Complete US Singles As & Bs: 1955-62

Complete US Singles As & Bs: 1955-62

by Connie Francis

Connie Francis was only 16 years old when she recorded her first single, "Freddy," for MGM Records in 1955, and while the label released several consequent singles, none of them really took off, and not exactly sold on singing as a way of life, Francis fully expected a session she did for the label in late 1957 to be her final one. Fate is fate, though, and when she… See more details below


Connie Francis was only 16 years old when she recorded her first single, "Freddy," for MGM Records in 1955, and while the label released several consequent singles, none of them really took off, and not exactly sold on singing as a way of life, Francis fully expected a session she did for the label in late 1957 to be her final one. Fate is fate, though, and when she tracked a version of a 1923 song called "Who's Sorry Now?," everything changed. The song was a huge hit and Francis went on to record for MGM Records through 1969, charting hits with songs like "Everybody's Somebody's Fool," "Stupid Cupid," and "Where the Boys Are," among others. This three-disc, 85-track set includes "Freddy," "Who's Sorry Now?," and all of the singer's A- and B-side singles from both the U.S. and the U.K. between the years 1955 and 1962. It's an awful lot of Connie Francis, which is certainly not a bad thing, but casual listeners should probably stick with a single-disc greatest-hits collection that also includes her early-'60s singles. Still, this is a valuable archival set that digs deep and chronicles one of the few true classic female pop singers to flourish and thrive commercially in the early rock & roll era.

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Disc 1

  1. Freddy  - Connie Francis
  2. Didn't I Love You Enough  - Connie Francis
  3. (Oh, Please) Make Him Jealous  - Connie Francis
  4. Goody Goodbye  - Connie Francis
  5. Are You Satisfied  - Connie Francis
  6. My Treasure  - Connie Francis
  7. My First Real Love  -  Jaybirds
  8. Believe In Me (Crede Mi)  - Connie Francis
  9. Send For My Baby  - Connie Francis
  10. Forgetting  - Connie Francis
  11. I Never Had a Sweetheart  - Connie Francis
  12. Little Blue Wren  - Connie Francis
  13. Everyone Needs Someone  - Connie Francis
  14. My Sailor Boy  - Connie Francis
  15. No Other One  - Connie Francis
  16. I Leaned On a Man  - Connie Francis
  17. Eighteen  - Connie Francis
  18. Faded Orchid  - Connie Francis
  19. The Majesty of Love  - Connie Francis
  20. You, My Darlin' You  - Marvin Rainwater
  21. Who's Sorry Now?  - Connie Francis
  22. You Were Only Fooling  - Connie Francis
  23. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry  - Connie Francis
  24. Lock Up Your Heart  - Connie Francis
  25. Heartaches  - Connie Francis
  26. I Miss You So  - Connie Francis
  27. Stupid Cupid  - Connie Francis
  28. Carolina Moon  - Connie Francis
  29. Fallin'  - Connie Francis

Disc 2

  1. Happy Days and Lonely Nights  - Connie Francis
  2. I'll Get By  - Connie Francis
  3. You Always Hurt the One You Love  - Connie Francis
  4. In the Valley of Love  - Connie Francis
  5. My Happiness  - Connie Francis
  6. Never Before  - Connie Francis
  7. If I Didn't Care  - Connie Francis
  8. Toward the End of the Day  - Connie Francis
  9. Lipstick On Your Collar  - Connie Francis
  10. Frankie  - Connie Francis
  11. You're Gonna Miss Me  - Connie Francis
  12. Plenty Good Lovin'  - Connie Francis
  13. Among My Souvenirs  - Connie Francis
  14. God Bless America  - Connie Francis
  15. Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me  - Connie Francis
  16. Valentino  - Connie Francis
  17. It Would Be Worth It  - Connie Francis
  18. Mama  - Connie Francis
  19. Teddy  - Connie Francis
  20. Robot Man  - Connie Francis
  21. Jealous of You (Tango Della Gelosia)  - Connie Francis
  22. Everybody's Somebody's Fool  - Connie Francis
  23. My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own  - Connie Francis
  24. Malagueã  - Connie Francis
  25. Many Tears Ago  - Connie Francis
  26. Senza Mamma e Nnammurata  - Connie Francis
  27. Where the Boys Are  - Connie Francis
  28. No One  - Connie Francis

Disc 3

  1. Baby Roo  - Connie Francis
  2. Breakin' In a Brand New Broken Heart  - Connie Francis
  3. Someone Else's Boy  - Connie Francis
  4. Atashi-No  - Connie Francis
  5. Swanee  - Connie Francis
  6. Together  - Connie Francis
  7. Too Many Rules  - Connie Francis
  8. (He's My) Dreamboat  - Connie Francis
  9. Hollywood  - Connie Francis
  10. When the Boy In Your Arms  - Connie Francis
  11. Baby's First Christmas  - Connie Francis
  12. I'm Falling In Love With You Tonight  - Connie Francis
  13. Don't Cry On My Shoulder  - Connie Francis
  14. Mister Twister  - Connie Francis
  15. Don't Break the Heart That Loves You  - Connie Francis
  16. Drop It, Joe  - Connie Francis
  17. Ain't That Better, Baby  - Connie Francis
  18. Second Hand Love  - Connie Francis
  19. Gonna Git That Man  - Connie Francis
  20. V-a-C-a-T-I-O-N  - Connie Francis
  21. The Biggest Sin of All  - Connie Francis
  22. It's Gonna Take Me Some Time  - Connie Francis
  23. I Was Such a Fool  - Connie Francis
  24. He Thinks I Still Care  - Connie Francis
  25. Playin' Games  - Connie Francis
  26. I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter  - Connie Francis
  27. Al Di Lã  - Connie Francis
  28. Pretty Little Baby  - Connie Francis

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Connie Francis   Primary Artist
Tony Osborne   Conductor
Leroy Holmes   Conductor
Stan Applebaum   Conductor
Sid Bass   Conductor
Don Costa   Conductor
Ray Ellis   Conductor
Gus Levene   Conductor
Bill McElhiney   Conductor
Glenn Osser   Conductor
Richard Wess   Conductor
Joe Sherman   Conductor
Joe Lipman   Conductor
Cliff Parman   Conductor
Sammy Lowe   Conductor
Tony Osbourne   Conductor
Sean Applebaum   Conductor

Technical Credits

Sheb Wooley   Composer
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George Gershwin   Composer
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Leroy Holmes   Direction
John Berry   Composer
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Lew Brown   Composer
Irving Caesar   Composer
Don Christopher   Composer
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Eddie Curtis   Composer
Ervin Drake   Composer
Ray Ellis   Direction
Norman Gimbel   Composer
Howard Greenfield   Composer
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Jack Keller   Composer
Don Kirshner   Composer
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Lewis   Composer
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