The Custody Revolution: Father Custody and the Motherhood Mystique

The Custody Revolution: Father Custody and the Motherhood Mystique

by Richard A. Warshak

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Warshak contends that the ``motherhood mystique''--a widespread belief that women naturally make better parents than men and are more important to their children than fathers are--often leads courts to give custody to the mother in a divorce settlement regardless of the father's wishes or her own situation. A Texas psychologist, he argues that we must revise this outmoded way of thinking and take into greater account factors other than the parent's sex in awarding custody. He draws on numerous studies to argue that children, especially boys, who live with their father may be more confident, more popular, more successful in school and generally happier than those who reside with their mother. He offers advice on how to negotiate flexible custody arrangements (including checklists to help parents make the decision) and discusses joint custody as well. No matter which parent gets custody, Warshak emphasizes, it is vital for both of them to maintain close relationships with their children. A valuable, commonsensical guide. ( Sept. )

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