Dizzy Gillespie Story: 1939-1950 [Box Set]

Dizzy Gillespie Story: 1939-1950 [Box Set]

by Dizzy Gillespie

This four-disc, 100-track box set traces famed bebop trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie's career from his early years with Teddy Hill, Lionel Hampton and Cab Calloway through his work with figures like Coleman Hawkins and BillySee more details below


This four-disc, 100-track box set traces famed bebop trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie's career from his early years with Teddy Hill, Lionel Hampton and Cab Calloway through his work with figures like Coleman Hawkins and Billy Eckstine. It includes his 1947 concert at Carnegie Hall with Charlie Parker and concludes with the famous sessions that Gillespie recorded with Parker and Thelonious Monk for Norman Granz in 1950. At a budget price, this package captures Gillespie's peak years and performances and makes a deep introduction to this amazing musician. The sound transfers are decent, but audiophiles may find that the noise reduction processes used on these tracks leaves some of them sounding a little on the thin and muted side. Given the fair price and the volume of material compiled here, though, this set is a smart purchase. Each of the four discs is also available individually as a stand-alone album.

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Disc 1

  1. Blue Rhythm Fantasy  -  Teddy Hill & His Orchestra
  2. Hot Mallets  -  Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
  3. Pickin' the Cabbage  -  Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
  4. Bye Bye Blues  -  Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
  5. Once in a Lovetime  - Dizzy Gillespie
  6. Stardust  - Nick Fenton
  7. Little John Special  - Lucky Millinder
  8. Woody 'N' You  -  Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra
  9. Disorder at the Border  -  Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra
  10. I Stay in the Mood for You
  11. I Can't Get Started  -  Dizzy Gillespie All Stars
  12. Good Bait  -  Dizzy Gillespie All Stars
  13. Bebop  -  Dizzy Gillespie All Stars
  14. Perdido  - Joe Marsala
  15. Cherokee  - Joe Marsala
  16. A Night in Tunisia  - Boyd Raeburn
  17. Groovin' High  -  Dizzy Gillespie Sextet
  18. Blue 'N' Boogie  -  Dizzy Gillespie Sextet
  19. Groovin' High  - Remo Palmieri
  20. All the Things You Are  - Remo Palmieri
  21. Dizzy Atmosphere  - Remo Palmieri
  22. Salt Peanuts  - Dizzy Gillespie
  23. Shaw 'Nuff  - Dizzy Gillespie
  24. Hot House  - Dizzy Gillespie
  25. Get Happy  -  Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet
  26. Congo Blues  -  Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet

Disc 2

  1. Ten Lessons With Timothy  - Tony Scott
  2. Slim's Jam  - Slim Gaillard
  3. Dizzy Atmosphere  -  Dizzy Gillespie Sextet
  4. Diggin' Diz  - Dizzy Gillespie
  5. Confirmation  - Dizzy Gillespie
  6. Diggin' for Diz  - Dizzy Gillespie
  7. Dynamo a  - Dizzy Gillespie
  8. When I Grow Too Old to Dream  - Dizzy Gillespie
  9. 'Round About Midnight  - Dizzy Gillespie
  10. The Way You Look Tonight  -  Johnny Richards Orchestra
  11. Why Do I Love You?  -  Johnny Richards Orchestra
  12. Who  -  Johnny Richards Orchestra
  13. All the Things You Are  -  Johnny Richards Orchestra
  14. 52nd Street Theme  - Dizzy Gillespie
  15. A Night in Tunisia  - Dizzy Gillespie
  16. Ol' Man Rebop  - Dizzy Gillespie
  17. Anthropology  - Dizzy Gillespie
  18. One Bass Hit, Pt. 1  -  Dizzy Gillespie Sextet
  19. Oop Bop Sh'bam  -  Dizzy Gillespie Sextet
  20. That's Earl, Brother  -  Dizzy Gillespie Sextet
  21. Our Delight  - Dizzy Gillespie
  22. Good Dues Blues  - Dizzy Gillespie
  23. Ray's Idea  - Dizzy Gillespie
  24. Things to Come  - Dizzy Gillespie
  25. For Hecklers Only  -  Be Bop Boys
  26. Smokey Hollow Jump  -  Be Bop Boys
  27. Boppin' the Blues  -  Be Bop Boys

Disc 3

  1. Moody Speaks  -  Be Bop Boys
  2. Emanon  - Dizzy Gillespie
  3. Ow!  - Dizzy Gillespie
  4. Oop-Pop-A-Da  - Dizzy Gillespie
  5. Two Bass Hit  - Dizzy Gillespie
  6. Stay on It  - Dizzy Gillespie
  7. A Night in Tunisia  - Charlie Parker
  8. Dizzy Atmosphere  - Charlie Parker
  9. Groovin' High  - Charlie Parker
  10. Confirmation
  11. Koko  - Charlie Parker
  12. Leap Here  -  Metronome All-Stars
  13. Algo Bueno (Woody 'N' You)  - Dizzy Gillespie
  14. Cool Breeze  - Dizzy Gillespie
  15. Cubana Be  - Dizzy Gillespie
  16. Cubana Bop  - Dizzy Gillespie
  17. Manteca  - Dizzy Gillespie
  18. Good Bait  - Dizzy Gillespie
  19. Ool-Ya-Koo  - Dizzy Gillespie
  20. Minor Walk  - Dizzy Gillespie
  21. Guarachi Guaro  - Dizzy Gillespie
  22. Duff Capers  - Dizzy Gillespie

Disc 4

  1. Lover, Come Back to Me  - Dizzy Gillespie
  2. I'm Be Boppin' Too  - Dizzy Gillespie
  3. Swedish Suite  - Dizzy Gillespie
  4. St. Louis Blues  - Dizzy Gillespie
  5. Katy (Dizzier and Dizzier)  - Dizzy Gillespie
  6. Jump Di-Le-Ba  - Dizzy Gillespie
  7. Hey Pete! Let's Eat Mo' Meat  - Dizzy Gillespie
  8. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid  - Dizzy Gillespie
  9. In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee  - Dizzy Gillespie
  10. Say When  - Dizzy Gillespie
  11. You Stole My Wife, You Horsethief  - Dizzy Gillespie
  12. Coast to Coast  - Dizzy Gillespie
  13. Oo-La-La  - Dizzy Gillespie
  14. Bloomdido  -  Charlie Parker & his Orchestra
  15. An Oscar for Treadwell  -  Charlie Parker & his Orchestra
  16. Mohawk  -  Charlie Parker & his Orchestra
  17. My Melancholy Baby  -  Charlie Parker & his Orchestra
  18. Leap Frog  -  Charlie Parker & his Orchestra
  19. Relaxin' With Lee  -  Charlie Parker & his Orchestra
  20. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  - Johnny Richards
  21. Lullaby of the Leaves  - Johnny Richards
  22. What Is There to Say?  -  Johnny Richards Orchestra
  23. Alone Together  -  Johnny Richards Orchestra
  24. On the Alamo  - Johnny Richards
  25. Interlude in C  - Johnny Richards

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dizzy Gillespie   Primary Artist,Trumpet
Tony Scott   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bill Doggett   Piano
Benny Bailey   Trumpet
Danny Barker   Guitar
Billy Bauer   Guitar
Chu Berry   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Carroll   Vocals
Serge Chaloff   Baritone Saxophone
Charlie Christian   Guitar
Buddy DeFranco   Clarinet
Billy Eckstine   Vocals
Gil Fuller   Vocals
Paul Gonsalves   Tenor Saxophone
Dexter Gordon   Tenor Saxophone
Wardell Gray   Tenor Saxophone
Haig   Piano
Lionel Hampton   Vibes
Bill Harris   Trombone
Jimmy Heath   Alto Saxophone
Ernie Henry   Alto Saxophone
Milt Jackson   Piano,Vocals,Vibes
Budd Johnson   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Hank Jones   Piano
Shelly Manne   Drums
James Moody   Tenor Saxophone
Red Norvo   Vibes
Leo Parker   Alto Saxophone
Cecil Payne   Baritone Saxophone
Oscar Pettiford   Bass
Flip Phillips   Tenor Saxophone
Specs Powell   Drums
Buddy Rich   Drums
Max Roach   Drums
Tab Smith   Alto Saxophone
Slam Stewart   Bass
Sonny Stitt   Alto Saxophone
Lucky Thompson   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Teddy Wilson   Piano
Johnny Bothwell   Alto Saxophone
Dave Burns   Trumpet
Ike Carpenter   Piano
Cozy Cole   Drums
Willie Cook   Trumpet
Bill DeArango   Guitar
Matthew Gee   Trombone
Tyree Glenn   Trombone,Vibes
John Graas   French Horn
George Handy   Piano
Howard Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Stan Levey   Drums
Joe Marsala   Clarinet
Hal McKusick   Alto Saxophone
Boyd Raeburn   Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Zutty Singleton   Drums
Chuck Wayne   Guitar
Felix Slatkin   Violin
Coleman Hawkins   Tenor Saxophone
Slim Gaillard   Guitar,Vocals
Ken Kersey   Piano
Russell Procope   Alto Saxophone
Chano Pozo   Conga,Vocals
Quentin Jackson   Trombone
Trummy Young   Trombone
McKibbon   Bass,Trombone
Freddy Webster   Trumpet
Gene Ramey   Bass
Eddie Safranski   Bass
Israel Crosby   Bass
Yusef Lateef   Tenor Saxophone
Jack McVea   Tenor Saxophone
Ray Abrams   Tenor Saxophone
John "Johnny" Adriano Acea   Piano
Cohn   Tenor Saxophone
Sam Allen   Piano
Tommy Allison   Trumpet
Victor Arno   Violin
Taswell Baird   Trombone
Mario Bauzá   Trumpet
Bill Beason   Drums
Benny Carter   Alto Saxophone
Cy Bernard   Cello
Jerry Blake   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Harry Bluestone   Violin
Joe Britton   Trombone
Bam Brown   Bass
Don Byas   Tenor Saxophone
Scoops Carey   Alto Saxophone
Big Sid Catlett   Drums
Kenny Clarke   Drums
Henry Coker   Trombone
Nat King Cole   Piano
John Collins   Guitar
Shad Collins   Trumpet
John Coltrane   Alto Saxophone
Leon Comegys   Trombone
Talib Dawud   Trumpet
Bill Dillard   Trumpet
Andy Duryea   Trombone
Walter Edelstein   Violin
Nick Fenton   Bass
Stan Fishelson   Trumpet
James Mtume   Piano,Celeste
Panama Francis   Drums
Bill Frazier   Tenor Saxophone
Richard "Dick" Fullbright   Bass
Joe Gayles   Tenor Saxophone
Gibson   Baritone Saxophone
Charles "Majeed" Greenlee   Trombone
Kenny "Pancho" Hagood   Vocals
Benny Harris   Trumpet
Joe Harris   Conga,Drums
Clyde Hart   Piano
J.C. Heard   Drums
Teddy Hill   Tenor Saxophone
Milt Hinton   Bass
Sam Hurt   Trombone
Hilton Jefferson   Alto Saxophone
J.J. Johnson   Trombone
Keg Johnson   Trombone
Claude Jones   Trombone
Jimmy Jones   Piano
Steve Jordan   Guitar
Ted Kelly   Trombone
Killian   Trumpet
Warren Luckey   Tenor Saxophone
John Lynch   Trumpet
Dodo Marmarosa   Piano
Sabu Martinez   Bongos,Vocals
Shorty McConnell   Trumpet
Joe Megro   Tenor Saxophone
Thelonious Monk   Piano
Alton Moore   Trombone
George Nicholas   Tenor Saxophone
Ed Nicholson   Drums
Frank Paparelli   Piano
Charlie Parker   Alto Saxophone
Benny Payne   Piano
Roy Porter   Drums
Ernest Purce   Baritone Saxophone
Curly Russell   Bass
Mischa Russell   Violin
Rudy Rutherford   Baritone Saxophone
William Scott   Trumpet
Jack Shulman   Violin
Stafford Simon   Tenor Saxophone
Don Slaughter   Trumpet
Floyd Smith   Guitar
Teddy Stewart   Drums
Jesse Tarrant   Trombone
Walter Thomas   Tenor Saxophone
Carlos Vidal   Bongos
Connie Wainwright   Guitar
Dicky Wells   Trombone
Ollie Wilson   Trombone
Shadow Wilson   Drums
Elmon Wright   Trumpet
Specs Wright   Drums
Eleanor Slatkin   Cello
Arv Garrison   Guitar
Glenn Hardman   Organ
Dick Kenney   Trombone
George Stevenson   Trombone
Andrew Brown   Alto Saxophone
Harold Smith & the Majestics   Trombone
Francisco Pozo   Bongos
Howard H. Scott   Trombone
Pee Wee Moore   Baritone Saxophone
Raymond Orr   Trumpet
Remo Palmieri   Guitar
Lamar Wright   Trumpet
Sid Brokaw   Violin
Vic Coulson   Trumpet
Murray Shipinski   Bass
Trevor Bacon   Guitar
Matthew McKay   Trumpet
Alice Roberts   Vocals
Ed Van Dever   Trumpet
Gordon Thomas   Trombone
Shirley Thompson   Bassoon
Nelson Bryant   Trumpet
Charlie Wright   Drums
Leonard Lowry   Alto Saxophone
Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman   Master of Ceremonies
Barbara Whitney   Harp
Jack Carmen   Trombone
Dave Young Orchestra   Tenor Saxophone
Irving Lang   Bass
Paul Smith   Piano
John "BJ John" Smith   Guitar
Billy Bowen   Alto Saxophone
John Brown   Alto Saxophone
Alice O'Connell   Vocals
John Richard Lewis   Piano
Cliff Jackson & His Crazy Cats   Piano
Bill Harris Quintet   Trombone
Buddy Christian   Drums
Roy Lee Brown   Bass
Robert Carroll   Tenor Saxophone
Tommy Crump   Tenor Saxophone
Henry Hill   Violin
Bill Shepherd   Trombone

Technical Credits

Sergey Rachmaninov   Composer
Sigmund Romberg   Composer
Merle Haggard   Composer
Joan Baez   Composer
Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Carl Perkins   Composer
Count Basie   Composer
Tadd Dameron   Arranger,Composer
Billy Eckstine   Composer
Leonard Feather   Composer
Gil Fuller   Arranger,Composer
Dizzy Gillespie   Arranger,Composer
Babs Gonzales   Composer
Lionel Hampton   Composer
Budd Johnson   Arranger
John Lewis   Composer
Lucky Millinder   Composer
James Moody   Composer
Red Norvo   Composer
Slam Stewart   Composer
Gerald Wilson   Arranger,Composer
Cootie Williams   Composer
Lester Young   Composer
Dave Burns   Composer
Linton Garner   Arranger,Composer
George Handy   Composer
Jimmy Mundy   Arranger
Ray Noble   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Johnny Richards   Arranger
Harold Arlen   Composer
Vernon Duke   Composer
Coleman Hawkins   Composer
Slim Gaillard   Composer
Mary Lou Williams   Composer
Chano Pozo   Composer
Rudy Williams   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
John "Johnny" Adriano Acea   Composer
David Bennett   Composer
Johnny Bristol   Composer
Ray Brown   Composer
Kenny Clarke   Composer
Nat King Cole   Composer
Howard Dietz   Composer
Ervin Drake   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Walter Fuller   Composer
George Russell   Arranger,Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Otto Harbach   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Benny Harris   Composer
Teddy Hill   Composer
Isham Jones   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Wynton Marsalis   Composer
Thelonious Monk   Composer
Frank Paparelli   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Charlie Parker   Composer
Arthur Schwartz   Composer
Juan Tizol   Composer
Chappie Willett   Composer
Bernie Hanighen   Composer
Chauncey Gray   Composer
Bert Lown   Composer
Lynn Peterson   Composer
Buster Harding   Arranger,Composer
M. Christian   Composer
Joe Young   Composer
Ted Koehler   Composer
Harry Akst   Composer
Bernice Petkere   Composer
Ernie Burnett   Composer
George Norton   Composer
Hans Lengfelder   Composer
Milton Shaw   Composer
Adriano John Acea   Arranger
Milt Orent   Composer
Domingo Padilla   Composer
Joop Visser   Producer,Liner Notes
Traditional   Composer
Harry (Simovitz) Sims   Composer
John Richard Lewis   Arranger
Frederick Hamm   Composer
Howard Griffin   Composer
Roth   Composer
Lester Peterson   Composer
Lorraine Gillespie   Composer
Floyd Wilson   Composer

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