Digestive System

Digestive System

by Rebecca L. Johnson

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Did you know that there is a little flap of skin called the epiglottis at the top of your trachea that flops down each time you swallow to prevent food from going into your lungs rather than your stomach? The muscles in your stomach squeeze about every 20 seconds when you are eating to mix up the food you have eaten with digestive juice, acid and mucus. This little book tells how the digestive process works from start to finish in 5 concise chapters: "Fuel for Life," "In Your Mouth," "In Your Stomach," "Taking up Nutrients" and "Getting Rid of Wastes." The text is straightforward and easily understood. The multitudinous photographs, diagrams and illustrations are excellent, especially the close-up microscope slide photos which are of exceptional quality. A cross section diagram of how food moves through the digestion system over a period of 24 hours is highly informative. A note to parents regarding sharing books with children is included at the back of the book, along with recommended books, websites and a glossary. Highly recommended. 2005, Lerner Publications Company, Ages 8 to 12.
—Cindy L. Carolan

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