The Discontented Gopher: A Prairie Tale

The Discontented Gopher: A Prairie Tale

by L. Frank Baum, Carolyn Digby Conahan

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Children's Literature - Ken Marantz
When Mama Gopher sends him out into the world, Zikky receives a magic golden ball that will grant him either Contentment or Riches. Zikky chooses Riches, but when he has them he finds that secreting and guarding them are heavy responsibilities. He has more than enough to eat, but finds his life dull. Despite warnings, he decides to leave his wealth and go outside. There he is chased by a fierce dog, shot by a hunter, and tossed out of a refuge by a Jack-Rabbit. His tail is cut off by a farm boy for a two-cent bounty. Barely surviving, Zikky realizes that he should have chosen Contentment. Conahan's paintings depict an appealing, anthropomorphic Zikky, his family, and home, adding useful information to the emotional appeal of the lengthy text with its obvious moral lesson. There is an introduction to this work by Baum along with a bibliography and vocabulary list.

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South Dakota State Historical Society
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Prairie Tales Series
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6.78(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.38(d)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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