The Dog Show

The Dog Show

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by Sally Lee

This is a story about Harry, the shelter dog, who is entered in a dog show by his owner, Billy, who loves him dearly. There are many other dogs who are entered who are much fancier than Harry. It is a story about fairness and perseverance in following your dreams.


This is a story about Harry, the shelter dog, who is entered in a dog show by his owner, Billy, who loves him dearly. There are many other dogs who are entered who are much fancier than Harry. It is a story about fairness and perseverance in following your dreams.

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Meet the Author

Award-winning author, Sally O. Lee earned her BA in Studio Art and Art History (with distinction) from Colby College and then went on to study graphic design and painting in Boston (Art Institute of Boston) and in New York City (New York Studio School). She has had several shows of her work and received an art grant from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology to conceive and create a series of paintings, and from this came her 2002 exhibition- A Journey Into Abstraction. Some of Ms. Lee's paintings are in various private collections in the US.

In recent years, Ms. Lee has begun to write and illustrate children's books. Some of them deal with the struggles of living with some form of handicap...or, as the author prefers to call it, imperfection. Many of her illustrations have been published and she has earned both academic and public recognition for her important work in children's books. She has had illustrations published in Worldlink Magazine, IEEE Magazine, and several other publications.

Sally lives and works in Massachusetts.

Sally Lee writes "My children's books are an extension of my work as a painter. Writing is a new addition for me, and I am enjoying it very much. And creating the illustrations is a perfect way to continue my painting in a new direction and a nice way to complement my writing. I hope to write and illustrate many more".

Ms. Lee most recently won Reader View's Reviewer's Choice Award - 2nd place - Children - Toddler to Five - 2008 for "The Tutu Ballet". She also won Best Picture Book - 2008 for "The Cake Thief", and Best Children's Book - 2008 for "The Rabbit and The Snowman" from Books and Authors dot net. And most recently, the Family Choice Award 2009 and Honorable Mention-Reviewers Choice Award (Children-Early Reader -6-8) for *"No, Never!"*

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The Dog Show 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
psycheKK More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite quotes comes from St. Exupery's The Little Prince:  It is only with the heart the one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.   That quote sums up perfectly the spirit of Sally Lee's The Dog Show. I have three cats, all beautiful, all foundlings or strays.  Even though they are all beautiful now, if I were honest, I would have to admit that none of them was beautiful when I first found him or her (or he or she found me).  They are beautiful because I love them.  Because they are important to me.  Because they are well-cared for.  And because my five-year-old son call them his brother and sisters.  Harry, the dog in this story, also is beautiful and for most of the same reasons. The Dog Show does not stray into preachy territory.  It delights with a story as colorful and bright and the wonderful accompanying illustrations.  But it is still easy for a child to grasp the concept of this book. My other favorite quote from The Little Prince:  It is time that you spend with your rose that makes your rose so important.   That quote also applies to this modern fable.
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
If you were a dog, what would you want more than anything else? Harry, and his master Billy Brown, want to win the local dog show. But they have some stiff competition. Mrs. Moneybags’s dog Mr. Puddles is a purebred and comes from the fanciest breeder around. Mr. Mango’s dog Bradley is the most expensive dog of his litter. The Parkhurst twins’ dog Lovely has everyone gasping at her grace and style. And Mr. and Mrs. Hightower’s dog Bobo can sit and roll over and fetch things. You see, Billy adopted Harry from an animal shelter, and no one really knows what kind of dog he is. All the others look down on Harry and make unkind remarks about him. Billy almost decides not to enter him, but he has had a dream about Harry’s winning the dog show. So, what will he do? And which dog will win? Of course, we should be kind to animals and not mistreat them, but the message of this story is about so much more than just that. We ought to be nice to other people and not hurt them too. Almost like a parable, author and illustrator Sally O. Lee, whose other books include The Carrot King; A Cat’s Alphabet Book; Is There a Monster Over There?; No, Never; The Tutu Ballet; and The Rabbit and the Snowman, combines a sympathetic text with her characteristicly appealing, full-color drawings to weave an endearing tale about fairness, kindness, and perseverance in following your dreams. An additional benefit of the book might be in encouraging children to consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter. I give The Dog Show two thumbs up!