The Diary of John Wesley Powell, Conquering the Grand Canyon

The Diary of John Wesley Powell, Conquering the Grand Canyon

by Connie Roop

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By 1869, the Grand Canyon remained the only uncharted area of the American West. John Wesley Powell, geologist and Civil War veteran, was determined to explore and map the canyon by navigating its length along the Green and Colorado Rivers. This book is an edited version of his journal, recounting the months of challenges he endured. Powell and nine other men, all inexperienced boatmen, set out in May 1869 with four specially designed wooden boats loaded with scientific equipment, guns and traps, and enough food to last ten months. Three months later, Powell emerged from the Grand Canyon with two boats, a scant supply of rations, and only five men. They had survived numerous life-threatening hazards, as well as the exhilarating beauty of their pristine surroundings. Powell captured the sights, sounds and smells of his trip. In this gem of a book, readers will learn what it is like to explore unknown realms; they will vividly experience every unexpected turn of the river along with Powell and his team. Soft-hued artwork, several informative insets, a glossary and additional sources enhance the book's appeal. It is part of the series, "In My Own Words." 2001, Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish. Ages 8 to 12. Reviewer: Ellen R. Butts

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In My Own Words
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