The Crocodile's Last Embrace (Jade del Cameron Series #6)

The Crocodile's Last Embrace (Jade del Cameron Series #6)

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by Suzanne Arruda

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Now appearing in trade paperback original format: "One of the most appealing heroines to appear in the pages on a mystery" (Library Journal).

Returning from Europe, intrepid explorer Jade del Cameron arrives in Kenya with bittersweet memories-and the certainty that Africa is her home and Sam Featherstone the man she wants to share her life


Now appearing in trade paperback original format: "One of the most appealing heroines to appear in the pages on a mystery" (Library Journal).

Returning from Europe, intrepid explorer Jade del Cameron arrives in Kenya with bittersweet memories-and the certainty that Africa is her home and Sam Featherstone the man she wants to share her life with. When a letter arrives from America, Jade hopes it's Sam sending word of his return. Instead, it's a message written in the hand of her long- dead fiancé, asking "Why did you let me die?"

When two men die under mysterious circumstances and Jade discovers that her old nemesis, Lilith Worthy, has escaped from prison, the deaths and the letter form the most dangerous case Jade has ever faced, pitting her against a ferocious crocodile-and an even more deadly human killer.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Set in Kenya in 1921, Arruda's rip-roaring sixth Jade del Cameron mystery (after 2009's Treasure of the Golden Cheetah) finds the motorcycle-riding photojournalist tangling with an old nemesis who's as slippery as a crocodile. Lilith Worthy, mother of Jade's lost WWI love, David Worthy, has escaped from her London prison and is out for revenge. The crooked widow hates Jade and her associates, Lord and Lady Avery Dunbury, who helped her late husband's illegitimate son, Pili, claim half her husband's estate. Now David, who died in Jade's arms, appears to be sending Jade taunting messages from the grave (e.g., "Why did you let me die?"). Murders connected to a gold mine scheme provide extra intrigue, while Jade yearns for the return of her boyfriend, pilot Sam Featherston. Jade, a female Indiana Jones with a touch of Elizabeth Peters's Amelia Peabody, and Biscuit, her companion cheetah, make a vibrant duo. (Sept.)
Library Journal
In her sixth adventure (after The Leopard's Prey), photojournalist Jade del Cameron has returned to her Kenyan home after a European trip, haunted by her memories of serving as an ambulance driver during World War I. Because of her indecision about marriage, Sam Featherstone has gone back to the States, leaving Jade unsettled. And then someone begins a campaign to undercut Jade's self-assurance and drive her into madness. Could it be the evil Lilith, archcriminal and mother of Jade's dead fiancé? Jade's adventures will leave readers breathless as she battles her inner demons and the villain determined to harm those she holds dear. VERDICT Arruda sets her historical series in post-World War I Africa, with the trappings of dangerous intrigue and the very real tension between native Africans and European settlers. The hallmark of this series is intense suspense and strong, assertive women, be they good or bad, and Arruda's latest is no exception. Do not miss this one. [See Prepub Mystery, LJ 4/1/10.]
Kirkus Reviews

A spate of killings, a deadly crocodile and a vengeful ghost plague an intrepid heroine.

Nairobi, 1921. As an anonymous man secretly watches bold, beautiful Jade del Cameron, he regrets that he's been ordered to "break" her. Recently returned to her beloved Kenya after a stint in France, emancipated Jade busies herself by helping her friend Beverly Dunbury instruct the local Girl Guides academy. Expecting a letter from her beau Sam Featherstone, Jade is flummoxed by vivid memories of her long-dead husband David Worthy, whom she wed during World War I. She's unsettled by an accusatory letter in David's handwriting. Shortly after, Jade is an ear-witness to a suspicious accident involving a car on a bridge. Constable Miller agrees with her conclusion that Stockton, the driver, was murdered. Meanwhile, Jade begins to have hallucinations that involve seeing David and getting ominous messages from him. Waters, the chief suspect in the bridge murder, falls victim to a ravenous crocodile. At Jade's instigation, however, Miller determines that Waters was killed before the deadly predator dragged him into the water. Attempts to shoot the beast go awry. Comic relief comes in the person of Steven Holly, so besotted with Jade that he disguises himself as a female teacher in order to tag along on a school trip and woo her.

Jade's sixth adventure (Treasure of the Golden Cheetah, 2009, etc.) lacks finesse as a mystery, but keeps the action coming and packs its evocative landscape with sharply drawn characters, especially the likable, unsinkable Jade.

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Suzanne Arruda, a former zookeeper-turned-science teacher and freelance writer, is the author f several biographies for young adults. She has also published science and nature articles for adults and children and is a regular contributor to a weekly newspaper supplement. An avid hiker and outdoorswoman, she lives in Kansas with her husband, twin sons, and a small menagerie of pets.

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The Crocodile's Last Embrace 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
The Crocodile's Last Embrace by Suzanne Arruda is the sixth book in the Jade del Cameron series. Jade's story picks up four months after Treasure of the Golden Cheetah. Her long-time love, pilot Sam Featherston, has left her in Africa to figure out if she truly wants him to be in her life while he tries to sell his film in Hollywood. While trying to lay to rest any remaining sorrow from her time in Europe as a nurse during WWI, she spends time in the battlefields and is horrified to see what appears to be her dead fiance, David. Returning home to Africa, she continues to see visions that frighten and unsettle her and soon she and her friends realize that Jade's archnemesis, Lilith Worthy, has escaped from prison and may be behind all of the murders and frights. I fell in love with Jade in the first novel in this series: Mark of the Lion. Her fierce spirit and independence carried through to the next two books: Stalking Ivory and The Serpent's Daughter, but somewhere in the next two, I felt like the essence of Jade was lost. She was isolating herself so much from friends and Sam that she became difficult to understand and the mysteries weren't up to the standard of the previous titles. It was with trepidation that I read this newest title, because I had decided, if I didn't like it, I was giving up on the series. I was completely blown away from Arruda's writing in this novel. It is absolutely the best of the entire series, and worth reading even the lesser books to get to. Jade is so unsettled by the villain's gaslighting that when she returns to herself, it is a new start to the entire series. The mystery and suspense is incredible, I don't think I even breathed through the last fifty pages. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a book this much. The writing is thrilling; the action and adventure heart-stopping. The Crocodile's Embrace will remind readers why they love to read: strong and beautiful heroines with a heart, stoic and handsome heroes who will sacrifice anything for the woman they love, and villains who are sinister and smart who will stop at nothing to destroy them. I loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1921 Lilith Worthy escapes from her London prison. Her intent is to go to Africa to destroy those she blames for enabling Pili, her late husband's offspring from the wrong side of the sheets, to inherit half his estate. The Widow's targets are photojournalist Jade del Cameron and her colleagues Lord and Lady Avery Dunbury. Soon after Lilith's escape, having returned to Kenya Jade begins to receive messages from overseas allegedly sent by her beloved David, the Widow's legitimate son. The only problem with the hurtful accusatory notes besides their cruelty is David died in Jade's arms. At the same time that Jade is the recipient of a personal terror campaign that makes her wish that her boyfriend pilot Sam Featherston was in town, someone murders several people associated with a gold mine deal that obviously has turned ugly. This is a strong Jade del Cameron historical adventure mystery (see The Serpents' Daughter, The Leopard's Prey and Treasure of the Golden Cheetah) in which the dangerous denizen of the jungle like crocs are harmless compared to the even deadlier Homo sapiens. As always in this wonderful series, Suzanne Arruda provides readers with an insightful light on the "Dark Continent". The focus especially is on Kenya as the geography, the assault on the indigent native population by "illegal" Western immigrants, and a deep look at the local customs. All this occurs inside a powerful thriller. Harriet Klausner