The Dictionary of Animal Words and Phrases

The Dictionary of Animal Words and Phrases

by Darryl Lyman

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In this dictionary, Lyman revises and updates his earlier The Animal Things We Say (Jonathan David, 1983). If you have ever wondered about the origin of the golf term eagle, this book will answer your question. In fact, it will answer many questions about the meanings and origins of animal-related words. The first part of this book covers expressions based on animal names, parts, or products (such as honey), ranging from the albatross to the zebra. Part 2 explains other types of animal-related words such as animal sounds, movements, and homes. A good example is the word mew. A mew is the home of a hawk and originated from the word mewing, which means to molt-apparently, molting hawks were kept in cages called mews. Today, a place to hide or retire is called a mew. Recommended as supplementary material for larger public libraries and academic libraries where there is a perceived demand.-Neal Wyatt, Mary Washington Coll. Lib., Fredericksburg, Va.

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