The Destruction of Pompeii

The Destruction of Pompeii

by Mike Rosen

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Gr 4-7 A lackluster, fictionalized account of a small boy escaping from the 79 a.d. eruption of Mt. Vesuvius is the hook that begins this overview of life in the Roman town of Pompeii. Short segmented chapters describe topics such as religion and politics. There is a chapter on the causes of volcanic eruptions. Highlighted words are defined in the glossary. Illustrations range from garishly melodramatic drawings to photographs of archaeological finds. The more detailed, exquisitely photographed Pompeii: Exploring a Roman Ghost Town (Crowell, 1986) by Ron and Nancy Goor is vastly superior to this mediocre work. Marguerite F. Raybould, Glendale Pub . Lib . , Calif.

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Great Disasters Ser.
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5 - 11 Years

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