DJ 6: In the Mix

The DJ 6: In the Mix

by ATB

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Kontor Records De

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  1. Away From Here
  2. Magna
  3. Out of the Rain
  4. Spyderman
  5. Itrack
  6. Synaesthesia
  7. Sunday Afternoon
  8. Madarika Beach
  9. Open Your Eyes
  10. You & Me
  11. Reflections
  12. Monsoon
  13. The Prestige
  14. Tattoo

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

ATB   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Anita Kelsey   Composer
Julie Thompson   Composer
Ron Wasserman   Composer
George Acosta   Composer
Jono Grant   Composer
Phil Fuldner   Composer
André Tanneberger   Composer
Josh Gabriel   Composer
Audrey Gallagher   Composer
Max Graham   Composer
Steve Helstrip   Composer
Tony McGuinness   Composer
Phil Larsen   Composer
Paavo Siljamäki   Composer
Greg Murray   Composer
Adrian Broekhuyse   Composer
Christian Rusch   Composer
David Penner   Composer
S. Molijn   Composer
Michael Bellina   Composer
Tamra Keenan   Composer
Gerry Cueto   Composer
Matt Cerf   Composer
Ralph Barendse   Composer
Andrew Bayer   Composer
Domenick Filopei   Composer
Bo Pericic   Composer
Alan Nimmo   Composer
Elsa Hill   Composer
Ashley Tomberlin   Composer
Shawn Mitiska   Composer
Mike Shiver   Composer
Kathleen Fisher   Composer
Andy Duguid   Composer
Andrew Chen   Composer
Raz Nitzan   Composer
Josh Gallahan   Composer
Ludovic Meyer   Composer
Nadia Bonifacio   Composer
Julian Dziewulski   Composer
T. Keenan   Composer
Luke Shipstad   Composer
Manvel Ter-Pogosyan   Composer
Dylan Warren   Composer
M. Colella   Composer
Ruben De Ronde   Composer
Janco Krale   Composer
S. Helstrip   Composer
Gitah Bakradze   Composer
Maurizio Colella   Composer
Christian Beat Hirt   Composer
Przemyslaw Pawelski   Composer
Bjorn Akesson   Composer
B. Elliott-Smith   Composer
M. Jaxon Bellina   Composer
Oliver Smith   Composer
Sander Van Der Waal   Composer
Mavie Marcos   Composer
Mateusz Dziewulski   Composer
Tim Bergling   Composer
Jaren Cerf   Composer
Eelke Kalberg   Composer
Fabio Carrara   Composer
Oscar Cossali   Composer
Ronald Aaron Wasserman   Composer
Barteld Frech   Composer
Hendrik Schodt "DK"   Composer
Laurence Rapaccioli   Composer
Sebastiaan Molijn   Composer
Alexander Lugovskiy   Composer
Oliver Ingrosso   Composer
Jordin Post   Composer
Kathy Fisher   Composer
Alexander Volosnikov   Composer
Theo Mulder   Composer
Vladimir Novozhilov   Composer
Andrew Liggett   Composer
Mike Tielemans   Composer
Andy Moor   Composer
Amedeo Gaspari   Composer
Tom Fallenius   Composer
Otto Knows   Composer
Otto Yliperttula   Composer
Karolus Viitala   Composer
Susie Atherton   Composer
Matt Millon   Composer
Alessandro Talia   Composer
Alessandro Po   Composer

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