The Courage of a Conservative

The Courage of a Conservative

by James G. Watt, Doug Wead

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The reader who expects an analysis of the Reagan administration and Watt's role in it as an illustration of pragmatic modern conservatism will be disappointed. Instead Watt almost totally ignores the current administration and couches his views as if they were the untried remedy for the monolithic evil, liberalism. What results is a mean-spirited diatribe larded with erroneous statements, such as that liberals are arguing for the right of homosexual teachers to advocate their lifestyle to their students, or that today's students are burning their draft cards. Although Watt blames the media for his failure to be recognized as a great Secretary of the Interior, he treats the problems related to all other social issues, including juvenile delinquency, crime, race, abortion, foreign policy, and the trade imbalance, as manifestations of liberal moral degeneracy. Karl Helicher, Wolfsohn Memorial Lib., King of Prussia, Pa.

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