Dead Girl [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Dead Girl [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]


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Lakeshore Records

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  1. Main Title / The Stranger
  2. Something Real, song
  3. Taken
  4. Mirror
  5. Arden Leaves
  6. The Old Zoo, song
  7. Standing Above the Stars, song
  8. Why Do You Think I Brought You Here?
  9. The Clearing
  10. Birthmark
  11. Jenny's Room
  12. Take it as it Comes, song
  13. 13th of the Month, song
  14. It's Not Her
  15. Leah Awakes
  16. Memphis, song
  17. Music 101, song
  18. Ruth's Discovery
  19. Ruth Suspects
  20. Ruth's Decision
  21. The Mother
  22. Did You Love My Daughter?
  23. Awapaho, WA
  24. The Dead Girl / End Title Pt. 1
  25. The Dead Girl / End Title Pt. 2
  26. Epilogue / Did You Love My Daughter Extended

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charlie Bradley   Vocals
Bob Forrest   Vocals
Renee Stahl   Vocals
Rosine   Band
Four Day Hombre   Band

Technical Credits

Ted Blaisdell   Engineer
Bob Forrest   Composer
Leslie King   Composer
Lianne Smith   Composer
Houghton   Engineer
Adam Gorgoni   Composer,Orchestration,Audio Production
Mark Lerner   Producer
Skip Williamson   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Renee Stahl   Composer
Scott Ashwell   Composer
Gregory Butler   Producer
Brian McNelis   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Stephanie Mente   Art Direction
Matt Piper   Engineer

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