The Craft of Public Administration / Edition 9

The Craft of Public Administration / Edition 9

by George Berkley, Stanley J. Baran, John E. Rouse, John E. Rouse

ISBN-10: 0072817402

ISBN-13: 9780072817409

Pub. Date: 03/12/2003

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

This concise, current, down-to-earth text introduces readers to the dynamics of the public sector. In the ninth edition, all new case studies link theory to the real-world practice of public administration.  See more details below


This concise, current, down-to-earth text introduces readers to the dynamics of the public sector. In the ninth edition, all new case studies link theory to the real-world practice of public administration.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1 ~ The Administrative Craft
The Heart of the matter
Art, Science, or Craft?
Capital, Government, and Myths
Trust in Government and Politics
Partisan, Policy, and System Politics
Adversarial Legalism
Bureaucratic Legalism and Hidden Law
American Constitutional principles
2 ~ The Ecology of the Administrative Craft
Our Organized Society
Equality and Efficiency
Rights and Dollars
Ebbs and Flows of Government Expansions, Constraints, and Prospects
The Growth of Public Bureaucracy
Comparing Public and Private Administration Nuances
Interested Groups and the Greater Good
Washington’s Power
3 ~ The Anatomy of Public Organizations
The Basis of Organization
Points about Pyramids
Line and staff
Centralization and Decentralization
The HHS Organizational Framework
The Craft and Political CultureSummary
4 ~ The Physiology of Public Organizations
Democracy in Bureaucracy
Baseline Originals in Organizational Life
Neoclassical Theories
Human Relations Theories
Women, Men, and Management Styles
Gender Gap in Government
5 ~ People and Personnel
Conflicting Doctrines in American Public Administration
Procedures and Policies
Employee Recruitment
Merit-Based Recruitment Arrangements
Does Federal Hiring Need a Fix?
The Postrecruitment Phase
The Challenges of Public Personnel Administration
The Changing Demographics of the Federal Workforce
The True Size of Government
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Performance Ratings
Individual Performance Measurement
6 ~ Public Sector Labor-Management Relations
A Social-Work Model of Unionism
Decline, transformation, or Reformation?
Union Members in 2001
State and Local Government Labor Issues
Alternatives for Avoiding a Work Stoppage
Collective Bargaining for Federal Employees
Working Conditions
Conflicts in State Civil Service and Collective Bargaining Systems
Zero-Sum Versus One-Ten Power Games?
Radical Individualism and Labor unions
Public Sector Labor Law Impacts
Reasons for Union prominence
7 ~ Leadership
Leadership and Needs of the Situation
Leadership Qualities
Competence and Decision-Making
Leaders, Followers, and Charisma
Max Weber and Charisma Power Centers
Charismatic Leader Behaviors
Historical Conditions Favoring Charisma
Institutionalizing the American Presidency
The Limits of Leadership
8 ~ Communication
Communication and Public Administration
Formal and informal Communication
The Advantages of the Paper Trail
The Disadvantages of the Paper Trail
The Information Highway
E-Government and Communications
The Other Organization
Upward, Downward, and Across Communications
9 ~ Taxing, Budgeting, and Spending
Who Gets What Amount of Money?
Cycles in Congressional Budgeting
Phases of the Budget Cycle
The Incrementalism Budgeting Perspective
Roots of the Deficit Problem
Economic growth, Taxes, and Savings
Federal Spending in the States
State Tax Burdens
10 ~ The Productivity Challenge: Working Smarter While Doing More with Less
What is Excellence?
Efficiency and Effectiveness
Privatization of the Public Sector
Evaluating Government Programs
Citizen-Driven Government Performance
People Crisis and/or Opportunity?
The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)
11 ~ Administrative Law and Control
The Impact of Administrative Growth on Democratic Ideals and Administrative Law
Traditional and Contemporary Cornerstones of American Administrative Law
What is Administrative Law?
Administrative Discretion and Its Limits
Opening Up the Government
Administrative law Judges and Federal Regulations
Internal and External Administrative Controls
The Whistle-Blower as Tell-All
Law and Control: How Much is Enough?
12 ~ Government Regulations and Regulatory Behaviors
If Not Taxes, Perhaps Regulations?
Market Failure and Regulations
Is the Unites States a Regulatory State?
Economic, Social, and Subsidiary Regulations
Administrative Rules and rule Making
The Administrative Procedure Act
Regulatory Restraint and Modification
The Stages of Rule making
What is the Public Interest?
Appendix ~ Seven Ways to land a Great Internship

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