The Detective & The Unicorn

The Detective & The Unicorn

4.5 11
by Michael Angel

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When a warlock from the magical world of the Morning Land murders Derek Ridder’s friend, the LAPD detective gets a new partner. Her name’s Tavia, and she’s a brash, driven unicorn filly. She identifies the killer as Sir William Teach, the one man she’s sworn to capture or kill at all cost.

Together, Derek and Tavia race to uncover…  See more details below


When a warlock from the magical world of the Morning Land murders Derek Ridder’s friend, the LAPD detective gets a new partner. Her name’s Tavia, and she’s a brash, driven unicorn filly. She identifies the killer as Sir William Teach, the one man she’s sworn to capture or kill at all cost.

Together, Derek and Tavia race to uncover Teach’s dark plans to unleash an ancient evil in order to conquer both of their worlds. Their path takes them through Los Angeles and deep into the fantasy realm of the Morning Land.

Along the way, they discover what can break a mythical creature’s heart, what can heal death itself, and whether or not one needs to be virgin-pure in order to touch a unicorn.


Included with this story are preview chapters of Michael Angel’s novel of ‘Fantasy and Forensics’, Centaur of the Crime.

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The Detective & The Unicorn 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
CampbellsBookSoup More than 1 year ago
Michael Angel sets you up for a crime-murder-mystery, then turns it on its head when a unicorn from the Morning Land comes to help him solve the crime. I got caught up in his way with words -- painting a full-color picture of LA and of the Morning Land. I could feel the aches and pains as well as surprise at success by Derek. And I could feel his passion for those he cares about most deeply. And the story is not with out it's humorous moments. I giggled at the antics of Thunderbolt, the Wonder Colt. I smiled when Rachel met Tavia and then Thunderbolt for the first time. As a little girl, I always wished my stuffed ponies would come to life -- and her she is getting to play with a pegasus!! I didn't want the story to end...I sure hope that there is a sequel!! I want to see more of Derek, Tavia, and the others.
That_Author_Guy More than 1 year ago
It's hard to pigeon-hole this book into one narrow category, as The Detective and the Unicorn expertly weaves together the best elements of the crime noir genre and the vivid and playful imagination of the fantasy genre. I was able to relate and sympathize with the main characters from the beginning. Mr. Angel gives all his characters a great sense of humanity, personality, and likability. He has pulled together a terrific ensemble cast for this book, and has paced the book to keep the reader engrossed and entertained. There's a wonderful balance of character development, action, thriller, crime noir, and yes, dare I say, a romance. (To keep this spoiler-free, I won't give specifics.) While the main characters of Derek Ridder and Tavia are solid and anchor the book nicely, Angel gives the best lines to the supporting cast of characters. I laughed out loud several times, I got misty-eyed at spots, and some characters were so likable I still think about them today. The subtle hints of foreshadowing pay off as the story progresses, and you are truly left guessing until the very end. Overall, I give this a hearty five stars. I truly believe anyone will find this book to be entertaining, heartfelt, and a change of pace from the ordinary.
KarenAbrahamson More than 1 year ago
As the title implies, this novel is a different kind of urban fantasy, or perhaps just a fantasy, as the `urban' soon disappears, but who cares? The novel is kick ass fun! In a world where the Morning Land is now a member of the United Nations, Detective Derek Ridder is thrown into an investigation involving a threat not only to the Morning Land, but also to our entire world. His partner in the investigation is none other than the Warder of Cavilad's daughter - Tavia the unicorn. Author Michael Angel provides a wonderful, realistic touch to both these complex characters (who knew unicorns were complex). The story combines both the feel of detective stories of old, and the wonder of fantasy in an action-packed story that follows the characters from Derek's to Tavia's world and back again. A VERRRY fun romp, and touching as well. I can hardly wait to read the sequel. Please.
susanwingate More than 1 year ago
"THE DETECTIVE & THE UNICORN by Michael Angel will knock your socks off. Not only is the writing masterly but the story is brilliant. This isn't your typical other world fantasy either. No. Mr. Angel has the knack of creating believable characters and situations to the point you find yourself lost in them. I became consumed by THE DETECTIVE & THE UNICORN. An action-packed and suspenseful journey yet one so dear and sensitive that you'll find yourself scrambling for a tissue by the end. Quite a magnificent time I spent reading THE DETECTIVE & THE UNICORN." -Susan Wingate (author of award-winning "Drowning" and the "Bobby's Diner" Series)
SoIReadThisBookToday More than 1 year ago
“To die, to sleep – To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, For in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” ¿ William Shakespeare, Hamlet I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. – Maya Angelou ____________ The photo of a snow-white Pegasus in the company of the President of the United States had made the front page of the Los Angeles Times twice now. Both times this happened, someone close to me has been killed. Derek Ridder knows about death. About loss, and pain, true. But most of all, he knows about Death. A Los Angeles cop, he sees humanity at it’s very worst; it’s darkest, cruelest moments. Three years ago, he saw that front page photo only moments before his beloved wife, Beth, died – the victim of a suicide who decided to take many with him when he parked in the path of an oncoming train. And the second time. The second time nearly drove him mad. Now, Derek Ridder’s life has been turned upside down, his niece and sister-in-law threatened, and the very fate of our world, The Other World as it is called by those who populate the dimension which has paralleled and overlapped our own, may come down to whether or not Derek, and those who help him, can find the key to destroying a man – a man who is also a Monster. It is called The Morning Land. A land of pegasi and unicorn, of dryads and wizards and all manner of things that go bump in the night. And in this land, a wizard has gone mad, threatening our world, and his, with total annihilation at the teeth and claws of a demon horde. He had dead, doll’s eyes, like a sharks. Stuck in the middle of a war, Derek must do all he can to save the worlds, to take out the wizard who will use both technology and magic to become the mighty foot on the throat of our world. There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself, or for someone else. Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever known, or everyone you have ever loved, for the sake of something greater. – Veronica Roth, Allegiant Much like Hamlet, Derek’s life had lost all meaning. But will he reach beyond, into what and who he was before, and use his pain to save his world? And possibly, his own soul? Much like others of his work, such as Centaur of the Crime or The Deer Prince’s Murder, there is a strong fantasy theme throughout, which harkens back to the original Grimm, were fairies weren’t cute little winged creatures, and Red Riding Hood’s story was filled with blood. Angel’s works cross the boundaries of reality and magic, of this world and the next, and for all of their vast readability and notes of humour, there is lying underneath a dark pool of pain – and an immeasurable depth of hope. ____ If you follow my reviews you will know that Mr. Angel and I have a working relationship, and yes, the author gave the book to me. What must be taken into account is that we have that relationship because I truly enjoy his work. If he were to blow it, well, I would let you know. However, as always, Michael charmed me with his wit and wisdom, his humor and understanding. This book is highly recommended for lovers of Urban Fantasy and Fairy Tales. And anyone else who simply loves a well-crafted tale. Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How many pages
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
tavernlassie More than 1 year ago
I love detective novels, and fantasy novels, and urban fantasy as well. This book dishes up a great genre-busting combo of the three. Imagine a mash-up of Jim Butcher and Anne McCaffrey, with a light dusting of S.J. Rozan for seasoning. You get the protagonist with a past, the unexpected appearance of the supernatural, and a satisfying villain, all tucked into the structure of a procedural. The novel is a quick and entertaining read, with believable and heartening character development. The plot moves the story along at a steady clip (well really, a steady clip-clop). This is not a book for those who love gritty and realistic hyperbolic violence. But for those of us who like to sleep at night without horrible pictures in our heads, the novel provides enough tension and conflict to satisfy. And if you happen to enjoy a dusting of romance, all the better. It's a great beach read -- just remember the sunscreen, because you will be on the towel, turning pages, for the whole afternoon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this book and really liked it. I wanted to know how all the loose ends would get tied up and sure enough all was resolved by the end. It kept me interested throughout.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago