The Couple with the Dragon Tattoo: A collection of five erotic stories

The Couple with the Dragon Tattoo: A collection of five erotic stories

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by Giselle Renarde, Sommer Marsden, Courtney James, Elizabeth Black

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed menage and partner swap themes from Xcite Books, winners of ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed menage and partner swap themes from Xcite Books, winners of ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

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Vijee unfastened her bra at the back, letting it fall forward as she pushed her black panties to the floor. It wasn’t until Lilliana kicked off her big boots that I realised for the first time she and Vijee were the same height. It was also in that moment I got the full effect of the wild colours streaked across their skin. There be dragons! With that mirrored tattoo caressing Lilliana’s porcelain skin and Vijee’s darker flesh, they reminded me of the yin yang symbol. A green, blue, and purple dragon wrapped its thick, serpentine body around their legs and bellies. One head swept past Lilliana’s left breast, the other head past Vijee’s right breast. The girls wrapped their arms around each other’s waists and both dragons kissed tongue to tongue, like the snakes of the Caduceus.

When Vijee turned slowly to Lilliana and licked her just behind the ear, I heard Gerry inhale sharply at my side. My pussy pulsed as I watched them, and my hand sought Ger’s, fluttering like a blind bird. His fingers clasped mine as we gazed lasciviously at the real-life movie playing before our eyes. Vijee cupped Lilliana’s pixie face in her hands and ran her tongue all the way up the girl’s face, from her chin, past her painted lips and her nose, all the way up to her forehead. I couldn’t help wondering if it was an act of care or ownership, like a mother cat licking her kitten. I love this and it’s mine.

‘I can take pictures, if you like,’ Gerry blurted. They both looked to us without separating head from head. ‘Of the tattoos! Sorry, I meant … nothing sleazy. Photos of your tattoos, and the two of you together. I’ve taken courses. I’m not terrible at it. We can borrow a white screen from my mate and we’ll do like a pro shoot.’

‘Not tonight, I hope.’ Vijee brushed her fingers through her black bush. ‘I’d prefer to do some hair removal before we immortalize our ink.’

‘Me too,’ Lilliana said, though her pussy was nearly bare as it was. She had only a slight strip of dark hair above the V of her thighs, which looked faintly like an arrow pointing down.

Gerry shook his head. ‘Not tonight. Another night. Skip our next dinner, maybe? Do it on a Friday?’

‘Or Tuesday after Printmaking?’ I suggested. I wanted them to know I was on board with this, with all of it … whatever it was.

Nodding cheek to cheek with Lilliana, Vijee let a sly smile bleed across her lips. ‘Go over there.’ She slapped her girl on the behind. ‘Go tell Shaggy thank you.’

Lilliana brought her hands up to her cheeks so her forearms blocked our view of her hard cherry nipples. She stood in front of Gerry like a shy child compelled to thank her uncle for a Christmas gift. Dropping her hands to her sides, she pried my fingers from his and raised them to her bright red lips. She held Gerry’s fingers so close to her mouth I was sure he could feel her breath on his skin. I found myself experiencing Gerry’s desire, anticipating her next move.

‘Thank you, Shaggy.’ It was little more than a breath but I felt her words inside me, coaxing juice from my lower lips.

Just when I thought Lilliana would kiss my boyfriend’s knuckles, she extended his index finger and slowly closed her mouth around it. Ger let out a glorious groan that pulsed inside my core. She sucked on his fingers one at a time, consuming, letting each one in until her lips touched his knuckle. It was mesmerizing and magnificent to watch her sucking those fingers like five little cocks, devoting care and attention to one and all. She was a minx, that girl. My excitement at having her in our bedroom was surpassed only by the control in Vijee’s eyes as she looked on.

‘And thank you, too,’ Vijee said to me. She leaned against the bed and patted the mattress. ‘Come, Marva, sit. This stands to become an extended thank you.’

Lilliana nodded in eager acquiescence, her mauve-grey eyes on me all the while. My pussy throbbed as I watched, speechless. I could have sworn my feet never touched the ground as I cut a quick path to the bed. My body felt weightless next to Vijee. In fact, I nearly tumbled into her lap when I sat down beside her.

We watched in silence as Lilliana unbuttoned Gerry’s shirt, sucking his fingers all the while. The sound of his belt unbuckling and his trousers unzipping summoned the sweetest of aches between my legs, and I was certain Vijee recognized my distress. I watched her watching me in the mirrored wardrobe. Vijee and I were so much darker than Lilliana and Gerry, and I wasn’t sure what that meant, if it meant anything at all.

‘Does this make you at all jealous?’ Vijee asked as we watched Lilliana pumping Ger’s erection in her smallish hand. ‘My girlfriend jerking off your dear Shaggy – are you envious at all?’

‘Envious? Yes. I love touching my boyfriend’s cock. But jealous? No.’ I breathed a sigh like fresh summer air. ‘No, I’m not jealous at all.’

And that was God’s honest truth. Watching them together was like watching true-to-life porn, a film created exclusively for our enjoyment. It nearly killed me to resist touching myself as he and she pressed their naked bodies together. Vijee must have felt the vibes, because she set a hand on my thigh and whispered, ‘Will he be jealous when I do the same to you?’

I didn’t speak. I couldn’t. As much as I’d expected this, I wasn’t sure what to do when the moment arrived. Her hand moved the length of my thigh, warming my flesh as it travelled. Vijee’s soft brown skin was lighter than mine, but her fingernails were painted the same pink as the pinstripe shot through my grey slacks. I felt too “business” in the outfit I’d worn tonight. If she undressed me, perhaps I’d be more comfortable?

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