Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire [Audio Book]

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire [Audio Book]

by Edward Gibbon

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Disc 1

  1. The Most Civilised Portion of Mankind
  2. The Terror of the Roman Arms - The Preservation of Peace by a Constant ...
  3. Every Useful Instrument of War
  4. An Empire United by Laws and Adorned by Arts
  5. The Roman Language - An Influence Over National Manners
  6. The Most Numerous Society Under the Same System of Government
  7. The Fate of the Roman World Depended on the Will of Augustus
  8. A Succession of Monsters With Unparalleled Vices
  9. The Rule of the Two Antonines - The Only Period of History in Which ...
  10. Commodus - Revelling in the Licence of Sovereign Power
  11. Pertinax Accedes to Power

Disc 2

  1. The Praetorian Guards and the Bribe of Didius Julianus
  2. Septimus Severus - A Pernicious Indulgence
  3. The Two Sons of Severus - Caracalla and Geta
  4. Caracalla Becomes Sole Emperor
  5. Antoninus Becomes Elgabalus, Supreme Emperor and Pontiff - And ...
  6. The Rein of Alexander - An Auspicious Calm of Thirteen Years
  7. The Rise of Maxim, Dark and Sanguinary
  8. Confusion of Power Between Maximus, Balbinus and Gordianus
  9. Philip - A Period of Games
  10. Decius and the Appearance of the Goths
  11. Hostilianus and Gallus
  12. Aemilianus, Valerian and Gallienus - An Empire Obsessed
  13. Claudius - The First of the Restorers of the Roman World

Disc 3

  1. Aurelian- Four Years of Memorable Achievement
  2. Zenobia Fights Back - The Fate of the East Is Decided
  3. The Death of Aurelian and the Accession of Tacitus
  4. Probus and the Deliverance of Gaul and 70 German Cities
  5. Carus, Numerian and Carinus - Soft, Cruel, Devoted to Pleasure Yet ...
  6. The Illustrious Reign of Diocletian and Maximian
  7. The End of Rome as the Capital of the Empire
  8. The Abdication of Diocletian
  9. Two New Augusti - Constantius and Galerius
  10. The Elevation of Constantine and a Time of Confusion
  11. The Final Battle Between Constantine and Maxentius

Disc 4

  1. Constantine Overwhelms Licinius, A Victory Which Leads to the Founding
  2. A Candid But Rational Inquiry into the Progress and Establishment of ...
  3. A Dark and Unjust Record Righted
  4. Nero - Mistakingly Judged One of History's Most Vilified Figures
  5. Protection for the Christians
  6. Diocletian Introduces Systematic Repression
  7. Gibbon's Conclusions on the Roman Persecution of the Christians
  8. Constantine - A New Capital But a Fatal Flaw in Defense

Disc 5

  1. The Petty Abuse of Power and Local Tyrannies
  2. Asiatic Pomp and a Gradual Decline
  3. Constantius, Gallus and the Eunichs
  4. Julian, A Caesar of Very Different Ilk
  5. The Establishment of Christianity
  6. The Rise in Popularity of Julian
  7. The Road to Civil War
  8. Julian Assumes Supreme Power
  9. The Apostasy of Julian
  10. The Death of Julian

Disc 6

  1. Jovian - A Brief Reign
  2. Valentinian, Emperor of the West and Valens, Emperor of the East
  3. Gratian, Emperor of the West
  4. The Humbling of the Empire
  5. The Incursion of the Visigoth Fritigern and the Death of Valens at ...
  6. Theodosius, Emperor of the East, Aims for a Modus Vivendi With the ...
  7. Maximus Takes Rule of the Western Empire But Unadvisedly Marches ...
  8. Arcadius and Honorius and Their Commander Stilicho
  9. The Power of the Visigoths Under Alaric
  10. The Execution of Stilicho Opens the Goths' Road to Rome
  11. The Decadence of the Empire in the Reign of Honorius and the Seige of Rome
  12. The Sound of the Gothic Trumpet
  13. The End of the Roman Empire in the West
  14. The Rein of Odoacer, The First Barbarian King of Italy
  15. General Observations on the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West

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