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The Deadfall Trap

The Deadfall Trap

by Barry Taylor

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Taylor's debut Shadow Tiger won the National Writer's Club award; his second thriller is another bonanza for adventure buffs. Thronged with incident and diverse characters, the story begins in 1971 when plans for an American rapprochement with China are under way. The success of the mission demands a covert operation in Tibet teaming CIA operative Jeffrey Thorne and British agents Elena Maltby, an Anglo-Indian widow, and Brady, an ex-sergeant in the Irish army. Carrying a small nuclear bomb, the three climb to a mountain site to seek ``Deadfall,'' an annihilating weapon invented and hidden by Maltby's father before Chinese soldiers killed him and his wife. These murders precede horrors so numerous that their effect is almost dulled, even when Thorne's partners betray him and leave him for dead. Thorne--who beggars the word ``intrepid''--is rescued through a series of improbable but suspenseful coincidences. When he gets back to America, tension mounts as he heads into a final confrontation with the hitherto secret perpetrators of the Deadfall plot. Despite his tale's excesses, Taylor builds an irresistible thriller. (June)
Library Journal - Library Journal
This suspense novel takes places in 1971. A group is assembled to retrieve a canister of poisonous gas developed by the Chinese and hidden in Tibet since the end of World War II. The group consists of a CIA agent, a British agent, and the daughter of the man who hid the canister. The first part of the novel covers their trek into Tibet and the retrieval of the gas canister. This is more successful than the second half, which involves the CIA agent in political intrigue after the other two members of the team abandon him. From this point, the plot is predictable and not as credible. Recommended only for libraries that have a large clientele interested in the spy and suspense genre.-- Mary Knapp, Madison P.L., Wis.
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
YA-- A plane crashes in Tibet, and a cylinder that contains deadly bacteria is lost. Years later, three people are sent on a mission to recover the cylinder. Taylor presents not only an exciting adventure but also excellent character studies that allow readers to get inside the minds of the people searching for the mysterious object. As the book proceeds, the characters change, and their real motives are gradually revealed. This spy thriller, which involves the CIA and Britain's M15, has short, easy-to-read chapters and a fast-paced plot guaranteed to hold the interest of YA readers. --Roberta Lisker, W. T. Woodson High School, Fairfax, VA

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