Conway Twitty Collection

Conway Twitty Collection

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by Conway Twitty

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The Conway Twitty Collection is a stellar four-disc box set that contains every essential track he ever recorded. Beginning with some early recordings -- including a cut from when he was a preteen -- the set runs through every hit from 1958's "It's Only Make Believe" to 1993's "I'm the Only Thing (I'll Hold Against You)." Several rarities are scatteredSee more details below


The Conway Twitty Collection is a stellar four-disc box set that contains every essential track he ever recorded. Beginning with some early recordings -- including a cut from when he was a preteen -- the set runs through every hit from 1958's "It's Only Make Believe" to 1993's "I'm the Only Thing (I'll Hold Against You)." Several rarities are scattered throughout, but the true treasure of the compilation is the simple fact that it contains the great majority of his Top Ten hits, including his duets with Loretta Lynn. It is a lasting testament to his considerable talents.

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Mca Nashville


Disc 1

  1. Cry Baby Heart  - Conway Twitty
  2. Maybellene  - Conway Twitty
  3. Rock House  - Conway Twitty
  4. I Need Your Lovin'  - Conway Twitty
  5. It's Only Make Believe  - Conway Twitty
  6. The Story of My Love  - Conway Twitty
  7. Lonely Blue Boy  - Conway Twitty
  8. What Am I Living For?  - Conway Twitty
  9. Unchained Melody  - Conway Twitty
  10. The Next Kiss (Is the Last Goodbye)  - Conway Twitty
  11. Such a Night  - Conway Twitty
  12. Walk Me to the Door  - Conway Twitty
  13. Funny (But I'm Not Laughing)  - Conway Twitty
  14. Together Forever  - Conway Twitty
  15. Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart  - Conway Twitty
  16. The Image of Me  - Conway Twitty
  17. Next in Line  - Conway Twitty
  18. Darling, You Know I Wouldn't Lie  - Conway Twitty
  19. To See My Angel Cry  - Conway Twitty
  20. That's When She Started to Stop Loving You  - Conway Twitty
  21. Hello Darlin'  - Conway Twitty
  22. Fifteen Years Ago  - Conway Twitty
  23. How Much More Can She Stand  - Conway Twitty
  24. After the Fire Is Gone

Disc 2

  1. I Wonder What She'll Think About Me Leaving  - Conway Twitty
  2. Lead Me On
  3. (Lost Her Love) on Our Last Date  - Conway Twitty
  4. I Can't Stop Loving You  - Conway Twitty
  5. She Needs Someone to Hold Her (When She Cries)  - Conway Twitty
  6. Baby's Gone  - Conway Twitty
  7. Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man  - Conway Twitty
  8. You've Never Been This Far Before  - Conway Twitty
  9. There's a Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In)  - Conway Twitty
  10. I'm Not Through Loving You Yet  - Conway Twitty
  11. As Soon as I Hang up the Phone
  12. I See the Want To in Your Eyes  - Conway Twitty
  13. Linda on My Mind  - Conway Twitty
  14. Touch the Hand  - Conway Twitty
  15. Feelins'  - Conway Twitty
  16. I Just Had You on My Mind  - Conway Twitty
  17. Hello Darlin'  - Conway Twitty
  18. This Time I've Hurt Her More (Than She Loves Me)  - Conway Twitty
  19. After All the Good Is Gone  - Conway Twitty
  20. The Games That Daddies Play  - Conway Twitty
  21. (I Can't Believe) She Gives It All to Me  - Conway Twitty
  22. Play Guitar Play  - Conway Twitty
  23. No Relief in Sight  - Conway Twitty

Disc 3

  1. I've Already Loved You in My Mind  - Conway Twitty
  2. The Grandest Lady of Them All  - Conway Twitty
  3. Your Love Had Taken Me That High  - Conway Twitty
  4. Boogie Grass Band  - Conway Twitty
  5. Don't Take It Away  - Conway Twitty
  6. I May Never Get to Heaven  - Conway Twitty
  7. You Know Just What I'd Do  - Conway Twitty
  8. Happy Birthday Darlin'  - Conway Twitty
  9. I'd Love to Lay You Down  - Conway Twitty
  10. It's True Love
  11. A Bridge That Just Won't Burn  - Conway Twitty
  12. Lovin' What Your Lovin' Does to Me
  13. Rest Your Love on Me  - Conway Twitty
  14. Tight Fittin' Jeans  - Conway Twitty
  15. Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night  - Conway Twitty
  16. We Had It All  - Conway Twitty
  17. The Clown  - Conway Twitty
  18. Slow Hand  - Conway Twitty
  19. The Rose  - Conway Twitty
  20. Somebody's Needin' Somebody  - Conway Twitty
  21. I Don't Know a Thing About Love (The Moon Song)  - Conway Twitty
  22. Julia  - Conway Twitty

Disc 4

  1. I Want to Know You Before We Make Love  - Conway Twitty
  2. That's My Job  - Conway Twitty
  3. Goodbye Time  - Conway Twitty
  4. Saturday Night Special  - Conway Twitty
  5. (I Wish I Was) Still in Your Dreams  - Conway Twitty
  6. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)
  7. She's Got a Single Thing in Mind  - Conway Twitty
  8. House on Old Lonesome Road  - Conway Twitty
  9. Who's Gonna Know  - Conway Twitty
  10. Crazy in Love  - Conway Twitty
  11. I Couldn't See You Leavin'  - Conway Twitty
  12. She's Got a Man on Her Mind  - Conway Twitty
  13. Who Did They Think He Was  - Conway Twitty
  14. I'm the Only Thing (I'll Hold Against You)  - Conway Twitty
  15. Don't It Make You Lonely  - Conway Twitty
  16. Rainy Night in Georgia  - Sam Moore
  17. I Will Always Find My Way to You  - Conway Twitty
  18. Sweet, Sweet Spirit  - Conway Twitty
  19. Clinging to a Saving Hand  - Conway Twitty
  20. Why Me Lord?  - Conway Twitty

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Conway Twitty   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Floyd Cramer   Organ
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle,Mandolin
Loretta Lynn   Vocals,Track Performer
Buddy Spicher   Fiddle
Donna McElroy   Vocals
Jordanaires   Vocals
Matt Rollings   Piano
Pete Drake   Steel Guitar
Grady Martin   Electric Guitar
Bobby Wood   Keyboards
Don Potter   Acoustic Guitar
Anita Kerr Singers   Vocals
Kenny Aronoff   Drums
Eddie Bayers   Drums
Barry Beckett   Piano
Ken Bell   Acoustic Guitar
Benmont Tench   Organ
Richard Bennett   Acoustic Guitar
Lea Jane Berinati   Vocals
Bruce Bouton   Steel Guitar,Slide Guitar
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Thomas Brannon   Saxophone,Vocals
Dennis Burnside   Keyboards
Larry Butler   Piano
Harrison Calloway   Trumpet
Jimmy Capps   Acoustic Guitar
Mark Casstevens   Acoustic Guitar
John Christopher   Acoustic Guitar
Carolee Cooper   Vocals
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Shane Keister   Keyboards
Ronnie Eades   Baritone Saxophone
Ray Edenton   Acoustic Guitar
Jimmy "BeBop" Evans   Bass
Pat Flynn   Acoustic Guitar
Janie Fricke   Vocals
Don Gant   Vocals
Vince Gill   Vocals
Emory Gordy   Bass
Vicki Hampton   Vocals
Buddy Harman   Drums
Hoot Hester   Mandolin
Yvonne Hodges   Vocals
Ginger Holladay   Vocals
Jim Horn   Flute
John Hughey   Dobro,Steel Guitar
David Hungate   Bass
John Jarvis   Piano
Larry Keith   Vocals
Sheldon Kurland   Strings
Mike Lawler   Organ,Synthesizer
Mike Leech   Bass
Paul Leim   Drums
Brent Mason   Guitar
Terry McMillan   Harmonica
Farrell Morris   Percussion
Steve Nathan   Keyboards
Fred Newell   Electric Guitar
Norbert Putnam   Bass
Donna Rhodes   Vocals
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Piano
Charles Rose   Trombone
Brent Rowan   Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Shook   Guitar
Bo Sloan   Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Stembridge   Guitar
Harry Stinson   Vocals
Henry Strzelecki   Bass
James Stroud   Drums
Paul Thompson   Drums
Robby Turner   Steel Guitar
Paul Uhrig   Bass
Billy Joe Walker   Acoustic Guitar
Willie Weeks   Bass
Duane West   Vocals
Bergen White   Vocals
L.E. White   Vocals
Glenn Worf   Bass
Robert Thomas Wray   Bass
Curtis Young   Vocals
Reggie Young   Electric Guitar
Herman Wade   Electric Guitar
Charlie McCoy   Harmonica
Perry Rhodes   Vocals
Willie Wilson   Drums
Bob Moore   Bass
Sam Moore   Vocals,Track Performer
Charlie Archer   Electric Guitar
Bonnie Gallie   Vocals
Jimmy Geesie   Guitar
Lew Houston   Steel Guitar
Gene Hughey   Bass,Vocals
Harold Jenkins   Guitar,Vocals
Gene Jones   Steel Guitar
Joe E. Lewis   Bass Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Tommy Markham   Drums
Chuck Maury   Rhythm Guitar
Nashville Sounds   Vocals
Jimmy Luke Pashman   Guitar
Wesley Pickett   Rhythm Guitar
Denny Rice   Piano
Mike Schrimpf   Keyboards
Tip Tipton   Fiddle
Billy Weir   Drums
Martin Willis   Saxophone
Pam Wolfe   Vocals
Bill Harris   Bass
David Briggs   Piano
Dennis Wilson   Vocals

Technical Credits

Don Henry   Composer
Loretta Lynn   Producer
Conway Twitty   Composer,Producer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Art Harris   Composer
David Barnes   Producer
Jimmy Bowen   Producer
Owen Bradley   Producer
Ron Chancey   Producer
Don Cook   Composer,Producer
Dee Henry   Producer
Harlan Howard   Producer
Felton Jarvis   Producer
Jack Nance   Composer
Ray Smith   Composer
Jim Vienneau   Producer
Don Was   Producer
L.E. White   Composer
Robert K. Oermann   Liner Notes
Arkansas Cotton Choppers   Contributor
John Barlow Jarvis   Composer
Dave Gibson   Composer
James Paulman   Composer
Becki Bluefield   Composer
Jim Owens   Composer
Mickey Jaco   Composer
Bill Parks   Composer
Bernie Nelson   Composer
Mike Huffman   Composer
Jimmy Jay   Composer

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