or acquisition by gift of an item like this -- anyone for whom it would possibly be appropriate as a possession is virtually certain to already own something close to 90 percent of what's here in some form or other. That said, this 11-disc nine-CD/two-DVD set is handsome enough, and such is the fandom of ABBA that the marketplace can easily absorb yet another compilation of their work. This release, reportedly limited to 25,000 copies worldwide, is appearing post-Mama Mia, after all, where the group has a showcase on Broadway which reportedly, as of late 2005, has advance ticket sales stretching out years ahead for their music, variously expanding and reinvigorating that fan base by the thousands in person on a daily basis. And there are aspects of its contents that make this box special and unique, though whether these are all positive is open to debate, depending upon how sensitive, sophisticated, or obsessive a listener one happens to be. The discs are designed to look like black vinyl similar to what was done with the CDs in ABKCO's Rolling Stones CD singles boxes, and the eight original albums are packaged in mini-LP sleeves re-creating the art and design of the quartet's original releases; one also gets two books that encompass, respectively, the song lyrics and a lavishly illustrated time line for group's history and work. Each of the albums represented here has been augmented with the presences of relevant bonus tracks -- usually alternate mixes or alternate language versions favoring Swedish or Spanish; the ninth disc is the rarities volume, which includes such tracks as an alternate version of "Lovelight" and a previously unheard alternate mix of "Waterloo" mastered from a vinyl source, and an extended version of "On and On and On" in mono -- all that was available. Speaking of availability, the DVD inclusion of the live performances off the Dick Cavett Show is limited to five songs, the rest having never officially been preserved in the Swedish television archives although they were on a videocassette issued in Japan sometime in the 1980s. The DVDs encompass a documentary as well as the core of their video collection, but the 1979 ABBA Live is not included in this set, and there are a few odd tracks that aren't here, ranging from some odd version of "Dancing Queen" with the extra verse, and a version of "Under Attack" that only appeared on an American cassette, to an oft-discussed but never quite finished single "Just Like That," which is to ABBA approximately what the extended version of "Bluebird" was to Buffalo Springfield. It is fortunate that the rarities, even when they aren't variants of international hits, are as eminently listenable as the group's main catalog, and their presence greatly expands choices that one has for listening, even on a casual basis. The mastering will be a separate issue to some listeners. Rather than draw upon the digital masters done for the 2001 reissues of the ABBA catalog, the producers appear to have gone back to the original analog tapes for a fresh pass, which at times yields impressive results -- the sound here is often downright glowing, but so was the sound on the last round of reissues -- but it also means that they've done their own fixes of the various anomalies that existed in the original tapes, independent of the work that was previously done so successful on The Definitive Collection. In many instances, only noise-freaks and those with producer's ears will notice the differences, but it's to be left to the individual listener to decide for themselves whether the new masters work 100 percent or not. Some people may possibly prefer the seemingly greater fidelity to the original analog tapes. In terms of overall design, on the plus side the producers have made this set a little more convenient to organize for actual listening as opposed to sitting on one's shelf than is usual for boxes such as this, except when it comes to organizing or presenting relevant information -- each album has been augmented with bonus cuts, but to keep track of the latter or their origins and raison d'etre here, one much consult a separate insert sheet or go to the accompanying book. And one other important consideration for almost anyone buying this set, because of the presence of the DVDs, is that they make sure that whatever edition they're buying -- especially if they're ordering it online -- is mastered for the video format used in their locale. They all seem to be Region 0, but must be NTSC for the United States and Canada and PAL in most other parts of the world. Otherwise one will be limited to enjoying those discs on computer playback, or will need to own an all-region player. This is an expensive set, to be sure, particularly at the official list price, but also one that's easily enough enjoyed.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 11/29/2005
  • Label: Ume Imports
  • UPC: 602498723272
  • Catalog Number: 987232


Disc 1
  1. 1 Ring Ring (3:06)
  2. 2 Another Town, Another Train (3:13)
  3. 3 Disillusion (3:06)
  4. 4 People Need Love (2:45)
  5. 5 I Saw It in the Mirror (2:35)
  6. 6 Nina, Pretty Ballerina (2:53)
  7. 7 Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) (2:56)
  8. 8 Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother (2:52)
  9. 9 He Is Your Brother (3:19)
  10. 10 She's My Kind of Girl (2:46)
  11. 11 I Am Just a Girl (3:03)
  12. 12 Rock 'N' Roll Band (3:14)
  13. 13 Ring Ring (3:08)
  14. 14 Åh, Vilka Tider (2:33)
  15. 15 Merry-Go-Round (3:26)
  16. 16 Santa Rosa (3:01)
  17. 17 Ring Ring (3:01)
  18. 18 Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe Steht (3:21)
  19. 19 Ring Ring (3:09)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Waterloo (2:45)
  2. 2 Sitting in the Palmtree (3:39)
  3. 3 King Kong Song (3:14)
  4. 4 Hasta Mañana (3:11)
  5. 5 My Mama Said (3:13)
  6. 6 Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) (3:13)
  7. 7 Honey, Honey (2:56)
  8. 8 Watch Out (3:48)
  9. 9 What About Livingstone (2:56)
  10. 10 Gonna Sing You My Love Song (3:39)
  11. 11 Suzy-Hang-Around (3:16)
  12. 12 Ring Ring (3:06)
  13. 13 Waterloo (2:45)
  14. 14 Honey, Honey (2:59)
  15. 15 Waterloo (2:44)
  16. 16 Hasta Mañana (3:09)
  17. 17 Ring Ring (3:10)
  18. 18 Waterloo (2:42)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Mamma Mia (3:32)
  2. 2 Hey, Hey Helen (3:17)
  3. 3 Tropical Loveland (3:06)
  4. 4 S.O.S. (3:23)
  5. 5 Man in the Middle (3:03)
  6. 6 Bang-A-Boomerang (3:04)
  7. 7 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (3:17)
  8. 8 Rock Me (3:06)
  9. 9 Intermezzo No. 1 (3:48)
  10. 10 I've Been Waiting for You (3:41)
  11. 11 So Long (3:10)
  12. 12 Crazy World (3:46)
  13. 13 Medley: Pick a Bale of Cotton/On Top of Old Smokey/Midnight Special (4:21)
  14. 14 Mamma Mia (3:34)
Disc 4
  1. 1 When I Kissed the Teacher (3:03)
  2. 2 Dancing Queen (3:53)
  3. 3 My Love, My Life (3:54)
  4. 4 Dum Dum Diddle (2:55)
  5. 5 Knowing Me, Knowing You (4:02)
  6. 6 Money, Money, Money (3:07)
  7. 7 That's Me (3:16)
  8. 8 Why Did It Have to Be Me? (3:22)
  9. 9 Tiger (2:56)
  10. 10 Arrival (3:06)
  11. 11 Fernando (4:14)
  12. 12 Happy Hawaii (4:25)
  13. 13 La Reina del Baile (4:03)
  14. 14 Conociéndome, Conociéndote (4:04)
  15. 15 Fernando (4:17)
Disc 5
  1. 1 Eagle (5:49)
  2. 2 Take a Chance on Me (4:00)
  3. 3 One Man, One Woman (4:34)
  4. 4 The Name of the Game (4:54)
  5. 5 Move On (4:42)
  6. 6 Hole in Your Soul (3:41)
  7. 7 The Girl with the Golden Hair: Thank You for the Music (3:49)
  8. 8 The Girl with the Golden Hair: I Wonder (Departure) (4:33)
  9. 9 The Girl with the Golden Hair: I'm a Marionette (4:09)
  10. 10 Al Andar (4:43)
  11. 11 Gracias por La Música (3:49)
Disc 6
  1. 1 As Good as New (3:23)
  2. 2 Voulez-Vous (5:08)
  3. 3 I Have a Dream (4:44)
  4. 4 Angeleyes (4:22)
  5. 5 The King Has Lost His Crown (3:34)
  6. 6 Does Your Mother Know (3:15)
  7. 7 If It Wasn't for the Nights (5:10)
  8. 8 Chiquitita (5:26)
  9. 9 Lovers (Live a Little Longer) (3:31)
  10. 10 Kisses of Fire (3:21)
  11. 11 Summer Night City (3:36)
  12. 12 Lovelight (3:49)
  13. 13 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (4:51)
  14. 14 Estoy Soñando (4:40)
  15. 15 Chiquitita (5:35)
  16. 16 Dame! Dame! Dame! (4:49)
Disc 7
  1. 1 Super Trouper (4:15)
  2. 2 The Winner Takes It All (4:56)
  3. 3 On and on and On (3:42)
  4. 4 Andante, Andante (4:41)
  5. 5 Me and I (4:56)
  6. 6 Happy New Year (4:25)
  7. 7 Our Last Summer (4:21)
  8. 8 The Piper (3:27)
  9. 9 Lay All Your Love on Me (4:35)
  10. 10 The Way Old Friends Do (2:59)
  11. 11 Elaine (3:45)
  12. 12 Andante, Andante (4:40)
  13. 13 Felicidad (4:24)
Disc 8
  1. 1 The Visitors (5:46)
  2. 2 Head Over Heels (3:48)
  3. 3 When All Is Said and Done (3:18)
  4. 4 Soldiers (4:40)
  5. 5 I Let the Music Speak (5:21)
  6. 6 One of Us (3:56)
  7. 7 Two for the Price of One (3:37)
  8. 8 Slipping Through My Fingers (3:53)
  9. 9 Like an Angel Passing Through My Room (3:39)
  10. 10 Should I Laugh or Cry (4:32)
  11. 11 No Hay a Quien Culpar (3:14)
  12. 12 Se Me Esta Escapando (3:54)
  13. 13 The Day Before You Came (5:51)
  14. 14 Cassandra (4:54)
  15. 15 Under Attack (3:49)
  16. 16 You Owe Me One (3:26)
Disc 9
  1. 1 Waterloo (2:45)
  2. 2 Medley: Pick a Bale of Cotton/On Top of Old Smokey/Midnight Special (4:21)
  3. 3 Thank You for the Music (4:03)
  4. 4 Summer Night City (4:18)
  5. 5 Lovelight (3:24)
  6. 6 Dream World (3:36)
  7. 7 Voulez-Vous (6:10)
  8. 8 On and on and On (4:13)
  9. 9 Put on Your White Sombrero (4:28)
  10. 10 I Am the City (4:02)
  11. 11 Abba Undeleted: Scaramouche/Summer Night City/Take a Chance on Me/Baby (23:28)
Disc 10
  1. 1 Waterloo
  2. 2 Ring Ring
  3. 3 Mamma Mia
  4. 4 S.O.S.
  5. 5 Bang-A-Boomerang
  6. 6 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  7. 7 Fernando
  8. 8 Dancing Queen
  9. 9 Money, Money, Money
  10. 10 Knowing Me, Knowing You
  11. 11 That's Me
  12. 12 The Name of the Game
  13. 13 Take a Chance on Me
  14. 14 Eagle
  15. 15 One Man, One Woman
  16. 16 Thank You for the Music
  17. 17 Summer Night City
  18. 18 Chiquitita
  19. 19 Does Your Mother Know
  20. 20 Voulez-Vous
  21. 21 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
  22. 22 I Have a Dream
  23. 23 On and on and On
  24. 24 The Winner Takes It All
  25. 25 Super Trouper
  26. 26 Happy New Year
  27. 27 Lay All Your Love on Me
  28. 28 When All Is Said and Done
  29. 29 One of Us
  30. 30 Head Over Heels
  31. 31 The Day Before You Came
  32. 32 Under Attack
  33. 33 Estoy Soñando
  34. 34 Felicidad
  35. 35 No Hay a Quien Culpar
  36. 36 Dancing Queen
  37. 37 The Last Video
Disc 11
  1. 1 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
  2. 2 Super Trouper
  3. 3 Two for the Price of One
  4. 4 Slipping Through My Fingers
  5. 5 On and on and On
  6. 6 The History
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
ABBA Primary Artist
Janne Schaffer Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Electric Guitar
Johan Stengard Saxophone
Ake Jelving Strings
Gustavo Bergalli Brass
Rolf Alex Drums
Benny Andersson Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Clavinet, Moog Synthesizer, Mellotron
Lennart Axelsson Brass
Jan Bandel Drums
Stefan Brolund Bass
Ola Brunkert Drums, Musician
Lars Carlsson Flute, Saxophone
Anders Dahl Strings
Christer Danielson Brass
Christer Ecklund Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Anders Eljas Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Musician
Bo Eriksson Woodwind
Agnetha Fältskog Vocals
Joe Galdo Drums
Malando Gassama Percussion, Conga
Anders Glenmark Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Bruno Glenmark Trumpet, Brass
Rutger Gunnarsson Bass, Musician
Gunnar Gunrup Brass
Arnold Johansson Brass
Jorgen Johansson Brass
Janne Kling Clarinet, Flute, Woodwind
Jan Kohlin Brass
Nils Landgren Brass
Ish Ledesma Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Tomas Ledin Background Vocals
Per Lindvall Drums
Gloria Lundell Harp
Gosta Nilsson Brass
Torgny Nilsson Brass
Kjell Ohman Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards
Liza Öhman Background Vocals
Lars Olofsson Brass
Roger Palm Drums
Halldor Palsson Saxophone
Arnold Paseiro Bass
Raphael Ravenscroft Saxophone
Weine Renliden Brass
Jan Risberg Woodwind
Mats Ronander Musician
Lars Erik Ronn Woodwind
Per Sahlberg Bass
Lars Samuelson Brass
Finn Sjoberg Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Electric Guitar
Bengt Sundberg Brass
Ake Sundqvist Percussion, Musician
George Terry Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Björn Ulvaeus Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Mike Watson Bass
Lasse Wellander Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Musician
Gunnar Wenneborg Brass
Kajtek Wojciechowski Saxophone
Michael Areklew Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Anni-Frid Lyngstad Vocals
Örjan Högberg Strings
Derek Skinner Drums
Lena Ericsson Background Vocals
Jens Jansson Brass
Paul "Blind Man" Harris Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards
Bo Soderstrom Strings
Åke Arvinder Strings
Lars Arvinder Strings
Kjell Bjurling Strings
Lars Blomberg Strings
Björn Borg Brass
Inge Boström Strings
Birgitta Brigerte Strings
Lars Brolin Strings
Walter Brolund Brass
Martin Bylund Strings
Bo Dahlman Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Harry Damgaard Strings
Erik Dybeck Strings
Hans Göran Eketorp Strings
Ulf Engström Strings
Alm Nils Ersson Strings
Lennart Fredriksson Strings
Magda Fürst Strings
Tullo Galli Strings
Niels Heie Strings
Bo Hellman Strings
International School Of Stockholm Choir Vocals
Eva Isaksson Strings
Håkan Jansson Saxophone
Kjell Jeppsson Drums
Miroslav Jovic Strings
Gunnar Klinge Strings
Herbert Konvicka Strings
Torbjörn Kvist Brass
Gösta Lax Strings
Janne Lindgren Steel Guitar
Inge Lindstedt Strings
Lennart Löfgren Brass
Gert Lundberg Strings
Börje Mårelius Woodwind
Gunnar Michols Strings
Jan Neander Strings
Bernt Nilsson Strings
Claes Nilsson Strings
Kjell Nilsson Strings
Bernt Nylund Strings
Per Erik Olsson Strings
Bertil Orsin Strings
Gunnar Östling Strings
Leandr Pfeiler Strings
Alfred Pisuke Strings
Hubert Reinholdson Strings
Gideon Roehr Strings
Håkan Roos Strings
Hasse Rosén Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Per Sandklef Strings
Yngve Sandström Woodwind
Sylvia Starck Strings
Lars Stegenberg Strings
Anders Stengård Brass
Sixten Strömvall Strings
Harry Teike Strings
Snorri Thorvaldsson Strings
Christer Torgé Brass
Eduard VanDerKwast Strings
Lars Widén Strings
Björn Woœns Guitar
Krzysztof Zdrzalka Strings
Åke Olofsson Strings
Ulf Andersson Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Technical Credits
Dennis Brown Composer
Neil Sedaka Composer
ABBA Author
Peter Gabriel Composer
Anthony Phillips Composer
Björn J:son Lindh Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements, Tenor Sax Arrangements
Phil Cody Composer
Benny Andersson Arranger, Composer, Producer
Tony Banks Composer
Anders Dahl Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
Anders Eljas Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
Agnetha Fältskog Composer
Rutger Gunnarsson Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
Roger Palm Contributor
Rune Persson Engineer
Mike Rutherford Composer
Chris Stewart Composer
Michael B. Tretow Engineer
Björn Ulvaeus Arranger, Composer, Producer
John Silver Composer
Martin Koch Arranger
Björn Almstedt Engineer
Mary McCluskey Composer
Rune Soderqvist Illustrations, Cover Design
Sven-Olof Walldoff Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
Stig Anderson Composer
Buddy McCluskey Composer
Anni-Frid Lyngstad Composer
Henrik Jonsson Mastering
Traditional Composer
Ola Lager Cover Photo
Carl Magnus Palm Liner Notes
Lennart Karlsmyr Engineer
Görel Hanser Contribution, Information
Jeanette Albertsson Producer
Björn Andersson Illustrations
Calle Åstrand Director, Writer
Frank Axelsson Contribution, Information
Luke Beauchamp Executive Producer
Nils Boström Engineer
Matthew Crocker Contribution, Information
Åke Eldsäter Engineer
Åke Källqvist Executive Producer
Sten Åke Magnusson Cover Design
Gunnar Moe Contribution, Information
Philip Muytjens Contribution, Information
Gunilla Nilars Director, Producer
Jean Marie Potiez Author
Björn Waldenström Contribution, Information
Lars Wigenius Costume Design
Peter Wiking Cover Design
T. H. Campbell Composer
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  • Anonymous

    Posted October 1, 2010

    ABBA Box Set is the Best Buy

    Size is misleading, but I enjoy very much. Worth purchasing if you are an ABBA Fanactic. CD's stored in a plactic pocket. It might be worth upgrading the pockets. But overall its a great purchase.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted October 1, 2010

    WOW! EVERYTHING THEY EVER RECORDED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Marketing ploy? Reissue overkill? I must say, this is THE most comprehensive of all the ABBA compilations (though I do like some of the early pre-Gold ones). But to have everything that was never available to most markets and to have a box set that BESTS Thank You For The Music...this is just unbelievable! The nice box comes with a comprehensive booklet featuring all the lyrics and dozens of rare photos. I can hardly believe my mind. The DVDs are even a nice fixture to this set, making "The Complete Studio Recordings" not only live up to its title, but exceed it! To all the guys at Universal, give yourselves a pat on the back for creating something that ABBA fans (that's me) already have but love! I definitely wanna get that...

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
Sort by: Showing all of 2 Customer Reviews