Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 1

The Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 1

This is the first in a projected six-volume set chronicling the entire singles output of Sun Records, their subsidiaries Flip and Phillips International, run in strict chronological order. No alternate takes, no studio chitchat, no second-guessing decades after the fact -- just the simple history of some of the greatest American music that ever came from one man's


This is the first in a projected six-volume set chronicling the entire singles output of Sun Records, their subsidiaries Flip and Phillips International, run in strict chronological order. No alternate takes, no studio chitchat, no second-guessing decades after the fact -- just the simple history of some of the greatest American music that ever came from one man's vision, label owner and production genius Sam Phillips. Each box features four CDs, and this first volume brings us the first 52 Sun singles -- both A- and B-sides -- plus both sides of all the singles on Flip, Sam's short-lived 1955 subsidiary. It takes us from the humblest of humble beginnings -- when Sun was a raw blues label, cutting one early Memphis blues classic after another -- through the first recordings of Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins, leaving us poised near Sun's golden rockabilly age. A great many record collectors got started because of their endless fascination with Sun. Seldom -- if ever -- has a label's minutiae been held to such scrutiny that even artists who only saw one or a handful of scant-selling releases have become cult heroes. And the first flowering of Elvis aside, that's really the big ticket here -- hearing the story of a unique, maverick label unfold before your very ears. It's easy to see within the first half-dozen singles on Disc One that Sam Phillips was gonna put out exactly what felt good to him. Maybe Phillips never mastered the art of the studio fade-out, but he could drill right into the heart and soul of an artist and capture mood and ambience on tape in a way that the Chess or Bihari brothers never could. For all the blues classics covered by Disc Two, the first white artists were also starting to appear on the little yellow label. Disc Three is where the whole ball game starts to change with the arrival of Elvis, but his first four singles aren't the only great stuff on this disc. Disc Four shows Phillips slowly moving away from the blues and heading his label into country music, with rockabilly still almost a sideline dalliance. Elvis' final Sun single is here, but many of the classics on this disc come from Sam applying his production expertise to a clutch of great country singles -- some of his best and most unaffected records came out of this batch. Bottom line: this box is the first step to owning one of the great labels of all time, and some of the best blues, country and rock'n'roll you'll ever experience. There's also a 68-page bound booklet with label reproductions and photos galore, plus great notes from Sun researchers Hank Davis and Colin Escott. The price tag might seem a tad hefty to some, but compared to what the original 78s and 45s are going for -- all of them lovingly restored here when masters were missing, by the way -- this thing's a steal.

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Disc 1

  1. Flat Tire
  2. Drivin' Slow
  3. Got My Application, Baby
  4. Trouble
  5. We All Gotta Go Sometime
  6. She May Be Yours (But She Comes to See Me Sometimes)
  7. Baker Shop Boogie
  8. Seems Like a Million Years
  9. Easy
  10. Before Long
  11. Bear Cat
  12. Walkin' in the Rain
  13. Heaven or Fire
  14. Tears and Wine
  15. Lonesome Old Jail
  16. Greyhound Blues
  17. Call Me Anything, But Call Me
  18. Baby, No, No!
  19. Take a Little Chance
  20. Time Has Made a Change
  21. Baby Please
  22. Just Walkin' in the Rain
  23. Feelin' Good
  24. Fussin' and Fightin' Blues
  25. Tiger Man
  26. Save That Money
  27. My God Is Real
  28. Softly and Tenderly

Disc 2

  1. Blues Waltz
  2. Silver Bells
  3. A Prisoner's Prayer
  4. I Know
  5. Mystery Train
  6. Love My Baby
  7. Come Back Baby
  8. Chicago Breakdown
  9. Beggin' My Baby
  10. Somebody Told Me
  11. No Teasing Around
  12. If Lovin' Is Believing
  13. Wolf Call Boogie
  14. Harmonica Jam
  15. Boogie Blues
  16. In the Dark
  17. Troublesome Waters
  18. I Must Be Saved
  19. My Baby
  20. Straighten up Baby
  21. If You Love Me Baby
  22. Alone and Blue
  23. Gonna Dance All Night
  24. Fallen Angel
  25. Now She Cares No More for Me
  26. My Kind of Carryin' On
  27. I'm Not Going Home
  28. The Woodchuck

Disc 3

  1. Bourbon Street Jump
  2. The Snuggle
  3. The Great Medical Menagerist
  4. Rockin' Chair Daddy
  5. Cotton Crop Blues
  6. Hold Me in Your Arms
  7. There Is Love in You
  8. What'll You Do Next
  9. Right or Wrong
  10. Why Do I Cry?
  11. That's All Right
  12. Blue Moon of Kentucky
  13. Good Rockin' Tonight
  14. I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine
  15. Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
  16. Just Rolling Along
  17. The Boogie Disease
  18. Juke Box Boogie
  19. Look at Jesus
  20. Every Night
  21. Move Baby Move
  22. When It Rains It Pours
  23. Milk Cow Blues
  24. You're a Heartbreaker
  25. Don't Believe
  26. Uncertain Love
  27. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
  28. Baby Let's Play House
  29. I Feel So Worried
  30. So Long Baby, Goodbye

Disc 4

  1. Red Hot
  2. No Greater Love
  3. Homesick for My Baby
  4. Lookin' for My Baby
  5. Cry Cry Cry
  6. Hey Porter
  7. Don't Do That!
  8. Sitting by My Window
  9. Mystery Train
  10. I Forgot to Remember to Forget
  11. Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing
  12. Gone, Gone, Gone
  13. The House of Sin
  14. Are You Ashames of Me
  15. Ain't That Right
  16. Bring Your Love Back Home
  17. Just Love Me Baby
  18. Weeping Blues
  19. The Signifying Monkey
  20. Listen to Me Baby
  21. Movie Magg
  22. Turn Around
  23. Lonely Sweetheart
  24. Split Personality
  25. I've Been Decieved
  26. Peepin' Eyes
  27. Someday You Will Pay
  28. You Didn't Think I Would

Album Credits

Performance Credits

James Cotton   Track Performer
Joe Hill Louis   Track Performer
Johnny Cash   Track Performer
Charlie Feathers   Track Performer
Rosco Gordon   Track Performer
Carl Perkins   Track Performer
Elvis Presley   Track Performer
Doctor Ross   Track Performer
Hardrock Gunter   Track Performer
Prisonaires   Track Performer
Little Milton   Track Performer
Harmonica Frank Floyd   Track Performer
Raymond Hill   Track Performer
Sammy Lewis   Track Performer
Willie Nix   Track Performer
Clayton Perkins   Track Performer
Malcolm Yelvington   Track Performer
Howard Serratt   Track Performer
Doug Poindexter   Track Performer
Billy "The Kid" Emerson   Track Performer
Miller Sisters   Track Performer
Eddie Snow   Track Performer
Johnny London   Track Performer
Coy "Hot Shot" Love   Track Performer
Ripley Cotton Choppers   Track Performer
Big Memphis Ma Rainey   Track Performer
Smokey Joe   Track Performer
Jones Brothers   Track Performer
Handy Jackson   Track Performer
Dusty Brooks   Track Performer
D.A. Hunt   Track Performer
Slim Rhodes   Track Performer
Earl Peterson   Track Performer
Buddy Cunningham   Track Performer
Five Tinos   Track Performer
Bill Taylor   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Kokomo Arnold   Composer
James Cotton   Composer
Joe Hill Louis   Composer
Johnny Cash   Composer
Hank Davis   Liner Notes,Illustrations,Text
Carl Perkins   Composer
Rufus Thomas   Composer
Doctor Ross   Composer
Kenny Young   Composer
Billy Miller   Illustrations
Bill Emerson   Composer
Jim Cole   Illustrations
Johnny Bragg   Composer
James Luther Dickinson   Illustrations
Colin Escott   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Research
Raymond Hill   Composer
Buddy Killen   Composer
Lewis   Composer
Sticks McGhee   Composer
Kenneth S. Morris   Composer
Jim O'Neal   Illustrations
Junior Parker   Composer
Robert Smith   Composer
J. Mayo Williams   Composer
Malcolm Yelvington   Composer
Willie Johnson   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Herman "Little Junior" Parker   Composer
Bruce Bastin   Illustrations
Sam Phillips   Composer,Producer
Isaiah Ross   Composer
Herman Parker   Composer
Barry Tashian   Composer
Billy "The Kid" Emerson   Composer
Matthew Barnes   Composer
Martin Hawkins   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Sylke Holtrop   Artwork
Dave Sax   Reissue Producer,Tape Comparison,Tape Research
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
Eddie Snow   Composer
Mack David   Composer
Robert Riley   Composer
Ernest Rippetoe   Composer
Handy Jackson   Composer
Brian Smith   Illustrations
Public Domain   Composer
Earl Peterson   Composer
Gary Maragos   Composer

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