The Cross, The Flag, And The Bomb

The Cross, The Flag, And The Bomb

by William Au

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This is an uncommonly good book on an unusually rich subject. A Baltimore priest and scholar, Au analyzes the radical changes that have overtaken American Catholicism during the past generation in terms of attitudes toward questions of war and peace. He focuses on the main strands within the Church debate: realism, nuclear pacifism, pacifism, and resistance. Along the way, he also provides capsule intellectual biographies of such prominent Catholic war/peace thinkers as Thomas Merton and John Courtney Murray. Finally, he recounts the intellectual and moral struggles at the center of the recent pastoral letter issued by the Catholic bishops on ``The Challenge of Peace.'' Clear and comprehensive, Au's study represents the most concise and compelling overview to date of this complex topic. Charles DeBenedetti, History Dept., Univ. of Toledo

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Contributions to the Study of Religion Series, #12
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