The Dolce Diet LIVING LEAN

The Dolce Diet LIVING LEAN

4.5 14
by Mike Dolce, Brandy Roon
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"Dolce is a lifestyle changer." - ESPN

"I love The Dolce Diet; it's amazing! It's not just for


#1 Barnes & Noble Bestseller
#1 Amazon USA Bestseller
#1 Amazon UK Bestseller
#1 Amazon Canada Bestseller
#1 Bestseller
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"Dolce is a lifestyle changer." - ESPN

"I love The Dolce Diet; it's amazing! It's not just for cutting weight. It's about learning to eat properly for your health." -Vitor Belfort, UFC two-time world champion

"Mike Dolce's the best in the business."-Chael Sonnen, UFC world title contender

"Mike Dolce's knowledge of nutrition and strength & conditioning has led him to be one of the most highly sought-after coaches in the sport." -Joshua Carey, Bleacher Report

"You can learn a lot from this man right here." -Ariel Helwani, AOL's

Called "the patron saint of weight cutting," Mike Dolce has coordinated the high-profile weight loss for many of the world's top athletes, including...
* Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, UFC / Pride FC world champion
* Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort, UFC two-time world champion
* Thiago "Pitbull" Alves, UFC world title contender
* Chael Sonnen WEC / UFC world title contender
* Gray "Bully" Maynard, UFC world title contender
* Nate "Rock" Quarry, UFC world title contender
* Mike "Quicksand" Pyle, WEC world champion
* Jay "Thorobred" Hieron, IFL world champion

As well as fan favorites...
* Michael "The Count" Bisping, The Ultimate Fighter 3 winner
* Jake "Juggernaut" Ellenberger, UFC veteran
* Ed "Shortfuse" Herman, The Ultimate Fighter 3 runner-up
* Chris "The Crippler" Leben, UFC veteran
* Duane "BANG" Ludwig, UFC & K-1 veteran
and many more!

For the first time in print, Mike Dolce shares the same the principles, recipes, and strength-training workouts he uses in MMA's elite fight camps and how they can be used by YOU!

INSIDE you will learn:
* Recipes used in MMA's top fight camps with gluten-free & vegan options
* Easy to follow sample meal plans with gluten-free & vegan options
* Strength & Conditioning exercises with instructions & photos
* Workout plans used by today's top athletes

The Dolce Diet, three words about Living Lean: 1. Simple 2. Inspirational 3. Effective. Thank you, Mike Dolce! You've made staying in shape easy! ~STEWART M.

The Dolce Diet, Love it! My Little-Boy-2-B has been on it for 5.5 months! This diet is truly amazing for moms pre & post baby! Yes, The DolceDiet is prego friendly! Plenty of the RIGHT kind of food that tastes great! ~THE H2H WAITRESS

Started two weeks ago. Lost 13 pounds so far. Yea! Love the recipes! So do my kids! Thank you! ~DAWN H.

Body fat down 4% in 2 months?! Yessss! #LIVING LEAN ~MOLLY C.

The Dolce Diet, started 410, down 50 lbs. so far. ~ JOSH W.

The Dolce Diet, 13 lbs. lost in 4 weeks! People are asking what I'm doing...Telling them LIVING LEAN! ~MIKE S.

Real talk! The Dolce Diet is the Einstein, da Vinci and Jesus of losing weight all wrapped up in one…gluten free wrap that is. ~MIKEY F.

Another 5 (lbs. lost) on The Dolce Diet. 25 pounds down in 2 weeks, 100 to go! #LivingLean! ~JOHN P.

Making THE DOLCE DIET turkey burgers. LIVING LEAN and loving it! ~JULIE W.

The Dolce Diet, I've lost 35 lbs. of fat since January 3rd. Healthy and delicious! I love Living Lean. ~BRANDON E.

I can't walk! That means I had a great booty workout!! Yeah buddy! #LIVINGLEAN ~MARI C.

The Dolce Diet, 31 lbs. lost now. Feeling great. Can't believe I didn't do this before. 16 lbs. to go. ~JEFF S.

24 lbs. in 6 weeks! BOOM! All thanks to The Dolce Diet & Living Lean! ~CHRIS P.

I read through The Dolce Diet: Living Lean & I planned my next whole week & a half's daily menu & organized my shopping list today. #Motivated ~DANI B.

Day 40 tastes just as good! (Mike Dolce is) the Weight Whisperer. ~STEPHANIE S.

20 lbs. lost! 6 weeks with LIVING LEAN! The Dolce Diet, thank you, sir! ~DAN M.

The Dolce Diet, just finished my first week and have lost 11 lbs. ~DAVE P.

If you're looking for new (yummy) healthy food ideas...check out The Dolce Diet - it'll change your life. :) ~SARAH W.

314.6 LBS. this morning. The Dolce Diet, that's 50 lbs. down since Jan 3rd! #BOOM ~SCOTT S.

The Dolce Diet, hit the 20 lbs. lost mark today, 16 to lose for next BJJ competition, then 17 lbs. left for 185 in May! ~ANTHONY S.

The Dolce Diet, lost 17 lbs. Started 215 now at 198 :) Wanna hit 170. #LIVINGLEAN ~PETER T.

The Dolce Diet, I lost 35 lbs. of fat in 2 months! Great book! ~ED L.

The Dolce Diet, the pre-workout meal powered me through 100 box jumps! Thanks, Mike! ~ASHLEY B.

Editorial Reviews

Chuck Mindenhall
By now you know that (Mike) Dolce has helped fighters like Thiago Alves make weight, but the thing that’s been under-stressed is that Dolce is a lifestyle changer. Now Dolce’s got a book out that will help those of you who wonder at his secrets, and it’s full of recipes and workout tips to get you into a leaner, healthier figure. The personal favorite: Bapple juice (apple, beets and chia seeds).
Denny Hodge
This nutrition plan works, plain and simple, whether you're an athlete or a father that just throws a baseball around with your kids. After interviewing (UFC fighter) John Alessio, I ordered Living Lean. After starting at 236 lbs., I finished the first week at 221 lbs. This book has changed my lifestyle.
Csara Home Talkers
It's not a diet! Its a way to eat healthy forever. Its about stopping the hamster wheel of eating processed crap and eating foods your body can absorb and make use of. No matter what diet plan or eating plan you ever use you have to change your mental attitude first. Look at the Biggest Loser tv show, its all mental. With Mike Dolce’s honest look at himself in this book it was easy to relate to.
Food 4 Abs
The Dolce Diet is surprisingly easy to follow, even if you’re normally a real diet slacker! Mike Dolce provides a brilliantly told story, doing a great job keeping the reader motivated. So if you’re a seasoned gym vet or new to this & just looking to lose some fat & improve your health, this is a rewarding book. You know that you’re getting a plan that works, has great backing, and most importantly – is easy to follow. I would recommend this to anyone. A must have!

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Known as the inspirational mastermind behind the jaw-dropping weight-cuts of the world's toughest sport, Mike Dolce is the #1 peak performance coach and weight-loss expert in mixed martial arts. A whole-foods advocate, Mike's simple, easy-to-use methods are used worldwide by thousands of regular folks as well as his elite athletes. From simple, delicious recipes to dramatically effective workout plans, he's helped countless people snatch back control of their lives, bodies and self-esteem. Now it's your turn, one positive step at a time.

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The Dolce Diet Living Lean 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The thing that I found most impressive about this book is how easy meal prep was. Additionally, the meals leave you feeling satisfied without feeling like you overdid it. I am a formerly avid fitness fanatic and amatuer athlete who has fallen off the horse. Mike Dolce's teachings are getting me back to where I need to be.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Easy to follow
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These meals have helped me and my family live a healthy life style.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ready to start cutting weight
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book and the meals are easy to cook and taste Fabulous!!!
charles4 More than 1 year ago
this book was written by MMA athlete and strength and conditioning coach Mike Dolce who gives a in depth and detail view into his life and how he got into strength and conditioning sports attrition and how he developed his diet, as well as how it helped and continues to help MMA fighters and everyday people, as well as other athletes around the world. Here's a little history on the author Mike Dolce. Mike Dolce is a New Jersey born MMA fighter and strength and conditioning coach for and a fighters. He retired from MMA in the past 2 to 3 years . He's appeared on shows such as the ultimate fighter, as well as impeded an organization such as the international fight league, which are his most notable appearances. His first book 3 weeks to shredded gives a breakdown of his weight cutting from 207 to 170 pounds within three weeks of his fight and he is continue to help other top fighters such as chael sonnen, vitor Belfort, thiago alves , Quinton jackson and many more. In his book the Dolce Diet: living lean, he talks about how he developed his passion for strengthened and conditioning nutrition, as well as what gave him the passion for sports such as bodybuilding powerlifting Olympic wrestling and last but not least MMA. His philosophy for his weight cutting system, as well as diet system is all natural whole food approach to preparing for competition or just being healthy or Overall , as well as his philosophy on calorie counting and macronutrients counting he believes that it somewhat of a waste of time and have to make showers for you. In other words don't eat any federal judge who don't drink sodas is not healthy or not natural. The book gives some breakdowns of really good recipe a great example of a really good recipe is called is breakfast bowl , which would be a great alternative for boxed cereals, such as fruit loops and Cap'n Crunch. He also even shows you how to make a structured meal plan and categorizes the meals and the plants according to your lifestyle. Were example if your vegan or you're allergic to gluten , there are modifications that can be done easily and will be able to help you go along with the plan. This book pretty much breaks down the what you need to do what you do not do to actually be healthy. There's no gimmicks no special pills that you can buy gives you straight up, common sense and shows you and breaks down how he uses do this here everyday life will be able to meet your fitness goals as well as have off as if you are at. We are your job requires certain physical labor.