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The Corinne T. Netzer 2003 Calorie Counter

The Corinne T. Netzer 2003 Calorie Counter

by Corinne T. Netzer
Freshly revised and updated for 2003, Corinne T. Netzer’s bestselling classic is chock-full of up-to-date calorie counts for brand-name and common foods.

The Corinne T. Netzer 2003 Calorie Counter is everything you need to make this the year you really stick to that New Year’s resolution! Let Corinne T. Netzer be your guide at home or on the go


Freshly revised and updated for 2003, Corinne T. Netzer’s bestselling classic is chock-full of up-to-date calorie counts for brand-name and common foods.

The Corinne T. Netzer 2003 Calorie Counter is everything you need to make this the year you really stick to that New Year’s resolution! Let Corinne T. Netzer be your guide at home or on the go as you make healthy eating a delicious habit.

Whether you’re cooking up a storm, painting the town red, sampling one of the latest brand-name foods, or popping into the supermarket, here’s the handy, portable reference that gives you the knowledge you need to do it your way. Whatever your goals may be--weight loss, maintenance, good health--they’re easier than ever to achieve with the authoritative calorie counter that leaves the choices to you. Take charge of your diet and your life--beginning today!

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Abalone, meat only, raw, 4 oz.119

Abruzzese sausage (Boar's Head), 1 oz.100

Acerola, fresh, trimmed, 2 cup16

Acorn squash:

raw (Frieda's), ! cup, 3 oz.35

boiled, mashed, 2 cup41

Adobo sauce (Do-a Maria), 2 tbsp.230

Adzuki bean, boiled, 2 cup147

Alfredo sauce (see also "Cheese sauce, cooking") in jars:

(Five Brothers Creamy), 4 cup110

(Progresso Authentic), 2 cup200

garlic (Five Brothers Creamy), 4 cup100

mushroom (Healthy Choice), 4 cup45

Alfredo sauce, refrigerated, 4 cup:


(Buitoni Light)80

Alfredo sauce mix (Knorr Pasta Sauces), 2 tbsp.60

Almond, shelled:

(Fisher), 1 oz.170

whole, natural (Blue Diamond), 3 tbsp.180

dry-roasted, 1 oz.167

lightly salted (Blue Diamond), 3 tbsp.180

oil-roasted (Blue Diamond 6 oz.), 3 tbsp.180

sliced, blanched (Blue Diamond), 3 cup200

slivered (Planters), 2-oz. pkg.340

slivered, blanched (Blue Diamond), 4 cup200

honey-roasted (Blue Diamond 8 oz.), 3 tbsp.170

smoke flavor (Blue Diamond Smokehouse), 3 tbsp.180

smoked (Planters), 1 oz.170

Almond paste (Blue Diamond Baker's), 2 tbsp.150

Anchovy, fresh, meat only, European, raw, 1 oz.37

Anchovy, canned, in olive oil (Bumble Bee), 6 pcs.25

Angel-hair pasta, dry, see "Pasta"

Angel-hair pasta entree, frozen, 1 pkg.:

(Lean Cuisine Everyday Favorites), 10 oz.240

chunky tomatoes, meat sauce (Budget Gourmet), 8 oz.240

Angel-hair pasta mix, 1 cup*:

garlic and butter (Pasta Roni)260

w/herbs or Parmesan cheese (Pasta Roni)320

primavera (Pasta Roni)330

tomato Parmesan (Pasta Roni)280

Anise seed, 1 tsp.7

Apple, fresh:

w/peel (Dole), 1 medium80

w/peel, 2!'' diam.81

w/peel, sliced, 2 cup32

peeled, 2!'' diam.72

peeled, sliced, 2 cup31

Apple, coated, candy or caramel (Tastee), 3-oz. apple160

Apple, dried (Sunsweet), 1.4 oz., 4 cup110

Apple, scalloped, see "Apple dish"

Apple butter, 1 tbsp.:

(Lucky Leaf/Musselman's)30

(Smucker's Cider)45

Apple chips (Tastee), 1 oz.130

Apple cider, see "Apple drink" and "Apple juice"

Apple cider, alcoholic (Hard Core Crisp), 12 fl. oz.190

Apple dip, 2 tbsp.:

caramel (Marzetti)150

caramel (Marzetti Fat Free)120

peanut butter caramel (Marzetti)130

Apple dish, frozen:

cinnamon (Boston Market), 2 cup260

scalloped (Stouffer's Side Dish), 2 of 12-oz. pkg.210

Apple drink:

(Libby's Nectar), 11.5-fl-oz. can200

(Musselman's Little Brown Jug Cider), 8 fl. oz.120

sparkling (Lucky Leaf/Musselman's Cider), 8 fl. oz.150

Apple drink blends, 8 fl. oz., except as noted:

cranberry (Tropicana), 11.5 fl. oz.200

herbal cider (Turkey Hill)100

raspberry blackberry (Tropicana Twister)120

raspberry blackberry (Tropicana Twister), 11.5 fl. oz.180

Apple dumpling, frozen (Pepperidge Farm), 3-oz. pc.250

Apple fritters, frozen (Mrs. Paul's), 2 pcs.240

Apple juice, 8 fl. oz.:



(Martinelli's Juice/Cider)140

(Mott's Natural)110

(Mott's From Concentrate)120

(Nantucket Nectars Cider/Pressed)100

(Season's Best)110

frozen* (Cascadian Farm)120

Apple juice blend, 8 fl. oz.:

all blends (Martinelli's)110

grape (Juicy Juice)120

Apple pastry (see also specific listings):

puffs (Entenmann's), 3-oz. pc.270

strudel (Entenmann's), 4 pastry340

Applesauce, 2 cup, except as noted:

(Lucky Leaf/Lucky Leaf Chunky)90

(Mott's Original)110

(Mott's Original), 4-oz. cont.90


(Musselman's Chunky)100

cinnamon (Apple Time)100

cinnamon (Lucky Leaf/Musselman's)100

cinnamon (Mott's), 4-oz. cont.100


(Apple Time Original)50


(Lucky Leaf Old Fashioned/Musselman's)50

(Mott's), 3.9-oz. cont.50

Applesauce blends, 4-oz. cont., except as noted:

all fruits (Mott's Fruitsations)90

berry, mixed (Mott's)90

strawberry (Mott's)80

Apricot, fresh:

(Dole), 3 medium, 4 oz.60

pitted, halves, 2 cup37

Apricot, canned, 2 cup, halves, except as noted:

(Del Monte Lite)60

Apricot, canned (cont.)

in juice (Libby's)80

in light syrup (Del Monte Orchard Select)80

in light syrup almond-flavor (Del Monte)90

in heavy syrup (Del Monte)100

in heavy syrup, whole, peeled (S&W)120

Apricot, dried:

(Sun¥Maid Fast Fruit California), 1.4 oz., 4 cup110

(Sunsweet Fruitlings), 1.4 oz., 3 cup110

sun-dried (Sunsweet California), 1.4 oz., about 6 pcs.100

Apricot juice, blend (Ceres), 5.25 fl. oz.87

Apricot nectar (Libby's), 8 fl. oz.150

Apricot syrup (Knott's Berry Farm), 4 cup210

Artichoke, globe, fresh:

(Dole), 1 medium, 2 oz. edible25

boiled, drained, 4.2 oz.60

hearts, boiled, drained, 2 cup42

Artichoke, can or jar (see also "Artichoke appetizer"):

(Progresso), 1 pc., 2.9 oz.30

bottoms (Gourmet Award), 3 pcs.18

hearts (Pompeian), 2 cup35

hearts (Reese), 4.5 oz., 4 quarters50

Artichoke, frozen:

bottoms (Bonduelle), 3 oz.25

hearts (Birds Eye Deluxe), 2 cup40

hearts, quartered (Bonduelle), 3 oz.35

Artichoke appetizer, marinated:

(Pompeian), 1 oz.25

(Progresso), 2 pcs., 1.1 oz.50

salad (Reese), 3 cup150

Artichoke dip (Victoria), 2 tbsp.30

Arugula, fresh:

trimmed, 1 oz.7

2 cup3

Asparagus, fresh, trimmed:

raw (Dole), 5 spears, 3.3 oz.25

raw, 4 spears, 2 oz.14

raw, purple or white (Frieda's), 3 oz.20

boiled, 4 spears, 2''-diam. base14

boiled, drained, cuts, 2 cup22

Asparagus, can or jar:

all styles (Del Monte), 2 cup20

spears (Green Giant), 4.5 oz., about 5 pcs.20

spears (Reese White), 3 of 15-oz. can20

spears, pickled (Hogue Farms), 3 spears, 1.1 oz.10

cuts (Bush's Best), 2 cup25

cuts (Green Giant), 2 cup20

cuts (Libby's), 2 cup20

Asparagus, frozen:

spears (Birds Eye Deluxe), 3 oz.20

spears (Seabrook Farms), 7 pcs., 3 oz.20

spears, boiled, 4 pcs.17

cuts (Birds Eye Deluxe), 2 cup25

cuts (Green Giant), 1 cup20

stir-fry blend (Birds Eye), 2 cups frozen90

Au jus gravy (Franco-American), 4 cup10

Au jus gravy mix (Lawry's), 1 tsp.10

Aubergine, see "Eggplant"

Australian blue squash (Frieda's), ! cup, 3 oz.30

Avocado, fresh:

(Frieda's Cocktail), 1.4-oz. pc.60

all varieties, cubed, 2 cup203

California, 1 medium, 8 oz.306

California, pureed, 2 cup204

Florida, pureed, 2 cup130



Babaganoush, see "Eggplant appetizer"

Bacon (see also "Turkey bacon"), cooked:

(Armour), 2 slices90

(Boar's Head), 2 slices60

(Hormel Fully Cooked), 22 slices70

(Thorn Apple Valley), 2 slices80

(Tobin's First Prize Hardwood), 2 slices100

thick cut (Oscar Mayer), 1 slice, 8''60

Bacon, Canadian (Boar's Head), 2 oz.70

Bacon, Italian (Daniele Pancetta), .5-oz. slice50

Bacon bits:

imitation (Bac 'n Pieces), 12 tbsp.30

real (Oscar Mayer), 1 tbsp.25

Bagel, 1 pc., except as noted:

plain (Awrey's), 4 oz.270

plain or cinnamon raisin (Awrey's), 2 oz.150

plain or cinnamon raisin (Awrey's), 2.6 oz.190

plain, multigrain, onion, or whole wheat (Thomas')280

cranberry orange (Thomas' Gourmet), 2 pc.150

sesame or blueberry (Thomas')300

wildberry blueberry (Thomas' Gourmet), 2 pc.170

Bagel, frozen 1 pc., except as noted:

all varieties, except cinnamon raisin (Sara Lee)210

plain (Lender's)150

plain (Lender's Bagelette), 2 pcs.140

plain or blueberry (Lender's Big 'n Crusty)250

blueberry or chocolate chip swirl (Lender's)160

cinnamon raisin (Lender's)160

cinnamon raisin (Lender's Big 'n Crusty)260

cinnamon raisin (Sara Lee)220

egg (Lender's)160

egg (Lender's Big 'n Crusty)260

garlic or onion (Lender's)150

honey wheat (Lender's Big 'n Crusty)230

onion (Lender's Big 'n Crusty)250

poppy, sesame seed, pumpernickel, or rye (Lender's)150

soft (Lender's Original)210

Baked beans, canned, 2 cup:

(Bush's Best Bold & Spicy)120

(Bush's Best Boston Recipe/Country Style)170

(Bush's Best Original/Homestyle)150

(Campbell's New England Style)160

(Campbell's Old Fashioned)180

w/bacon and onion (B&M)190

barbecue (Bush's Best)160

maple cured or w/onion (Bush's Best)150

w/pork (Campbell's)110

w/pork, peas (East Texas Fair Peas n' Pork)110

w/pork, tomato sauce (Campbell's)130

sugar and bacon flavor (Campbell's Old Fashioned)160

vegetarian (Bush's Best)130

vegetarian (Heinz)140

Baking mix, 3 cup:


(Bisquick Reduced Fat)140

(HodgBaklava, frozen (Apollo/Athens), 42 pcs., 4.4 oz.540

Balsam pear:

leafy-tips, boiled, drained, 2 cup10

pods, 2'' pcs., boiled, drained, 2 cup12

Bamboo shoots, canned (La Coy), 2 cup10

Banana, fresh:

(Dole), 1 medium, 4.4 oz.110

(Frieda's Baby Nina/Burro/Ice Cream), 3 oz.80

(Frieda's Red), 5 oz.130

common, 8!'' banana105

Banana, baking, see "Plantain"

Banana, dried (Frieda's), 1.2-oz. pc.30

Banana nectar (Libby's), 11.5-fl.-oz. can190

Banana squash, raw (Frieda's), ! cup, 3 oz.30

Barbecue sauce (see also "Grilling sauce"), 2 tbsp.:


Barbecue sauce (cont.)

(Hunt's Original)50

(KC Masterpiece Original)60

(Kraft Original)40

(Lea & Perrins Original)50


(Maull's Sweet-N-Mild/Smoky)60

(Silver Dollar City Original)40

(Silver Dollar City Ozark Recipe)50

(Sweet Baby Ray's)70

(Sylvia's Original)40

(Texas Best Original Rib Style)50

all varieties (Muir Glen)40

beer (Maull's)45

Cajun or mesquite (Texas Best)50

hickory and brown sugar (Hunt's)70

honey (Sweet Baby Ray's)70

honey, honey teriyaki, or Dijon (KC Masterpiece)60

hot (D. L. Jardine's Killer Hot)35

jalape-o (Maull's)50

Kansas City style (Maull's)60

Korean style (Sun Luck)45

mesquite (D. L. Jardine's)35

mustard (D. L. Jardine's Chick'n-Lik'n)40

onion bits (Maull's)45

pecan, Texas (D.L. Jardine's)35

smoky (Maull's)40

spicy (KC Masterpiece)60

tropical (World Harbors Maui Mountain)50

Barley, pearled:

dry (Quaker Scotch Quick), 3 cup170

dry (Quaker Scotch Regular), 4 cup170

cooked, 1 cup193

Barley flakes, rolled (Arrowhead Mills), 3 cup110

Basil, fresh, 5 medium leaves or 2 tbsp. chopped1

Basil, dried, ground, 1 tbsp.11

Bass (see also "Sea bass"), meat only, 4 oz.:

freshwater, raw129

freshwater, baked, broiled, or microwaved166

striped, raw110

striped, baked, broiled, or microwaved141

Batter and seasoning mix, all purpose (Don's Chuck

Wagon), 4 cup100

Bay leaf, dried, crumbled, 1 tsp.5

Bean dip, 2 tbsp.:



black bean, mild or spicy (Guiltless Gourmet)30

hot (Fritos)40

Bean dishes, see specific bean listings

Bean salad, 3-bean, in jars (Green Giant), 2 cup90

Bean sprouts, fresh, see specific listings

Bean sprouts, canned (La Choy), 1 cup15

Bean-carrot blend, frozen, baby (Birds Eye), 3 oz.30

Beans, see specific listings

Beans, baked, see "Baked beans"

Beans, snap or string, see "Green bean"

Bearnaise sauce, in jars (Maille Dipping), 2 tbsp.140

Beef, choice grade, meat only, trimmed to 4'' fat,

except as noted, 4 oz.:

brisket, whole, braised, lean w/fat437

brisket, whole, braised, lean only274

chuck, arm pot roast, braised, lean w/fat395

chuck, arm pot roast, braised, lean only255

chuck, blade roast, braised, lean w/fat412

chuck, blade roast, braised, lean only298

flank steak, trimmed to 0'' fat, broiled, lean only256

ground, broiled, medium, extra lean290

ground, broiled, medium, lean308

ground, broiled, medium, regular328

porterhouse steak, broiled, lean w/fat346

porterhouse steak, broiled, lean only247

rib, whole, roasted, lean w/fat426

rib, whole, roasted, lean only276

rib, large end (ribs 6-9), roasted, lean w/fat434

rib, large end (ribs 6-9), roasted, lean only284

rib, small end (ribs 10-12), broiled, lean w/fat376

rib, small end (ribs 10-12), broiled, lean only264

Beef (cont.)

round, bottom, braised, lean w/fat322

round, bottom, braised, lean only249

round, eye of, roasted, lean w/fat273

round, eye of, roasted, lean only198

round, full cut, broiled, lean w/fat272

round, full cut, broiled, lean only217

round, tip, roasted, lean w/fat280

round tip, roasted, lean only213

round, top, broiled, lean w/fat254

round, top, broiled, lean only214

round, top, fried, lean w/fat314

round, top, fried, lean only257

shank, crosscuts, braised, lean w/fat298

shank, crosscuts, braised, lean only228

shortribs, braised, lean w/fat534

shortribs, braised, lean only335

sirloin, top, broiled, lean w/fat305

sirloin, top, broiled, lean only229

sirloin, top, fried, lean w/fat370

sirloin, top, fried, lean only270

T-bone steak, broiled, lean w/fat338

T-bone steak, broiled, lean only243

tenderloin, broiled, lean w/fat345

tenderloin, broiled, lean only252

top loin, broiled, lean w/fat338

top loin, broiled, lean only243

Beef, canned, see specific listings

Beef, corned (see also "Beef lunch meat"):

brisket, cooked, 4 oz.285

canned (Libby's), 2 oz.120

Beef, dried, cured, 1 oz.47

"Beef," vegetarian, frozen:

corned (Worthington Meatless), 2 oz.140

smoked (Worthington Meatless), 6 slices, 2 oz.120

Beef dinner, frozen, 1 pkg.:

chicken-fried steak (Banquet Extra Helping), 16 oz.820

mesquite w/barbecue sauce (Healthy Choice), 11 oz.320

oven roasted (Healthy Choice), 10.15 oz.280

patty, char-broiled (Healthy Choice), 11 oz.310

pot roast (Swanson Hungry-Man), 18.5 oz.390

pot roast (Swanson Traditional Favorites), 14 oz.320

pot roast, Yankee (Banquet Extra Helping), 14.5 oz.410

pot roast, Yankee (Healthy Choice), 11 oz.330

pot roast, Yankee (Stouffer's HomeStyle), 16 oz.360

roast, gravy (Swanson Traditional Favorites), 10.5 oz.370

Salisbury steak (Banquet Extra Helping), 16.5 oz.740

Salisbury steak (Healthy Choice), 11.5 oz.330

Salisbury steak (Stouffer's HomeStyle), 16 oz.550

Salisbury steak (Swanson Hungry-Man), 16.25 oz.610

sirloin, chopped (Swanson Traditional Favorites), 14.75 oz.490

sirloin tips (Swanson Hungry-Man), 15.75 oz.440

steak, country-fried (Stouffer's HomeStyle), 16 oz.560

Stroganoff (Healthy Choice), 11 oz.330

tips, portobello (Healthy Choice), 11.25 oz.310

Beef entree, can or pkg., 1 cont., except as noted:

hash, see "Beef hash"

pot roast (Dinty Moore American Classics)200

roast, w/gravy (Hormel), 2 cup150

roast, w/potato (Dinty Moore American Classics)240

Salisbury steak (Dinty Moore American Classics)320

stew (Castleberry Original), 1 cup340

stew (Dinty Moore Can), 1 cup180

stew (Dinty Moore Can), 7.5-oz. can190

stew (Dinty Moore Microwave Cup)160

stew (Dinty Moore American Classics)250

stew (Hormel Microcup), 1 cup150

stew, burger (Dinty Moore Microwave Cup)240

Beef entree, frozen, 1 pkg., except as noted:

barbecue sauce, rice, beans (Healthy Choice Duo), 8.5 oz.250

and broccoli (Healthy Choice Bowl), 10.5 oz.300

and broccoli, Hunan (Lean Cuisine Everyday Favorites), 8.5 oz.240

chipped, creamed (Stouffer's), 2 of 11-oz. pkg.160

chunky, and tomato (Stouffer's HomeStyle), 10 oz.280

cured, shaved, cream sauce w/ (Michelina's), 8 oz.420

enchilada, see "Enchilada entree"

homestyle (Lean Cuisine Hearty Portions), 14.25 oz.350

Beef entree, frozen (cont.)

homestyle (Stouffer's Skillet Sensations), 2 of 25-oz. pkg.350

macaroni and, see "Macaroni entree, frozen"

noodles w/, see "Noodle entree, frozen"

Oriental (Budget Gourmet), 8 oz.200

Oriental (Lean Cuisine Cafe Classics), 9.25 oz.210

patty, char-broiled:

gravy and (Freezer Queen Meal), 9.5 oz.270

gravy and (Morton), 9 oz.310

mushroom gravy and (Freezer Queen Family), 1 patty w/gravy180

patty, w/vegetables (Banquet), 9.5 oz.310

pepper steak (Marie Callender's Skillet Meal), 2 of 24-oz. pkg.320

pepper steak (Michelina's), 8 oz.260

pepper steak w/rice (Budget Gourmet), 8.5 oz.230

peppercorn, sirloin (Michelina's), 8.5 oz.290

and peppers (Freezer Queen Deluxe Family), 1 cup230

pie (Marie Callender's), 9.5 oz.630

pie (Swanson), 7 oz.420

pie (Swanson Potato-Topped), 12 oz.480

pot roast (Country Skillet), 4 of 32-oz. pkg.200

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